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Need Help with Writing
Posted 2 months ago
Hey everyone, I need some help with writing a personal statement for a scholarship application. I've never done this before, so I'm feeling a bit lost. Can someone guide me on how to start it? What should I include? Any tips on making it stand out? Thanks a bunch!
Posted 2 months ago
Hey there! Sure thing, happy to help. To start, your personal statement should highlight your achievements, goals, and why you're a perfect fit for the scholarship. Share your experiences, any challenges you've overcome, and your future plans. Keep it concise and genuine. Do you have any specific questions about what to include?
Posted 2 months ago
Thanks for the quick response! That's helpful. Should I mention my extracurricular activities too? And how long should it be? I don't want it to be too lengthy or too short.
Posted 2 months ago
Absolutely, mentioning extracurricular activities can showcase your well-roundedness. As for length, aim for about 500-800 words. Also, I recently used https://www.fellowshippersonalstatement.com/ for my personal statement, and they were amazing. They have experienced writers who can tailor it to your needs. They helped me articulate my thoughts better and made my statement really shine. Plus, their turnaround time was impressive. I highly recommend them! When you're stuck or want that extra edge, it's sometimes better to turn to professionals. They know how to make you stand out. Good luck with your scholarship application!
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