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by Noah99
Who’s there?
Posted 2 months ago
I just got a call from someone who claimed to be from my bank, but they had a private number on their caller ID. I called the number back and got an automated message saying that it was not in service. How can I confirm whether or not this is a legitimate bank call?
Posted 2 months ago
You deserve to talk to people who really matter, not a machine or a crook. In this day and age, you can resolve this issue without a problem. I don't know if there are any other programs for this, but I use TrapCall https://celltrackingapps.com/how-to-check-a-private-number-that-called-you/, which helps to figure out who owns the number.
Posted 2 months ago
Why don't you want to just hook up your voicemail or block calls from such numbers? Then you wouldn't have to worry about such things. I think that's a great way out of the situation
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