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Fishing Planet with Reshade
Posted 6 months ago
OK got the reshade about a week ago and there's Def a learning curve on installation and manipulation haha...but I basically got it working with FP. first couple of days it kept crashing but got that fixed. messed with the options just to see what was what. oversaturated like a hellion at the start but learned to just tone things down and not over do. these last couple of days the graphics have turned from night to day on fishing planet. I uploaded around 20 different screenshots over at imgur.com and wanted to let you guys know to go check out if they are worthy. I do not want to put anything up that is going to make people NOT want to get this mod...I have actually got some really good feedback from those in the know...thereare a few people of course that don't know what it is and are like REALLY>>FISHING?? ahaha but the players are interested the ones who haven't seen it yet. I'm new to both this and FP and IMGUR.com but I think the screenshots with and without reshade are bangin….head over and look at em...have 2 galleries there....thanks for the hard work on this. really enjoy it..and I haven't even tried it with other games yet. ThaMan gallery 1 https://imgur.com/gallery/3lPXjNi gallery 2 https://imgur.com/gallery/hDPvaV2
Posted 6 months ago
meant to say I'm using windows 10 with an Nvidia Gforce GTX1060 did a little searching on why it was crashing and fixed a few settings on my graphics card and actually turned off some of the graphics in FP....works...ill get more details on the fix if anyone needs it....have a good night
Posted 6 months ago
when you click on the gallery links just open them in a new window
Posted 5 months, 4 weeks ago
A lot of people who are new to making presets increase contrast instead of using more advanced techniques and shaders. I would recommend you experiment with the shaders to to apply color grading, instead of just enabling fake HDR or levels. Sure, the shaders that increase contrast make it look "better" without much work or tweaking, but more advanced shaders that you have to tweak can look so much better, and when you finally achieve the perfect look, it is so much more rewarding. Do not worry about it too much though, everyone who first starts with Reshade just increases contrast (I did as well). Once you start creating more and more presets, you will get a feel for which shaders you should apply, and which settings keep the perfect balance of color, contrast, and exposure.
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