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Welcome to the Fallout | Cine Enhancer

Created by AssassinsDecree
Added Feb. 9, 2019
Updated 6 Apr 12:45 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
1. THIS IS NOW OBSOLETE, GET THE NEW, BETTER, IMPROVED VERSION HERE: https://www.nexusmods.com/tomclancysthedivision2/mods/3?tab=description 2. Heyyy! Do you like the 80's? do VHS tapes and VCR players make you nostalgic and give you the warm fuzzies inside? Do you just like really cool art projects? Then you might enjoy this new Division 2 ReShade from me: https://www.nexusmods.com/tomclancysthedivision2/mods/2 3. Also, a more VIVID version of this is available here: https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/10301/
*To see the differences better, please view the pics in fullscreen mode by clicking the picture again after opening a picture initially.* *It's hard to show in a screenshot, but I made it so that you'll get cool cinematic lens flares from weapons fire, explosions, and when looking at bright sources. This effect, along with all others is optional and can be toggled off from in game with hotkeys.*
MEDIA Video demo: https://youtu.be/KtoeO-lglQU (please like and subscribe)
DESCRIPTION & FEATURES This is a high quality, lightweight enhancer for the game with lots of OPTIONAL added cinematic effects that stays true to the vanilla art direction while enhancing the overall aesthetic. The primary goal at this stage is to reduce the aggressive green/yellow filter over the game. I've also enhanced colors on an individual basis and adjusted the lighting for a slightly more cinematic, gritty atmosphere, and to generally fixed the sometimes washed-out look of the image. I've also added many OPTIONAL cinematic effects, like letterboxing, film grain, bloom, lens flares, chromatic aberration, lens distortion (lens aberration, to emulate a real camera lens), and depth-of-field, which users can to toggle off and on with hotkeys from in game. Hope you like it! Cheers, Merc
INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS *Preliminary steps: A) ReShade is often incompatible with the "fullscreen" settings in games so I recommend launching your game and setting it to borderless-windowed mode aka windowed-fullscreen mode before installing ReShade. B) Also ReShade is generally incompatible with the Uplay overlay so you should disable it before trying to launch your game with ReShade. C) Reshade does not support DirectX 12, so be sure DirectX 12 mode is not enabled in the game's options menu. D) You'll need to move your hud elements to fit within the letterboxing, should you choose to use it. It only takes like 30 seconds and you never have to mess with it again. You can find the settings under the UI section of the game menu. I have two HUD setups I use personally; one where I push all HUD elements I can off screen, and the other where the HUD elements are greatly minimized and made to fit within the letterbox margins.* 1. Download ReShade framework version 4.0.2, as this is the only known version of the framework to work with the Division 2 at this time: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0xoi37xedib2uc1/ReShade_Setup_4.0.2.exe/file 2. Run the .exe, choose your Division 2 beta .exe, called "TheDivision2.exe", which is found in this subfolder path: "... Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Ubisoft Game" Now choose the DirectX 10+ version when it asks which API to use. 3. Select yes when it ask if you want to download a collection of effects. Click "uncheck all," and select just the "Border" effect. (you'll be using the ones in my dropbox folder instead). 4. Download my zip file, "Welcome to the Fallout ReShade.7z" from this dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3nzob2qjzh5o01c/Welcome%20to%20the%20Fallout%20ReShade.7z?dl=0 5. Open the zip folder and place the reshade-shaders folder in your Division 2 folder, where you found your game's .exe is, "... Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Ubisoft Game". 6. Download my Division 2 Enhancer ReShade preset itself from the link on this page by clicking the "download" button at the bottom of this page you're on now. 7. Rename the preset file "anythingyouwant.ini" with the only important part of step 7 being that you change the file extension from ".txt" to ".ini". 8. Put the preset file in the same Division 2 beta folder we've been working in so far where the game's .exe is and where the reshade-shaders folder, dxgi.dll file, and reshade.ini files should all now be. 9. Rename your ReShade "dxgi.dll" file to "d3d11.dll" (stops the game from crashing to desktop on launch for me, though this step is randomly unnecessary for some people. 9. Run your game and open the ReShade menu with Shift+F2 and open click the little arrow at the top of the reshade menu to open the drop-down menu. Select the preset.ini file you named whatever you wanted in step 7. 10. To get DoF working open the ReShade menu and click on the DX11 tab at the top. Now check the first box under the "Depth Buffers" one at a time, closing the ReShade menu after each one you check to see if DoF is flickering only a little, as shown in my video. There's no way to stop the flickering at this time do to software limitations. 11. Set your reticle thickness to something like half of whatever vanilla is (I have mine at 0, it doesn't get rid of it, it's still very visible) and definitely set it's transparency at 50 percent or as low as you can take it. This will avoid the issue of the lens flares being triggered from the very bright reticle. 12. Profit? Ps: You'll need to move you UI elements down to fit into the letterbox space with the game's UI menu. It only takes a couple seconds to set up. Otherwise, you could simply disable my letterbox, but where's the fun in that?
HOTKEYS *Be sure your Numberpad is enabled or they won't work. All hotkeys remappable from the ReShade menu* Open the ReShade menu - Shift+F2 Toggle the entire ReShade on and off - Scroll Lock Depth of Field (off by default) - / (division sign) on numberpad Letterbox (black bars) 0 on numberpad Sharpening - 5 on the numberpad Film Grain - 3 on numberpad Bloom, lens dirt, and lens flares - 6 on numberpad Chromatic Aberration and Lens Distortion (color bleeding and screen warping on the sides) - 2 on the numberpad Color and lighting changes (Lightroom) - 4 on the numberpad Display Depth (testing tool for seeing if you set up the Depth Buffer correctly, image should be in a grayscaled look on the right with objects clearly visible. If it's twitching around or it's just pitch black, it's probably set up wrong). - plus sign (+) on numberpad
UNINSTALLING 1. Delete the reshade-shaders folder, d3d11.dll (or dxgi.dll if you didn't rename it), and reshade.ini from your game folder. That's it.
Performance and Other Important Stuff You may notice a slight decrease in performance, but it should be pretty close to what FPS you were getting before without ReShade installed, depending on your hardware. You can simply disable ReShade with the hotkey, restoring all your pre-ReShade performance. If you like the added bloom and lens dirt, but don't like the lens flares, you can disable lens flare and keep the other bloom and lens dirt effects by open the ReShade menu and unchecking bLensEnable from under the Bloom section (bottom half of the menu).
CONTACT -- Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for lets plays and s of my upcoming and released ReShades: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn5KAZuLeVmeQLXSMJNBMcA -- -- Please follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/MercsAssassin --
MY MODS FOR OTHER GAMES Exhaustive List Here, constantly updating it as I make new ReShades: https://www.facebook.com/MercsAssassin/
ps: I'm TheMercsAssassin on most other websites, including youtube, twitter and the nexus. Hence, the Merc thing. ps+: Do not use any part of my ReShade in your own work. Make your own through hard work and lots of time, like I did, please. Thanks.
CREDITS 1. MartyMcFly - His Lightroom and Advanced DOF shaders are the backbone of this ReShade. They come from his qUINT collection, found here along with addition new shaders of his: https://reshade.me/forum/shader-presentation/4393-quint#28351 2. Crosire - the original creator of the ReShade framework. Obviously none of this would be possible without him. 3. Myself (TheMercsAssassin aka Assassins Decree - For the many hours spent configuring and fine-tuning these effects in this ReShade preset. 4. All other creators of individual ReShade shaders and effects.
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Effects=DOF.fx,AdaptiveSharpen.fx,Vignette.fx,LumaSharpen.fx,Prism.fx,DisplayDepth.fx,FilmGrain.fx,FisheyeHorizontal.fx,Bloom.fx,qUINT_lightroom.fx,Border.fx Techniques=AdaptiveSharpen,LumaSharpen,FilmGrain,BloomAndLensFlares,FISHEYE_CA_HORIZONTAL,Lightroom,Border TechniqueSorting=AdaptiveSharpen,LumaSharpen,FilmGrain,BloomAndLensFlares,MatsoDOF,CA,MagicDOF,RingDOF,DisplayDepth,GP65CJ042DOF,FilmGrain2,KuwaharaMod,FISHEYE_CA_HORIZONTAL,LightDoF_AutoFocus,LightDoF_Far,MartyMcFlyDOF,Levels,LightDoF_Near,ChromaticAberration,Technicolor2,Vignette,TiltShift,Tonemap,TriDither,Lightroom,ADOF,Border KeyLightroom=100,0,0,0 KeyBloomAndLensFlares=102,0,0,0 KeyAdaptiveSharpen=98,0,0,0 KeyADOF=0 KeyLumaSharpen=101,0,0,0 KeyBorder=96,0,0,0 KeyDisplayDepth=107,0,0,0 KeyFilmGrain=99,0,0,0 KeyMatsoDOF=111,0,0,0 KeyFISHEYE_CA_HORIZONTAL=98,0,0,0 KeyChromaticAberration=110,0,0,0 KeyVignette=106,0,0,0 [Border.fx] border_width=0.000000,50.000000 border_ratio=2.350000 border_color=0.000000,0.000000,0.000000 [qUINT_lightroom.fx] LIGHTROOM_GREEN_EXPOSURE=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_ENABLE_LUT=0 LIGHTROOM_LUT_TILE_SIZE=16 LIGHTROOM_LUT_TILE_COUNT=16 LIGHTROOM_MAGENTA_HUESHIFT=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_ENABLE_HISTOGRAM=0 LIGHTROOM_GLOBAL_TINT=-0.007000 LIGHTROOM_LUT_SCROLL=0 LIGHTROOM_ENABLE_CURVE_DISPLAY=0 LIGHTROOM_BLUE_EXPOSURE=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_ENABLE_CLIPPING_DISPLAY=0 LIGHTROOM_GLOBAL_GAMMA=-0.100000 LIGHTROOM_HISTOGRAM_HEIGHT=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_GLOBAL_WHITES_CURVE=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_HISTOGRAM_SAMPLES=20 LIGHTROOM_MAGENTA_SATURATION=0.100000 LIGHTROOM_HISTOGRAM_SMOOTHNESS=5.000000 LIGHTROOM_RED_HUESHIFT=0.120000 LIGHTROOM_GLOBAL_BLACKS_CURVE=-0.160000 LIGHTROOM_GLOBAL_SATURATION=0.100000 LIGHTROOM_ORANGE_HUESHIFT=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_GLOBAL_HIGHLIGHTS_CURVE=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_YELLOW_HUESHIFT=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_GREEN_HUESHIFT=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_AQUA_EXPOSURE=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_AQUA_HUESHIFT=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_BLUE_HUESHIFT=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_RED_EXPOSURE=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_ORANGE_EXPOSURE=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_YELLOW_EXPOSURE=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_MAGENTA_EXPOSURE=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_RED_SATURATION=0.040000 LIGHTROOM_ORANGE_SATURATION=0.100000 LIGHTROOM_YELLOW_SATURATION=0.100000 LIGHTROOM_GREEN_SATURATION=0.200000 LIGHTROOM_AQUA_SATURATION=0.280000 LIGHTROOM_BLUE_SATURATION=0.300000 LIGHTROOM_GLOBAL_BLACK_LEVEL=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_VIGNETTE_CURVE=1.000000 LIGHTROOM_GLOBAL_WHITE_LEVEL=255.000000 LIGHTROOM_GLOBAL_EXPOSURE=0.060000 LIGHTROOM_GLOBAL_SHADOWS_CURVE=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_GLOBAL_MIDTONES_CURVE=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_GLOBAL_CONTRAST=0.300000 LIGHTROOM_GLOBAL_VIBRANCE=-0.300000 LIGHTROOM_VIGNETTE_RADIUS_INNER=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_GLOBAL_TEMPERATURE=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_ENABLE_VIGNETTE=0 LIGHTROOM_VIGNETTE_SHOW_RADII=0 LIGHTROOM_VIGNETTE_RADIUS_OUTER=1.000000 LIGHTROOM_VIGNETTE_WIDTH=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_VIGNETTE_HEIGHT=0.000000 LIGHTROOM_VIGNETTE_AMOUNT=1.000000 LIGHTROOM_VIGNETTE_BLEND_MODE=1 [Bloom.fx] bGodrayEnable=0 iBloomMixmode=1 fBloomSaturation=0.200000 bAnamFlareEnable=0 fBloomThreshold=0.850000 fBloomAmount=1.000000 fLensdirtSaturation=2.000000 fBloomTint=0.203922,0.203922,0.694118 fLensdirtIntensity=3.000000 bLensdirtEnable=4294967295 fFlareLuminance=0.000000 iLensdirtMixmode=2 fLensdirtTint=0.196078,0.200000,0.196078 bLenzEnable=4294967295 fAnamFlareThreshold=0.997000 fAnamFlareWideness=2.303000 fAnamFlareAmount=20.000000 fAnamFlareCurve=1.367000 fAnamFlareColor=0.012000,0.313000,0.588000 fLenzIntensity=20.000000 fLenzThreshold=0.988000 bChapFlareEnable=0 fChapFlareTreshold=0.900000 iChapFlareCount=6 fChapFlareDispersal=0.250000 fChapFlareSize=0.450000 fFlareIntensity=0.200000 fChapFlareCA=0.000000,0.010000,0.020000 fChapFlareIntensity=100.000000 fGodrayDecay=0.990000 fGodrayExposure=1.000000 fGodrayWeight=1.250000 fGodrayDensity=1.000000 fGodrayThreshold=0.900000 iGodraySamples=128 fFlareBlur=1.000000 fFlareTint=0.000000,0.000000,0.000000 [AdaptiveSharpen.fx] D_compr_low=0.250000 L_compr_low=0.167000 curve_height=1.000000 curveslope=0.500000 D_overshoot=0.009000 L_overshoot=0.003000 D_compr_high=0.500000 L_compr_high=0.334000 scale_lim=0.100000 scale_cs=0.056000 pm_p=0.700000 [DisplayDepth.fx] bUIUsePreprocessorDefs=0 fUIFarPlane=1000.000000 iUIReversed=1 iUIUpsideDown=0 iUIPresentType=2 iUILogarithmic=0 [qUINT_dof.fx] bADOF_AutofocusEnable=0 fADOF_AutofocusSpeed=1.000000 fADOF_ShapeAnamorphRatio=1.000000 fADOF_AutofocusCenter=0.650000,0.700000 fADOF_ManualfocusDepth=0.801000 fADOF_AutofocusRadius=0.010000 fADOF_HyperFocus=0.900000 fADOF_NearBlurCurve=6.000000 fADOF_FarBlurCurve=1.380000 fADOF_RenderResolutionMult=0.500000 fADOF_ShapeRadius=50.000000 fADOF_SmootheningAmount=0.000000 fADOF_ShapeCurvatureAmount=1.000000 fADOF_BokehIntensity=0.430000 iADOF_ShapeVertices=6 iADOF_ShapeQuality=13 fADOF_ShapeChromaAmount=-0.100000 fADOF_ShapeRotation=0.000000 iADOF_ShapeChromaMode=2 [FilmGrain.fx] Intensity=0.400000 Variance=0.700000 Mean=0.500000 SignalToNoiseRatio=6 [LumaSharpen.fx] sharp_strength=2.300000 pattern=1 sharp_clamp=0.035000 offset_bias=1.000000 show_sharpen=0 [DOF.fx] DOF_FARBLURCURVE=0.743000 fADOF_ShapeCurvatureAmount=0.300000 DOF_AUTOFOCUS=4294967295 DOF_MOUSEDRIVEN_AF=0 fGPDOFChromaAmount=0.150000 DOF_INFINITEFOCUS=0.821000 fGPDOFBiasCurve=2.000000 DOF_FOCUSPOINT=0.600000,0.600000 bADOF_ShapeApertureEnable=0 DOF_FOCUSSAMPLES=6 DOF_MANUALFOCUSDEPTH=0.020000 DOF_NEARBLURCURVE=1000.000000 fGPDOFBrightnessMultiplier=2.000000 bGPDOFPolygonalBokeh=1 fRingDOFFringe=0.500000 DOF_FOCUSRADIUS=0.050000 DOF_BLURRADIUS=3.240000 fADOF_BokehCurve=4.000000 iRingDOFSamples=6 iRingDOFRings=4 fGPDOFBrightnessThreshold=0.500000 fRingDOFThreshold=0.700000 bADOF_ShapeCurvatureEnable=0 fRingDOFGain=27.000000 fRingDOFBias=0.000000 bADOF_ImageChromaEnable=0 iMagicDOFBlurQuality=8 fMagicDOFColorCurve=4.000000 iGPDOFQuality=6 fADOF_ShapeChromaAmount=0.125000 fADOF_ShapeRotation=0.000000 iGPDOFPolygonCount=5 fGPDOFBias=10.000000 fADOF_SmootheningAmount=1.000000 bMatsoDOFChromaEnable=1 fMatsoDOFChromaPow=1.400000 fMatsoDOFBokehCurve=3.000000 iADOF_ShapeQuality=17 iMatsoDOFBokehQuality=4 fMatsoDOFBokehAngle=0.000000 bADOF_RotAnimationEnable=0 fADOF_RotAnimationSpeed=2.000000 fADOF_ShapeWeightAmount=1.000000 fADOF_ShapeApertureAmount=0.010000 bADOF_ShapeAnamorphEnable=0 fADOF_ShapeAnamorphRatio=0.200000 bADOF_ShapeDistortEnable=0 bADOF_ShapeChromaEnable=0 fADOF_ShapeWeightCurve=4.000000 fADOF_ShapeDistortAmount=0.200000 bADOF_ShapeDiffusionEnable=0 fADOF_ShapeDiffusionAmount=0.100000 bADOF_ShapeWeightEnable=0 iADOF_ImageChromaHues=5 iADOF_ShapeChromaMode=3 fADOF_ImageChromaCurve=1.000000 fADOF_ImageChromaAmount=3.000000 [LightDoF.fx] fLightDoF_Width=5.000000 f2LightDoF_CA=0.000000,1.000000 f2Bokeh_AutoFocusCenter=0.500000,0.500000 fLightDoF_Amount=10.000000 bLightDoF_UseCA=0 bLightDoF_AutoFocus=1 fLightDoF_ManualFocus=0.000000 bLightDoF_UseMouseFocus=0 fLightDoF_AutoFocusSpeed=0.100000 [Levels.fx] BlackPoint=16 WhitePoint=235 HighlightClipping=0 [Kuwahara.fx] Iterations=6 SampleDistance=2.000000 [ChromaticAberration.fx] Shift=2.500000,-0.500000 Strength=0.500000 [FisheyeHorizontal.fx] fFisheyeZoom=0.505000 fFisheyeDistortionCubic=0.000000 fFisheyeDistortion=-0.074000 fFisheyeColorshift=0.011000 [Vignette.fx] Type=0 Center=0.500000,0.500000 Ratio=1.300000 Radius=1.000000 Amount=-0.500000 Slope=6 [TiltShift.fx] Line=0 BlurMultiplier=6.000000 Axis=0 Offset=0.050000 BlurCurve=1.000000 [Tonemap.fx] Gamma=1.000000 Bleach=0.000000 Defog=0.000000 Exposure=0.000000 Saturation=0.000000 FogColor=0.000000,0.000000,1.000000 [Technicolor2.fx] Saturation=1.000000 ColorStrength=0.200000,0.200000,0.200000 Brightness=1.000000 Strength=1.000000


2 Mar 23:00 CET

I'll need more detailed info than that to help you. Do you mean your game crashes to desktop when you try to launch it? If so, do you get an error message/what's it say?

Or do you mean the game loads fine but the ReShade just doesn't show up? Give me something to go on man :)

Do you have the Uplay overlay active? ReShade often won't work with it and as I mentioned to the guy below, many people can't run ReShade with a game in fullscreen mode so you have to use Borderless-Windowed mode aka Windowed-Fullscreen mode.

2 Mar 22:31 CET

It dosen't work for me at all what the fuck

2 Mar 13:40 CET

Ok, well nothing I can do to help, unfortunately. I can't run any game in fullscreen mode with ReShade, many can't, and as far as I know, there's nothing that can be done about it. Sorry :(

1 Mar 20:18 CET

yeah. I know that, but I need to fullscreen mode. cuz i get a 15-25 fps lost in windowed fullscreen :(

1 Mar 18:17 CET

No you must go into your game without the .dll file installed and set it to Borderless first to solve your issue. Sorry, fullscreen is randomly imcompatible with ReShade for certain people (myself included).

You can just cut and paste the d3d11.dll to your desktop or somewhere so you don't have to reinstall the from the .exe again. Just make sure the reshade .dll file isn't in your game folder, launch your game, set to borederless ("fullscreen windowed" I think it's called in this game), apply and confirm settings change. Then close you game, put the reshade d3d11.dll file back in your game folder and run the game again. Everything should work from there.

Please let me know if you have trouble still. Cheers!

1 Mar 16:09 CET

renamed to d3d11.dll but still crashing when I set fullscreen.

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