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Created by Sekta
Added March 25, 2014
Updated 18 Jun 02:23 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
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1 Feb 23:09 CET


25 Jan 22:23 CET


18 Jan 03:38 CET

At the moment the Preset download link appears to be broken :(

19 Oct 17:25 CEST

Hey mate, nice to see you are still on ESO Sweetfx. i was in contact when you started your work on SFX 1.4.

I have tried to get this aktual version running for the whole weekend with no success. Now i at least got SFX2.0 running in ESO so i was wandering if you maybe still have a 2.0 Preset of your style that you might maybe Mail or post here.

Kind regards and big greetings!!! :)

9 Oct 02:15 CEST

I wouldn't have a clue. As long as the texture file is in the correct folder, just set TUNINGPALETTE to use Sekta.png, then the preset will work. The other optional shaders will be at default values though.

8 Oct 11:58 CEST

I'm not sure I'm doing it properly. I Extracted your preset to the ReShade folder but it's not detected in the mediator. I tried manually copy the data from your profile to mediator files, even created my own profile and copied the data there. Any idea what im doing wrong? Thanks Sekta.

29 Sep 14:03 CEST

Hey there, I tried to use Mediator and your preset but for some reason the ReShade didn't get created for ESO (it did for other games).

Do you have any idea why this might be happening?

24 Sep 10:13 CEST

Final version. Any further changes will be minor.

10 Sep 03:45 CEST

Updated again. Now using just a Look Up Table and LumaSharpen for optimal performance.

9 Sep 01:47 CEST


4 Sep 22:59 CEST

Actually to be honest, it may be different. It's just hard to tell without a button to disable/enable it haha. I think it may be working though cause it does look sharper.

4 Sep 19:34 CEST

So I followed your directions, and my game launches with the thing in the corner saying Reshade, but when I get in game, it doesn't look any different. Hitting scroll lock doesn't change anything either. Any idea?

18 Aug 06:07 CEST

Updated to the new Reshade framework.

22 Jul 03:34 CEST

Bit of fine tuning.
Removed a little more blue tint.
Added Cineon DPX for subtle saturation.

20 Jul 23:40 CEST

I have reinstalled ESO. Custom SweetFX in description.

13 Jul 02:43 CEST

What was changed in the update? Is marcmy's trick to make it work all of the time still viable or did something change?

11 Jul 02:36 CEST

I'm getting a weird crash when I use ESO Launcher to launch this:
ESO Launcher
There was an error launching the game while injecting the hook.

[Error] Access is denied

27 Jun 20:06 CEST

+1 marcmy that works flawlessly I think, I just hope I don't loose any shader quality or anything like that.

26 Jun 12:17 CEST

marcmy, thanks it Works for me, gj.

22 Jun 22:31 CEST

Hey Sekta, I got tired of using a batch file to make this work so I did some testing and figured out why ESO crashes with the latest SweetFX. It's because the new SweetFX shader files were renamed to have a .h extension. I renamed them all to .shader and replaced the occurrences in the Main shader file and the game no longer crashes. I uploaded it here http://tinyurl.com/ocf95ef

30 May 14:42 CEST

Great work

28 Apr 18:11 CEST

Hi Sekta, I created a thread on reddit on how to automate/script most of the steps you wrote down on top to get SweetFX 2.0 working! Thanks for this :)!


21 Apr 14:12 CEST

Crashes only on Fullscreen. Works if I run on Windowed and then change to Windowed(Fullscreen) and vice versa.

21 Apr 10:22 CEST

After today's TESO patch(v2.0.6) the game crashes with this preset :/

5 Apr 21:35 CEST

I just fix copying SweetFX_Settings_The Elder Scrolls Online_Sekta's ESO- Tamriel Unlimited text document and pasting in Global_settings text document.

5 Apr 21:18 CEST

All rigth but when I changes to enable nothing happens help pla

5 Apr 00:34 CEST

Instructions added to get it working.

4 Apr 01:56 CEST

Is it working for anyone ? if yes, how ?

26 Mar 00:25 CET

Indeed. It is 'buy' to play now.

26 Mar 00:13 CET

Which means it hasn't been tested. It is free to play now isn't it? Crosire should be able to download and see what the issue is.

25 Mar 23:56 CET


25 Mar 23:55 CET

ESO is also not on the Reshade compatibility list :/

25 Mar 23:07 CET

That sucks :( ESO is a big pain in the *** to get anything working with it. When the game was in closed beta, it took me a long time to figure out how to get SweetFX working at all. Back then the only solution was RadeonPro with it's internal FXAA enabled.

25 Mar 15:24 CET

Reshade / SweetFX 2.0 doesn't seem to comply with ESO :(

Auto install doesn't work. Manual install doesn't work. And the workaround provided by ZoraSWE in the Reshade forums doesn't work :/

I'll head back to the Reshade forums to get this solved.

25 Mar 13:47 CET

This looks way better than the last preset.

25 Mar 07:13 CET

Updated preset and screenshots.

25 Mar 00:52 CET

I don't have ESO but I can apply preset to old comparison screenshots so will update all screenshots to reflect the new preset.

28 Feb 07:50 CET

Way to make it works found on reshade forum. Install reshade bundle. From eso client move sweetfx folder temporarily to another place. Run eso, then paste the folder sweetfx back. Reshade will load settings. Unfortunately you have to repeat this every time...

12 Feb 15:53 CET

I used radeonpro instead, see the descriptiobn above. But the setting is too blue, not recommended.

11 Feb 22:53 CET

ironmansg how did you get it to work?

6 Feb 18:25 CET

Sekta, the new setting is too blue when at night

5 Feb 16:04 CET

tried Reshade 0.13.1, still crash.....

5 Feb 08:06 CET

The newer reshade crashes for me in the games I play so maybe thats it

5 Feb 08:05 CET

Try the dll file from Reshade 0.13.1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/x9knrom8h89mt6x/ReShade+0.13.1+Public+Beta.7z

4 Feb 15:07 CET

maybe its not working in the frist place, because Sekta said he doesnt have the subs anymore

4 Feb 05:03 CET

Same crash here. How to uninstall reshade?

3 Feb 18:03 CET

Hi Sekta, please let us know how to fix the crashT_T

3 Feb 00:42 CET

Sekta what do you know about the new crash error? :)

2 Feb 04:59 CET

Still crashing even with ESOLauncher and all. It's worth noting that I have nvidia, so no need for radeonpro. I used 1.5 before.

1 Feb 16:24 CET

I was able to solve this issue removing all previously installed sweetfx and re-shade files, uninstalling radeon pro, then using the tools I found in this thread. http://tamrielfoundry.com/topic/eso-launcher-graphics-enhancer-2/

1 Feb 14:21 CET

Getting an error when tyring to launch eso. Here's the output of the log file. Any suggestions? C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online\game\client\dxgi.fx(39,10): error X1507: failed to open source file: 'SweetFX_preset.txt'

29 Jan 07:26 CET

Crashes on startup with reshade

27 Jan 23:44 CET

Updated to Reshade. I don't have the game so screenshots aren't updated.

5 Aug 11:50 CEST

Hi sekta, what you think about color correction now ON? any good visual improvements in your opinion?

5 Aug 04:59 CEST

hey sekta, will you update your preset because the game has been updated to 1.3. And it did change something on the graphic by enable the color correction to 1


10 Jul 21:20 CEST

"Brightness, contrast, and color curves throughout the game are now adjusted via post-processing" Looks like patch 1.3 is changing up some things. Hopefully you'll still be around to tweak things up. :) Or maybe it won't be needed at all, since we disable color correction altogether to begin with, right?

6 Jun 04:29 CEST

Tried JobThreads to zero, WorkerThreads from 0 to 1 and also the precaching one, nothing made a difference, until I reverted MIP_LOAD_SKIP_LEVELS from -2 to 0,I haven't noticed any skipping/lag since then. I'll fiddle with the settings a little more, maybe it was some weird coincidence.

Anyway, pretty much done with that. Now to enjoy the game using your awesome preset. ;)

4 Jun 13:39 CEST

Should be less brown and over contrasted too.

4 Jun 09:28 CEST

Don't know what ini setting could even cause that. Possibly the multithreading ones or the FX precaching. Try reversing the fx precaching first then worker threads, then job threads.

4 Jun 06:32 CEST

Odd, I'm experiencing some kind of audio lag. Footsteps, weapon swing etc. sometimes are completely out of sync and tend to overlap.

Think it could be any of your .ini settings? I copied the ones you posted on the forums, should also mention that I am using only your .ini tweaks & sweetfx, no launcher or FoV tweak.
If you don't have an idea, I might as well start troubleshooting tomorrow, no biggie. Could always be some 1.1.3 bug, but I don't remember having this pre-tweaks.

4 Jun 03:43 CEST

Updated again. Dark environments should be less blue.

4 Jun 03:18 CEST

You rock, thanks once again. :)

3 Jun 23:23 CEST

For some reason the link didn't work:

3 Jun 23:21 CEST

Everything is here: http://dieguild.com.au/forum/m/6125981/viewthread/13085492-eso-technical-compendium/

My usersettings, my complete addon set-up, downsampling, fov, etc.

3 Jun 19:24 CEST

Thanks a LOT for your work, Sekta, you are amazing. :)

Some entries in the .ini have changed since the craglorn patch, like the CPU one now has two:

RequestedNumJobThreads and RequestedNumWorkerThreads

Would it be too much to ask on what your settings look currently? .ini and esolauncher. A little confused, because on your previous settings you were using shader 4 (seems you don't anymore) and color correction, but now you suggest turning it off with your sweetfx preset.

Feeling so selfish asking this, but damn - I do hope you can paste 'em!

31 May 08:29 CEST

Updated settings. Check the first screenshot.

25 May 21:35 CEST

I don't use a different shader mode. They are all broken except 0 and 3. You can use whatever method you want to get it working, check out the game page for full details on the 2 methods. RadeonPro is only required if you are on Windows 8.1 and want to keep the renderer at D3D11 (for multi-gpu)

25 May 15:22 CEST

Hey Sekta now that fullscreen exclusive mode is here I assume we can also use SMAA instead of FXAA?

25 May 13:53 CEST

Hi Sekta. im following your presets for a while already, thinking yours are best. Have question, the base preset have to use with radeon pro or can be use without? since know that radeon put his own shaders aswel. and the launcher shader mode is 4? thanks

24 May 05:14 CEST

the problem was I uploaded my bloom preset with the bloom turned off. Its been fixed now.

24 May 04:41 CEST

turn colour correction off in the usersettings.txt as well.

23 May 07:24 CEST

sorry fixed

22 May 09:19 CEST

how do you adjust the curve value to an extent that the environment is not that dark? pls help...

22 May 06:58 CEST

the curve is so bad here..uhmm..the contrast is too strong and the environment becomes very dark

21 May 19:56 CEST

I have a problem, this latest preset is much much darker than the previous base preset I had. What should I change? pls help..

21 May 16:18 CEST

I really think your super work. Also you ever make improvements. But with the recent update from 21 the color in my opinion is too extreme.

21 May 09:50 CEST

Lol this whole time I had the wrong preset uploaded. Didn't even have curves active. Fixed it.

20 May 00:19 CEST

The preset hasnt changed, it does it if I change the description in any way as well like adding links to things or revising instructions, etc.

19 May 20:12 CEST

It seems the preset has been updating like every day. Would love to get any info on changes if it is real:) looks like a site bug though.

19 May 17:53 CEST

is the 'updated date' correct? seems to change each time I'm on the site. I guess we can always just wait for you to post when the preset is updated otherwise.

16 May 00:52 CEST

No I don't use HDR. It's a different look when it's not pre darkened which is the recommended for this preset.

15 May 23:33 CEST

Sekta, do you have HDR enabled with DPX?
As you have written in the description hdr is needed with DPX, but you haven't listed HDR in your personal/reccomended settings.

15 May 03:40 CEST

Thanks Sekta, you are right I noticed even with out SweetFX and tweaking the game AA is not so good and needs to be improved by the developers.

14 May 08:54 CEST

You could also try out my cinematic preset. It makes the game quite soft and glowy which helps with the jaggies. Unfortunately the game still has serious temporal aliasing.

14 May 08:51 CEST

I have 120hz as well but sadly the game runs 40fps in towns and 70 fps outside questing. Do MinFrameTime.2 "0.00800000" to unlock 125fps which feels absolutely amazing in caves. I prefer the global smoothness of 50fps cap though.

For antialiasing there is nothing you can do without completely destroying the text. If you want to test it, set SMAA threshold to 0.05 and the rest of the values to their max 98, 16, 100 and enable color detection.

14 May 07:18 CEST

Never mind I got it working I changed SET MinFrameTime.2 "0.01000000" and this should change it to 100fps, Sorry I should read and try things myself before wasting your time. My apologies. :)

14 May 07:07 CEST

I tried using your UserSettings.txt, I the settings but the FPS is capped to 50? how do I increase it to 120fps because my monitor support up to 120. Thanks.

14 May 06:51 CEST

Hi Sekta,

I like you settings very much, only one thing I really want to change is the Antialiasing, right now as default setting game has high jagged edges especially on the armor and weapons, how can I increase this so it decrease the the jaggy lines?

12 May 23:15 CEST

Bind screenshot for ingame and SweetFX/RadeonPro to the same key. Then just upload to this website. It does the slider all by itself. I don't know of any website that lets you just upload a picture and have a before after slider.

12 May 18:56 CEST

Awesome job. Much appreciated. But how do you make such picture comparison? I understand that you can change the settings in the sweetfx settings.txt but after that i am not sure what to do.

Thanks AngNL

12 May 13:25 CEST

Lovely! That's what i was after, getting rid of that horrid brownish layer ontop and a bit more color.

Much appreciated! :)

12 May 12:10 CEST

Updated the DPX settings. Little warmer and has more contrast to the colours. Dropped the vibrance on it as it was affecting the extremely vibrant item text that gets spammed in chat.

12 May 11:33 CEST

hmm ok thank you, i shall give it a whirl and see if i manage something nice :)

12 May 11:31 CEST

A combination of the "Like colour?" section. You could increase vibrance but that affects things that aren't already vibrant. So lava for instance would be unchanged if you cranked vibrance up. You could increase DPX blend or change Curves mode to 2 so that it contrasts the colour channel as well.

12 May 11:23 CEST

ESOLauncher Shader 4 just wont work, shows everything as lines.

12 May 11:22 CEST

Love this sweetfx, althou i find it a bit lacking in vibrance.
How would i go about making it almost (not as bright thou) as vibrant as Tamriel Bliss?

12 May 10:35 CEST

You just run the game as normal. No third party application needed.

12 May 09:37 CEST

instruction ended with replacing user settings with preset. What do i do next ? Run ESO normally ? Please a full instruction is appreciated. I never use sweetFX before.but i do manage to work it out with radeonPro. My main issue is trying to run it without RadeonPRO. Please help....

12 May 08:53 CEST

how to i get this to work without radeon pro. i copy the custom sweetfx 1.5 to game/client then what should i do next?
the instruction is not clear.

12 May 08:33 CEST

No problem. If you're interested, here is my UI/Addon setup and setting files: http://pastebin.com/ZLhmH3m6

12 May 06:31 CEST

Ah much appreciated. Your presets are great and the extra posts about different installation methods and settings have been awesome.

12 May 05:30 CEST

ESO UserSettings.txt : http://pastebin.com/9qLb5gHw

ESOLauncher Settings.ini : http://pastebin.com/4EQyWSUC

Delete shadercache.cooked and let game rebuild it with your final settings.

11 May 20:08 CEST

Hey Sekta you think you can post your optimized user settings and eso launcher settings for this preset again. I was fiddling with things and wanted to look at those settings again.

11 May 19:59 CEST

looks great, it's a bit sharper, to a perfect amount, great work

11 May 18:33 CEST

Thx mate for the Gaussian, i will check it out the next days and give you a feedback :)

11 May 15:14 CEST

Just tried this new preset out (the new base preset) with DPX. Always liked the DPX palette but it strikes me as too bright in some places, mostly in the UI (reading notes and the map).

11 May 11:50 CEST

It's here: http://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/1560/
It's not Gaussian for AA, it's for bloom. It looks really good in-game while playing.

I updated this preset to allow for the use of Gaussian if you are not using RadeonPro. (I updated the instructions so Windows 8.1 users don't need this).

You can disable in-game AA (it's crap anyway) and enable SMAA or FXAA and subtle gaussian blur or bloom.

11 May 11:44 CEST

oh or do you have a second release site for your 1.5 releases ?

11 May 11:43 CEST

I am really looking forward to your upcoming preset with Gaussian mate. Please highlight the release somehow, i tend to overwatch this :P

Will that preset you talk about be for 1.5 ?

11 May 06:06 CEST

It's working now. Thank you :)

11 May 05:44 CEST

Ok download the preset again. It seems the Levels comment became uncommented by beginning on a new line in the settings file which is likely due to editing it with Notepad.

11 May 05:34 CEST

Here it is, Sekta


11 May 01:31 CEST

Added colorblind shader.

10 May 23:43 CEST

It's the SweetFX crash report. Paste it into a pastebin and then send the link

10 May 23:27 CEST

Ah okay I shall when able (checking this at work right now). Would the log.log file be the crash report that pops up when ESO crashes?

10 May 23:11 CEST

Can you tell me what it says in the log.log file please

10 May 20:17 CEST

I've been trying to do METHOD 3 but I get a crash report every time I try to run ESO.

I'm using Windows 8.1, put your SweetFX 1.5.1 into the game's directory and copy pasted your user settings (including the GraphicsDriver change)

10 May 15:49 CEST

Just looking at it, it seems to be shaders for ENBSeries. I want you to know that I'm working on a different preset that uses Gaussian Bloom. It's a totally different look for a niche audience but the blur does smooth the aliasing a bit. I'm also not limited to RadeonPro anymore so can tweak the SMAA/FXAA. Sadly text will always be affected with post-processing AA.

10 May 15:43 CEST

I will check out those shaders and see if I can add them in. Thanks for the link.

10 May 12:57 CEST

Greetings Your Awesomenes! :)

I still enjoy your work and as you worked on a 1.5 version if it is possible to use the "Gauss" function in ESO.

In Rome: Total War 2 there is the G.E.M. graphics mod which added the Gaussian Antialiasing to decrease edge flickering and smooth the image a bit:


With rome 2 you also had to enjoy the bad flickering and crisp DX11 view and lack of color. And the enhancement bases on SweetFX Next as i understand and that is 1.5 as i read.

Greetings Mate, still awesome work !!!

9 May 10:51 CEST

Only RadeonPro if it's a DirectX 11 game. You can change the renderer to DirectX 9 by editing ESO's UserSettings.txt and use SweetFX as normal on 8.1. I'm doing that now and experimenting with custom shaders, etc that wouldn't be possible with RadeonPro. Here's an example: http://i.imgur.com/GAhNCFI.jpg

9 May 10:46 CEST

So SweetFX works fine with Win 8.1 but only with RadeonPro?

9 May 02:53 CEST

SweetFX does not work on Windows 8.1 if the game is Direct X 11. I changed ESO's renderer to Direct X 9 so that SweetFX works without RadeonPro. ZOS said that Direct X 11 had improved spell effects and better performance. I have been testing Direct X 9 and there is no difference.

9 May 01:08 CEST

What new effects are you talking about. And you switched to d3d9 when d3d11 has big performance benefits? I don't follow.

8 May 10:56 CEST

Quick test showed zero fps difference or spell effect difference. All my spells looked the same, wayshrine flame, lava, lights, reflections, shadows, all looked the same.

8 May 10:42 CEST

Just switched to d3d9 renderer. Zenimax have said in articles that d3d11 has big performance benefits and improved effects so got to test it.

8 May 10:36 CEST

Got SweetFX working in Windows 8.1 without Radeonpro. Got to test if there are any downsides however.

8 May 06:13 CEST

RadeonPro is the injector. It does not need the original SMAAInjector that SweetFX comes with. All it needs is the shaders.

8 May 02:44 CEST

also which of your presets is the better preset to use this one or this one here http://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/1560/

8 May 02:40 CEST

im a little confused here, ur specialized sweetfx 1.4 version doesnt include any of the injector files or anything and sweetfx does not work for me unless i revert to original 1.4 version

8 May 01:29 CEST

Hi Sekta
I find your work very well, I must say looks really great. But you could still times a txt with your settings, upload? I'll go with the settings do not come to grips with your new version. Personally I use still your Preset.txt Perfection is almost perfect. Would be super nice of you

6 May 23:16 CEST

I need to update the screenshots, only the top row is current lol.

6 May 14:16 CEST

Sekta... You are AWESOME! :D Thanks for the update!!!

6 May 07:05 CEST

No. I think those shaders are just hidden options already in the game so it will be up to ZOS to fix them. Probably why shader 5 isn't the default. Seems all the promotional screenshots were using Shader 5.

6 May 04:23 CEST

Was the corruption from using Shaders via ESOLauncher ever fixed (regarding Anchors, Solo Anchors, etc.)?

6 May 01:54 CEST

This one really hit the sweet spot for me! Sharp, good contrast and black levels and perfectly balanced color!

5 May 23:17 CEST

Working on my end. I don't think they have any geographic restrictions either. I'll upload a mirror to zippyshare.

5 May 21:41 CEST

mega.co.nz link is down

5 May 11:34 CEST

Using tonemap for a new look. Negative exposure and positive bleach looks really nice. Also tweaked Lift Gamma Gain and tuned base settings so they are more suited for wider range of monitors and just default look but better. Check the Argonian picture for Before/After. The optional Tonemap makes the biggest difference and really brings out the shadows and armour reflection.

5 May 03:45 CEST

Sekta, when I do that, my screen goes very dark. Do you know why that would be?

5 May 00:13 CEST

Set #define USE_SMAA_ANTIALIASING 1 to 0

4 May 23:21 CEST

What's the best way to get clear fonts? I'm on Win 7, using SweetFX 1.5 (no FXAA, no RadeonPro). I noticed the chat font looks a bit eroded with SFX enabled - looks perfect with it disabled. Thoughts on what that is?

4 May 20:29 CEST

Awesome, I also noticed ESO launcher is updated, hopefully the bug when shader 4 is used is resolved. :D Testing it now

4 May 14:01 CEST

Few tweaks to fix ugly horse.

4 May 13:50 CEST

I see you had written this in the description, missed that. I trust your advice and have disabled SMAA.

4 May 13:09 CEST

You are already forced to use FXAA. I wouldn't use SMAA in RadeonPro.

4 May 12:51 CEST

Giving it a try today.
I'm using method 2 and copy the preset's SMAA into my radeonpro custom SMAA values, is that ok?
And my ocd brain makes me think dither is nice, I don't mind it affecting text, should I use it?

4 May 11:17 CEST

Changed the vibrance. Objects are affected by light sources A LOT more. The 25% speed horse is a bit too saturated for my liking however. Removed desaturation from Tonemap as a default as it affected Ebonheart Pact zones (lava) too much.

4 May 03:45 CEST

There was a problem with formatting in the settings file where descriptions were on a new line so that they weren't actually commented. Don't know how that happened, notepad maybe. It was actually causing the game not to start with sweetfx 1.5 because it thought some descriptions were commands. It's all fixed now.

3 May 23:01 CEST

That's because RadeonPro does not need the SweetFX injector, just the shaders and settings file.

3 May 18:07 CEST

I was surprised to see the custom sweetfx folder so slimmed, no need for the dll's?
At first I got an error upon importing the sweetfx preset into radeonpro, but that is now gone, no idea what that was about.
Looks great anyways!Big kudos for the continued updates

3 May 10:44 CEST

Link to new Custom RadeonPro SweetFX: http://goo.gl/v8RQrV

3 May 10:31 CEST

Tried your new setting and the blacks are now perfection! :D I just wish esolauncher will get updated to fix the rainbow like colors for daedric stuff when shader 4 is enabled.

3 May 09:28 CEST

Big update.

Uploaded a new custom SweetFX version for RadeonPro specifically. Now RadeonPro can use 2 new Luma Sharpen patterns and 4 new Curve formulas. Deleted all unnecessary files and cleaned up valid value ranges.

Preset now uses Luma sharpen pattern 8 (9 taps, 9 texture fetches) and Curves formula 12 (Cubic Bezier spline).

2 May 23:31 CEST

@Vilius you can make it sharper by increasing the sharpness strength. The bad thing is that the game doesn't have actual Anti Aliasing so it makes the aliasing much worse and causes edge haloing as well.

2 May 21:41 CEST

hahaha.. you got me. I have no idea. But I assume it's less saturated than -100, but more saturated than -300 :p

2 May 20:39 CEST

Just tried shader 4 and 0 while using pause and yeah I see the difference there is no white crush with shader 4. The problem is I having a graphic glitch when using shader 4. Like the one this guy is experiencing in reddit http://i.imgur.com/9vi1dZ6.jpg

2 May 20:32 CEST

Yeah changed it to 950,920,940 and the blacks are better on my monitor.

@Vilius what is the difference between tonemap -200 and -100? I do not see a difference haha.

2 May 19:09 CEST

Changed it to (-200).
I just wish there was a way to make the game sharper, I still find it a bit too blurry

2 May 18:58 CEST

Thanks for the replies!
I'm using your settings. Looks great. I also tried hdr+dpx combo, bloom etc, but ended up with your settings looking the best (with tonemap -300).

2 May 17:15 CEST

Oh, increase LGG shadow levels by 0.010 at a time, not 0.10.
So 0.960, 0.920, 0.940, check black levels. Increase again until you are happy.

2 May 17:12 CEST

Go to the login screen for an Aldmeri Dominion character, alt tab and change the shader to 4, press pause break to reload esolauncher on the fly, you will see the difference in the clouds.

2 May 17:09 CEST

Thanks sekta, by the way I just returned shaders from the esolauncher to 0 because when the daedra stuff spawns I get graphical glitches from it (some people are also getting the same problem). So I am currently just using it for the FOV. What does shader 4 do anyway?

2 May 16:58 CEST

@destroz, increase Lift Gamma Gain's shadow levels by 0.10 at a time until you feel you reach the compromise you want.

@Vilius, use my 1.4. Use 1.5 ONLY if you are not going to use RadeonPro as it does not support it.

2 May 15:54 CEST

I use Windows 7, by the way!

2 May 15:53 CEST

I use RadeonPro though, and I do not use ESOLauncher. Which sweetfx version do I go with? Your 1.4 or 1.5?

2 May 15:48 CEST

Nice to see things updated. Going to try this tonight :)

2 May 15:31 CEST

Ohhh sekta I tried the new setting and WOW it looks AWEsome! haha Only problem is at dark places I got a feeling that it crushes blacks or maybe its just my monitor or its just the OC in me?

2 May 15:10 CEST

Another question, where does sweetFX save the screenshots?

2 May 14:27 CEST

Thanks man :D

2 May 13:34 CEST

forgot to add, I have vibrance ticked as well.

2 May 13:21 CEST

Ok will still try it with esolauncher though. So you are currently using the preset posted but with both technicolor and tonemap (saturation -0.100)ticked?

2 May 13:05 CEST

No you don't. I use shader 4 though because it tones down highlights. On the AD login screen, the smoke looks like a sun.

2 May 12:57 CEST

Question: Do I really need to use ESO launcher for version 1.5? Is there any difference except for the FOV?

2 May 12:23 CEST

I'm personally running with technicolor ticked and tonemap ticked with -0.100 saturation.

2 May 12:20 CEST

***Tick Technicolor to get that over-exposed look like the top row screenshots

2 May 11:02 CEST

Stripped it and made it a lot more simple. It's a lot more easier to customize it to get the look you want. Tick tonemap to get that over-exposed look like the top row screenshots. Tick tonemap to get a desaturated look. Increase vibrance to get more colour.

Also removed dither. It ruins coloured text.

2 May 09:23 CEST

Nyzoka, yeah good thing I backed up the latest one before 1.5 :)

29 Apr 20:54 CEST

Hi ! not the same look for me with the 1.5 version :(

27 Apr 18:16 CEST

Do you know if there is a way to increase the Depth of Field with this tools? So the distance gets less flickering and crisp ?

27 Apr 12:34 CEST

Thank you once again mate, your work is awesome

27 Apr 07:05 CEST

So.. yeah, I feel dumb. I had been running it as admin through the "All Apps" and never tried running as admin straight from the .exe.

In any case, it works!
Thank you so much for being patient and clearly stating that. Thanks you again for your hard work.

27 Apr 05:16 CEST

Try it again. SMAA will only work with method 1. The values get deleted as soon as u import into radeonpro. No point with method 2 because ur forced to use FXAA with preset settings which are horrible on text.

27 Apr 01:23 CEST

I just tried it with the usual routine (Method 2). HUGE difference from your previous preset with the DPX Cineon.
I think I prefer the old one as it was a lot more subtle and toned down. Felt this one was too saturated and vibrant, but maybe I did it wrong. I dont think the SMAA worked

27 Apr 01:10 CEST

Thanks for the quick reply.
How will this preset fare without ESOLauncher do you think? I'm not sure I want to use it yet

27 Apr 00:27 CEST

ESOLauncher doesn't cause an FPS loss. I'm using shader 4 which is just normal but with toned down highlights. Depends on how you configure it. I don't eally touch the draw distances. I just increased the field of view and set shader to 4.

27 Apr 00:07 CEST

Hi Sekta,

Does your preset now require the enhanced ESOlauncher? My reason not using it is that I am worried it might cause too much fps loss, as opposed to just using sweetfx.

26 Apr 23:55 CEST

Added SMAA. Try without in-game AA as that has quite a lot of shimmering.

26 Apr 23:33 CEST

Croshy, I made this profile inside Radeonpro which doesn't use SMAA or FXAA in SweetFX. I can manually add either one so that people using method 1 will have some nice AA. Importing into RadeonPro will just ignore those values anyay so no harm done to method 2.

26 Apr 23:31 CEST

I'm using 8.1 with ESOLauncher + SweetFX. Find RadeonPro executable, tick the Run as Admin box. You should get the warning, click yes. Integrate MY sweetfx version. Make profile for ESO. Tick FXAA, set to Ultra. Set the launcher to custom, direct it to ESOLauncher. Enable SweetFX, import the preset. Open the game by double-clicking the entry in RadeonPro or by making a shortcut to ESOLauncher.

26 Apr 22:33 CEST

the VERY best ESO sweetfx preset by far. Great colors, etc. Very dark as well, I love it.

26 Apr 20:01 CEST

can you still activate FXAA in the SweetFX 1.5 ?

26 Apr 17:57 CEST

do i see it right that there is no way to anti alias the Image or smooth it a little ?

26 Apr 17:15 CEST

And sorry, I meant to say that RadeonPro + SweetFX works fine without the ESOLauncher added into the mix, and ESO Launcher works fine as long as I don't bring SweetFX into it. It's just when I try to combine the two that I get this error.

26 Apr 17:11 CEST

I have clicked the yes when it asks if I want to Continue Anyways, and it still says it doesn't have the elevated permissions needed to run ESO Launcher.

RadeonPro works just fine if I run only SweetFX with ESO.exe, it only messes up when I add the ESOlauncher.exe to the mix.

26 Apr 15:14 CEST

ESO launcher doesn't work on 8.1 Spaddix

26 Apr 10:54 CEST

Thanks for the kind words. Just click Yes when RadeonPro gives the warning.

26 Apr 10:18 CEST

Hello! I love your SweetFX presets. The game looks incredible! However, when I try to combine SweetFX with my ESO Launcher, it won't launch the game and tells me I need to elevate its privileges. So when I try to launch RadeonPro in Admin. mode, it says it can't launch with elevated privileges. I'm on Win8.1 and followed your guide, I think exactly. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. I want to get the most out of my ESO and your presets and ESO launcher is definitely the key to that!

Thank you!

26 Apr 09:36 CEST

Removed HDR and DPX. Same can be achieved with LGG and Curves without insaney bright UI elements. Use with ESOLauncher Shader 4 as it fixes excess highlights and gives more room for SweetFX. Changed LGG for dark shadows and interiors, similar to Shader 5 look without the bugged Dark fissures and transparent enemies.

26 Apr 00:45 CEST

Never mind, I figured it out. I downloaded your sweetfx version but forgot to actually replace the original one I already had.

26 Apr 00:39 CEST

Any idea why my game looks a lot more vibrant and sharp than your screenshots? The colors are way too bright and saturated and hurt my eyes. I used the sweetfx file you linked to and then imported your settings.

25 Apr 08:59 CEST

Also. How can I tell when you update this preset?

24 Apr 02:31 CEST

When I download your SweetFX version does that already include the preset values or do I have to download your Preset separately as well and import as a profile?

23 Apr 07:44 CEST

You can set it to whatever you want but Ultra affects text the least. There is no difference in FPS on my system.

23 Apr 07:43 CEST

Is there really a need to set FXAA to ultra like the readme states?

21 Apr 08:11 CEST

Readded curves. Bit of tweaking I can add curves without crushing blacks.

21 Apr 02:32 CEST

Removed curves. Using DPX for contrast.

20 Apr 23:29 CEST

You must use my version otherwise vibrance and DPX will not work as intended. Colour contrasts is stuck at 0.20 and vibrance controls all RGB channels with the normal 1.4 version.

20 Apr 22:20 CEST

Hi Sekta!
Great preset, thank you. I've been following it's updates. I just noticed you've now also uploaded your eso config and your own custom sweetfx.

You write "You MUST have my SweetFX version. (link above)." , so my question is why must i? It's been working fine with just the 1.4


19 Apr 13:01 CEST

Yes. Definitely use Ambient Occlusion. Most of the shadows are from the AO setting rather than the Shadow setting. So just drop Shadows to Medium or Low and leave AO ON.

19 Apr 12:52 CEST

great stuff. Would you recommend using in game AO? as well as this?

19 Apr 12:43 CEST

Hey Sekta, so this is the continuation of your 'Perfection' preset? Great work!

Yu might want to change the titel into something that reflects that, just a suggestion :)

19 Apr 03:32 CEST

Screenshots are a tiny bit exaggerated. I have since increased the gamma by 0.025 to brighten it up a tiny bit, reduced DPX Blend by 0.03 and reduced contrast by 0.03.

18 Apr 08:00 CEST

Updated with new SweetFX files that have individual Vibrance control. Added saturation for reds and greens and desaturated blues to be able to nice foliage and fire without the super blue skies.

15 Apr 10:55 CEST

Not until SweetFX can be used without RadeonPro FXAA.

15 Apr 07:32 CEST

Anyway to make the text more readable? It seem grainy and harder to read vs Vanilla. But loving it! Thanks!

14 Apr 06:31 CEST

That is because of FXAA. It's a post-processing AA so it affects the whole frame, text included.

13 Apr 03:12 CEST

So I just started using this preset and great job game looks much better. One thing ive noticed is the text in my chat window or really any text appears to be off. Like the 1:1 pixel mapping is off. Any ideas

9 Apr 12:11 CEST

I managed to get it working, it didn't set SFX in RPro settings and put SFX on another folder, still after that no effects in-game, turns out it was FRAPS that wasn't allowing the effects to be working for some reason.

8 Apr 17:30 CEST

Thanks for all your job and help! Cheers!

7 Apr 19:39 CEST


I keep getting error 16 (crash) despite trying to do all the things mentioned plus other SFX versions, i'm using an nVIDIA 570. Going to install the new Beta driver but i doubt it's that.

Anyone managed to get it running on an nVIDIA?

7 Apr 10:55 CEST

Ah ok thx

6 Apr 21:57 CEST

You HAVE to use RadeonPro or else it crashes.

6 Apr 17:47 CEST

Do i have to use sweetfx configurator to get this working or can i copy the files manually and put this preset in as my game crashes each time i go to run it

6 Apr 00:13 CEST

Thank you that worked. Keep up the good work. much appreciated.

6 Apr 00:07 CEST

I updated the preset to help with Haedshootar's problem.

5 Apr 23:56 CEST

sforhid: Go to settings, FPS counter, tick hidden.

Haedshootar: Lower Radius2 to 0.80

5 Apr 17:47 CEST

Hey Sekta, this is really good, brilliant job. However whenever I start the game I cant seem to turn the benchmark off and I tried turning it off by disabling but still comes on when I start the game. I also tried using the hotkey as well but it still does not turn off but rather the numbers turn blue... can you please help?

Other than the game looks amazing!

5 Apr 15:04 CEST

I really like this new setting, I'd love to see more of your work.
Would there be any possible way to have HDR not affect the UI as much? The current setting makes the UI nearly unreadable by making it too yellow/bright. Removing HDR fixes it.

5 Apr 00:47 CEST

If you want it even brighter, you can lower HDRPower to 1.20 (no lower) and Tonemap Gamma to 0.900. A balance of the 2 would work best and decrease in small intervals.

5 Apr 00:25 CEST

Yeah night time is too dark for an MMO. I have changed it so that the general brightness of the game is less affected. Download the new preset.

4 Apr 11:06 CEST

How to make it less darker? By night, I have to adjust the monitor brightness.
Thanks in advance.

4 Apr 09:58 CEST

my suggestion maybe you can versioning and list out the patch note of the files.

4 Apr 09:54 CEST

bloom had been disabled for the setting, and the luma sharpen had been decreased as well.. this setting is the latest one?

4 Apr 01:23 CEST

Bloom, HDR, Luma Sharpen, Lift Gamma Gain, Tonemap, Vibrance, Curves.

4 Apr 01:23 CEST

They should all be ticked when you import my profile.

3 Apr 10:47 CEST

quick question, on the settings above where you list bloom , luma sharpen, etc. are those the boxes i need to check on radeon pro?

1 Apr 08:28 CEST

maybe because it was too bright.. anyway redownloaded for the new tweaked preset. Trying it out now.


1 Apr 08:21 CEST

kinda dizzy for the new preset..uhmm..dont know why

31 Mar 11:38 CEST

Tweaked it a bit so it's less dark.

28 Mar 04:03 CET

Oh u made it without gunnar, then its great!

Thanks for the response dude.

Cant wait to try it out at launch.:D

28 Mar 03:56 CET

Just disable Lift Gamma Gain if you don't want the colour tweaks.

28 Mar 03:55 CET

Yeah, 111 Gamma. Also yes for Light Gamma Gain. I made this preset without Gunnar glasses by the way.

26 Mar 10:06 CET

And your gamma value in your user_setting file still '111' right? Because i ever read your comments on it in reddit.

Sorry if i have too many questions. Thank you!!

26 Mar 10:01 CET

or do you have any recommendation on how much values that i should set for the Lift Gamma Gain?

Appreciate your work man!

26 Mar 09:59 CET

Thanks for the answer man,

Btw actually i just dont know how to tweak it, everytime i try to tweaked it everything will be messed up, in the end i will just revert it back. So what you mean is set the preset like 1.020 1.000 1.010 (RGB)?

26 Mar 08:45 CET

Do you want it a little warmer? Click Lift Gamma Gain and set RGB Gain 1.015 to a higher value. I set it to 1.015, 1.000, 1.015 and is Red Green Blue in order. So increase the Red value and decrease the Blue value to get a warmer tone.

25 Mar 10:21 CET

Hi, im a big fan of your presets. However, i dont use gunnar so could you please create a preset without gunnar?


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