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Most cracked softwares is here to website download, pls Ctrl + F to search them. Full cracked version, full function, no termination time. 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SIMPLIS Update SIMetrix Simplis v8.00g Win64 Simetrix Simplis v5.50 Simetrix Simplis manuals Agilent.Testexec.SL.v5 Agilent.VEE.Pro.v9.0 Agilent.VEE.Pro.v7.5.Addon Agilent Heatwave 2014.Linux Agilent.Hfss.v5.6-ISO Agilent.89600.Vector.Signal.Analyzer.v8.0-ISO Ansys Electromagnetics Suite v16.0 Win64 - Ansys Electronics Desktop 2015.0.0 (HFSS, HFSS 3D Layout, HFSS-IE, 2D Extractor, Q3D Extractor) - Ansys Electromagnetics 16.0 Modeler Files for CATIAV5 - Ansys Electromagnetics ECAD Translators 2015.0.0 - Ansys Electromagnetics PExprt 2015.0.0 - Ansys Maxwell 2015.0.0 - Ansys Simplorer 2015.0.0 - Ansys SIwave 2015.0.0 Ansoft HFSS v15.0 win32_64 Full-ISO Ansoft HFSS v15.03 Updat Only Win64 Ansoft HFSS v19.1 Linux64 Ansoft HFSS v14.0 Linux Ansoft HFSS Antenna Design Kit v2.15 for HFSS v14.0-15.0 Ansys Maxwell 3D v16.03 Win32_64-ISO Ansys Maxwell 3D v16.03 Linux Ansoft Designer and Nexxim v8.0 Full-ISO Ansoft Designer 7.0.1 Update Only Ansoft Designer v9.0 HFSS Ansoft Spiral Design Kit for Hfss v10.0 Ansoft Ephysics v3.1 WinALL-ISO Ansoft Ensemble v8.0 Ansoft Links 6.0-ISO Ansoft Links v6.01 Update Only Ansoft Links v4.0 Win64-ISO Ansoft OpTimetrics v 2.5-ISO Ansoft PExprt v7.0.20-ISO Ansys Q3DExtractor v12.0 Win32_64-ISO Ansoft Rmxprt v12.1-ISO Ansoft SCap v5.5 Ansoft.Serenade.Densign.Environment.v8.71 Ansoft.SIWave.v7.0 Win32_64-ISO Ansoft Siwave v7.02 Update Only Win64 Ansoft Simplorer v11.0-ISO Ansys.Simplorer.AK30.Library.v8.0 Ansoft Simplorer v7.0 day1 & day2 Ansoft Spicelink v5.0-ISO Ansoft.Turbo.Package.Analyzer(TPA).v8.0-ISO Ansoft Max&Eph traning-ISO Ansoft Rmxprt application Anasys Totem 2022 R1.1 Linux64 Ansys Totem v19.2.7 Lniux64 Ansys Redhawk v2021.R1.1 Linux64 Ansys Redhawk Expoler v2020 R2.1 Linux64 Apache Design Solutions Redhawk 2019 R2.8 Linux64 FutureFacilities.6SigmaDC.R9.0 Win32_64 Speed v2011.0-ISO SPEED 2000 user Manual Magneforce v4.0 Windows Opera v12.003 Samcef For Wind Turbines v1.1-ISO JMAG.Designer.18.1.Win64 JMAG-Designer v17.1 Windows & Linux JMAG Designer 16.0 Win64 & Linux64 JMAG-Designer 14.0.01t Win64 & Linux64 Jmag Designer 12.0 Win64-ISO JMAG-Designer v11.0 Win32_64-ISO JMAG-Designer v11.0 SLS&Sample Data-ISO JMAG Designer v10.3.03k Win32-ISO JMAG Designer v10.3.03k Win64-ISO JMAG Studio v10.02201a Win32-ISO Siemens Simcenter MotorSolve 2021.1.0 Win64 Infolytica Products 25CD Actuator Plug-In for Simulink 2.2.2 Win32_64 ElecNet 7.5 Win32_64 MagNet 7.5 Win32_64 MagNet For SolidWorks 1.0.0 Win64 MagNet Plug-In for PSIM 1.3.2 Win32_64 MagNet Plug-In for Simulink 2.2.2 Win32_64 MotorSolve 4.11 MotorSolve 4.11 zh-CHS MotorSolve 5.0 MotorSolve Plug-In for Simulink 2.2.0 Win32_64 OptiNet 7.5 Speed PC-BDC Importer 2.5 System Model Generator 2.3 ThermNet 7.5 Win32_64 Three Phase Machine Plug-In for Simulink 2.2.2 Win32_64 Trajectory Evaluator 3.0 Infolytica MagNet v7.4.1.4 Win32 InfoLytica.MagNet.v7.1.1 Siemens.Simcenter.Motorsolve.2020.2.Win64 Silvaco AMS v2010.00 Win32 Silvaco AMS 2008.09 Linux Silvaco AMS 2008.09 Linux64 Silvaco AMS 2008.09 Solaris Silvaco AMS 2008.09 Manual Silvaco Iccad 2008.09 Silvaco Iccad 2008.09 Linux Silvaco Iccad 2008.09 Linux64 Silvaco Iccad 2008.09 Solaris Silvaco Iccad 2008.09 Manual Silvaco Logic 2008.09 Silvaco Logic 2008.09 Linux Silvaco Logic 2008.09 Linux64 Silvaco Logic 2008.09 Solaris Silvaco Logic 2008.09 Manual Silvaco TCAD 2019 Win64 & Linux64 Silvaco TCAD 2019 RH64 STR Files Silvaco TCAD 2014.00 Win32 Silvaco TCAD 2012.00 Win32_64 Silvaco TCAD 2010.00 Linux Silvaco TCAD 2012 Linux64 Silvaco TCAD 2008.09 Solaris Silvaco TCAD 2008.09 Manual Silvaco Catalyst 2008.09 Linux Silvaco Catalyst 2008.09 Linux64 Silvaco Catalyst 2008.09 Solaris Silvaco Char 2008.09 Linux Silvaco Char 2008.09 Linux64 Silvaco Char 2008.09 Solaris Silvaco Firebird 2008.09 Linux Silvaco Firebird 2008.09 Linux64 Silvaco Firebird 2008.09 Solaris Silvaco Mode 2008.09 Linux Silvaco Mode 2008.09 Linux64 Silvaco Mode 2008.09 Solaris Silvaco Parasitic 2008.09 Linux Silvaco Parasitic 2008.09 Linux64 Silvaco Parasitic 2008.09 Solaris Silvaco UT 2007.04 Linux Silvaco UT 2007.04 Linux64 Silvaco UT 2007.04 Solaris Silvaco VWF 2007.04 Linux Silvaco VWF 2007.04 Linux64 Silvaco VWF 2007.04 Solaris Parallel SmartSpice 1.9.3.E Actel.Designer.v8.3.SP1.Windows-ISO Actel.Designer.v8.4.2.6.SP2-ISO Actel.Designer.v8.3.SP1.Linux-ISO Actel.Designer.v8.3.SP1.Solaris-ISO Actel.Flashpro.v8.4-ISO Actel.Libero.IDE.Platinum.SP1.v8.6.2.10 Actel.Libero.IDE.v8.4.Windows-ISO Actel.Libero.IDE.v8.4.Linux-ISO Actel.CoreConsole.v1.4 Spec-TRACER.2013.12.Windows Synopsys ASIP Designer vS-2021.12 Win64 & Linux64 Synopsys ASIP Designer vO-2018.09 SP3-1 Win64 & Linux64 Synopsys Asip Lab 2018 Linux Synopsys Astro vZ-2007.03 SP10 Linux Synopsys Astro vZ-2007.03 SP10 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys Astro IU vZ-2007.03 SP10 Linux Synopsys Astro IU vZ-2007.03 SP9 SUSE32 Synopsys Astro Rail vZ-2007.03 SP7 Linux Synopsys.Astro-rail vZ-2007.03 SP7 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys.Astro-rail vZ-2007.03 SP7 Linuxipf Synopsys Astro Rail vZ-2007.03 SP9 SUSE32 Synopsys Astro Tool vZ-2007.03 SP9 SPARC64 Synopsys Astro Tool vZ-2007.03 SP9 SPARCOS5 Synopsys Astro Tool vZ-2007.03 SP9 SUSE32 Synopsys Astro Tool vZ-2007.03 SP9 SUSE64 Synopsys.Aurora.vX-2006.09.Linux Synopsys.Cadabra.vB-2008.09 Linux Synopsys.Cadabra.vB-2008.09 SparcOS5 Synopsys.Cadabra.vB-2008.09 Suse32 Synopsys CATS vJ-2014.06 SP4 Linux Synopsys Certify vG-2012.09 Win32 Synopsys Certify vE-2011.09 Linux Synopsys.CoCentric.System.Studio vX-2005.06 SP1 Linux Synopsys.Common.Licensing(Scl) v1.2 for WinNT Synopsys Component vC-2009.06 SP1 Win32 Synopsys Component vC-2009.06 SP1 Linux Synopsys Coretools vR-2020.12 SP4 Linux Synopsys Coretools vK-2015.06 SP5 Linux32_64 Synopsys CoreTools vJ-2014.12 SP1 Linux32_64 Synopsys SYN vT-2022.03 SP2 Linux64 Synopsys Core Synthesis Tools(syn) vO-2018.06-SP1 Linux64 Synopsys Core Synthesis Tools vJ-2014.09 SP3 Linux64 Synopsys.CoreSynthesis.v2002.05 Linux Synopsys.Cosmoscope.vJ-2015.03.Windows Synopsys Cosmoscope vJ-2015.03 Linux32_64 Synopsys Cosmoscope vB-2008.09 SP1 Linux64 Synopsys CoCentric System Studio(CCSS) vE-2010.12 Linux Synopsys CoCentric System Studio(CCSS) vE-2010.12 Msvc50 Synopsys CSS vG-2012.03 SP2 Linux Synopsys CSS vC-2009.03 SP1 SparcOS5 Synopsys CSS vC-2009.03 SP1 GccsparcOS5 Synopsys Customcompiler vO-2018.09-SP1 Linux64 Synopsys.Customdesigner vC-2009.06 Linux Synopsys.Customdesigner vC-2009.06 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys Customexp vG-2012.06 SP1 Win32 Synopsys.CustomExplorer.vK-2015.06.Windows Synopsys.CustomExplorer.vH-2013.03.SP2.WinALL Synopsys.CustomExplorer.vK-2015.06.Linux64 Synopsys.CustomExplorer.vH-2013.03.SP2.Linux32_64 Synopsys.CustomExplorer.vK-2015.06.SI32 Symopsys CustomSim (XA) vO-2018.09-SP5 Linux64 Synopsys Customsim vK-2015.06 Linux Synopsys CustomSim 2014.09 SP4 Linux64 Symopsys CustomSim (XA) 2013 Linux32_64 Synopsys Custom WaveView(WV) vS-2021.09 Windows Synopsys WaveView vS-2021.09 Linux64 Synopsys Wave View vO-2018.09-SP2 Windows Synopsys Wave View vO-2018.09-SP2 Linu64 Synopsys Custom wv adv vQ-2020.03 Linux64 Synopsys Custom WaveView vQ-2020.03.SP1 Windows Synopsys Custom WaveView vP-2019.06.Win64.&.Linux64 Synopsys Custom Waveview vL-2016.06-SP1 Linux64 Synopsys DC 2000.05 WinALL Synopsys Core Synthesis Tools(syn) vK-2015.06 Linux64 Synopsys Design Compiler 2019.03 SP3 Linux Synopsys DVE vR-2020.12 Linux Synopsys Tweaker vS-2021.06 SP5 Linux Synopsys dorado tweaker ECO TweakerSuite vR-2020.09-SP1 Lninux Synopsys (Design Complier) Syn vH-2013.03 Linux32_64 Synopsys Syn vB-2008.09 SP5-2 SUSE32 Synopsys Syn vB-2008.09 SP5-2 SUSE64 Synopsys Syn vB-2008.09 SP5-2 x86sol32 Synopsys Syn vB-2008.09 SP5-2 x86sol64 Synopsys DDR DDR2 PHY TSMC 65GP25 Linux Synopsys DWC DDR2 SMIC 130G33 Linux Synopsys Design Compiler 2008.09 Linux Synopsys DesignWare Extract v2.00 Linux64 Synopsys DesignWare IP 2020.12a Linux Synopsys.Designware.IP.v2001.08 Linux Synopsys DesignWare System-Level Library vD-2009.12-SP2 Linux Synopsys DesignWare System-Level Library vD-2009.12-SP2 Linux64 Synopsys DFT Compiler 1 v2006.06 Linux Synopsys DSP vC-2009.03 SP1 Win32 Synopsys DSP vC-2009.03 SP1 Linux Synopsys Embedit vQ-2020.03 SP1 Linux Synopsys Embedit vP-2019.06 SP1 Linux Synopsys Embedit Integrator vJ-2014.12 SP1 Linux32_64 Synopsys.ESP.vG-2012.06.Linux32_64 Synopsys.ESP.vC-2009.06 Rs6000 Synopsys ESP vC-2009.06 Sparc64 Synopsys ESP vC-2009.06 SparcOS5 Synopsys ESP vC-2009.06 SUS32 Synopsys ESP vC-2009.06 SUS64 Synopsys ESP vC-2009.06 x86SOL32 Synopsys ESP vC-2009.06 x86SOL64 Synopsys.Finesim.vO-2018.09.SP2.Linux64 Synopsys Finesim(FSIM) vK-2015.06 Linux64 Synopsys.FineSimPro.2012.12.SP3.Linux Synopsys FM vQ-2019.12 SP2 Linux64 Synopsys Formality vO-2018.06 SP1 Linux64 Synopsys Formality.vE-2010.12 SP2 Linux Synopsys Formality vJ-2014.09 SP3 Linux64 Synopsys Fusion Compiler vT-2022.03 SP3 Linux Synopsys Fpga vT-2022.09 SP2 Windows Synopsys Fpga vT-2022.09 SP1 Linux Synopsys FPGA vP-2019.03-SP1 Windows Synopsys Fpga vN-2018.03 SP1 Windows & Linux Synopsys FPGA Synthesis Products vJ-2015.03 SP1.Windows Synopsys.Fpga.Synthesis.vJ-2015.03.Linux Synopsys Fpga Synthesis vG-2012.09.SP1 Windows Synopsys Fpga Synthesis vG-2012.09.SP1 Linux Synopsys FPGA Synthesis Products vI-2014.03 Windows Synopsys FpGA Compiler II v3.8 Synopsys.FPGA Express.V3.6.1.6817.Winall Synopsys.FPGA.Express.Xilinx.Edition.V3.6.1 Synopsys Galaxy Constraint Analyzer vH-2013.06 SP1 Linux Synopsys Galaxy Custom Designer 2012.09-SP1 Linux32_64 Synopsys GENUS 19.11.000 ISR1 Linux Synopsys Hercules vB-2008.09-SP5 Linux32_64 Synphony HLS vD-2009.12 Synphony HLS vD-2009.12 Linux Synopsys Hsimplus vC-2009.06 WinALL Synopsys Hsimplus vG-2012.06-SP1 Linux32_64 Synopsys Hsimplus vC-2009.06 Sparc64 Synopsys Hsimplus vC-2009.06 SparcOS5 Synopsys Hsimplus vC-2009.06 SUS32 Synopsys Hsimplus vC-2009.06 SUS64 Synopsys Hsimplus vC-2009.06 x86SOL32 Synopsys Hsimplus vC-2009.06 x86SOL64 Synopsys Hspice vT-2022.06-1 Windows Synopsys Hspice vT-2022.06-1 Linux64 Synopsys HSpice 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Linux Synopsys Identify vT-2022.09 SP1 Windows Synopsys Identify vT-2022.09 SP1 Linux Synopsys Identify vN-2018.03 SP1 Windows & Linux Synopsys Identify vL-2016.03-SP1 Windows & Linux Synopsys Identify vH-2012.12 Win32 Synopsys Identify vH-2012.12 Linux 2DD Synopsys Power Fault IDDQ(idq) vK-2015.06 Linux64 Synopsys IDQ vC-2009.06 SP3 Linux Synopsys IDQ vC-2009.06 SP3 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys IDQ vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS32 Synopsys IDQ vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS64 Synopsys IDQ vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL32 Synopsys IDQ vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL64 Synopsys Innovator v2009.12 SP1 Win32 Synopsys ISE TCAD v10.0 Linux Synopsys Jupiter vY-2006.06 SP1 Linux Synopsys.Jupiterxt vZ-2007.03 SP10 Linux Synopsys Leda vI-2014.03 SP1 Linux64 Synopsys LEDA vH-2013.03 Linux Synopsys LEDA vB-2008.06 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys Lib Compiler vT-2022.03 Linux64 Synopsys Lib Compiler vR-2020.09 SP3 Linux64 Synopsys Liberty NCX vC-2009.06 SP1 Linux Synopsys Liberty NCX vC-2009.06 SP1 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys Liberty NCX vC-2009.06 SP1 Sparc64 Synopsys Liberty NCX vC-2009.06 SP1 SparcOS5 Synopsys Liberty NCX vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS32 Synopsys Liberty NCX vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS64 Synopsys Liberty NCX vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL32 Synopsys Liberty NCX vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL64 Synopsys NCX vE-2010.12 SP3 Linux64 Synopsys Magellan vB-2008.09 Linux Synopsys Magellan vB-2008.09 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys.Mempro.v2001.11.For.NT Synopsys Memory Compiler r2p0 Linux Synopsys Siliconsmart vO-2018.09 Linux64 Synopsys SiliconSmart vL-2016.03 Linux32_64 Synopsys MW vS-2021.06 SP2 Linux64 Synopsys Milkway(MW) vL-2016.03 SP1 Linux64 Synopsys Milkyway vJ-2014.09 SP3 Linux64 Synopsys Milkyway vG-2012.06 SP3 Linux32_64 Synopsys.MW.vH-2013.03.Linux32_64 Synopsys NanoSim tool vC-2009.06 Linux Synopsys NanoSim tool vC-2009.06 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys.NanoSim.vB-2008.09.Sparc64 Synopsys.NanoSim.vB-2008.09.SparcOS5 Synopsys MVtools vH-2013.06 Linux32_64 Synopsys.Mvtools.vJ-2014.12.SP1.Linux64 Synopsys Ncx vB-2008.12 Linux Synopsys NS Hsim XA vC-2010.03 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys NS Hsim XA vC-2009.06 SparcOS5 Synopsys NS Hsim XA vC-2009.06 SUS32 Synopsys NS Hsim XA vC-2009.06 SUS64 Synopsys NS Hsim XA vC-2009.06 x86SOL32 Synopsys NS Hsim XA vC-2009.06 x86SOL64 Synopsys NS Hsim XA vC-2009.06Sparc64 Synopsys.NT.vC-2009.06.Linux Synopsys PCI-X v2.0 Synopsys Platform Aarchitecture vJ-2015.03 Linux Synopsys Powerprime vO-2018.06 Linux Synopsys PP vV-2003.12 SP1 Linux Synopsys PrimePower StandAlone Tool vO-2018.06 Linu64 Synopsys.PrimePower vY-2006.06 Linux Synopsys Primerail vA-2008.12.SP1 Linux Synopsys primerail vD-2010.06 SP1 LinuxIA32 Synopsys primerail vB-2008.12 SP1 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys PrimeSim vS-2021.09 Linux64 Synopsys PT vR-2020.09 SP4.Linux64 Synopsys PrimeTime 2000.05-1 for winNT Synopsys Primetime vD-2009.12 SP3 Linux Synopsys Primetime vD-2009.12 SP3 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys PT vO-2018.06 SP1 Linux64 Synopsys PrimeTime StandAlone(PT) vP-2019.03 Linux64 Synopsys PrimeTime StandAlone tool vP-2019.03 Linux Synopsys PrimeTime StandAlone(PTS) vO-2018.06 SP1 Linux64 Synopsys pts vP-2019.03 Linux64 Synopsys.PTS.vH-2013.06.Linux32_64 Synopsys PWA tool vD-2009.12 Win32 Synopsys PWA tool vD-2009.12 Linux64 Synopsys Pycell Studio 2014.09 Windows Synopsys Pycell Studio v2014.09 Linux Synopsys Ranxt vD-2009.12 SP3 Linux32_64 Synopsys Ranxt vC-2009.06 SP1 Sparc64 Synopsys Ranxt vC-2009.06 SP1 SparcOS5 Synopsys Ranxt vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS32 Synopsys Ranxt vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS64 Synopsys Ranxt vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL32 Synopsys Ranxt vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL64 Synopsys Saber vP-2019.06 Win64 Synopsys Saber vL-2016.03 Windows Synopsys Saber vJ-2015.03 Linux Synopsys Saber vI-2013.12 Linux Synopsys Saber vI-2013.12 Windows Synopsys Saber vE-2011.03 WinALL Synopsys SaberRD vJ-2015.03 Windows Synopsys SaberRD vD-2011.03.Win32 Synopsys SaberHDL Y-2006.06 WinALL Synopsys TCAD Sentaurus vT-2022.03 SP2 Linux Synopsys Sentaurus TCAD 2022.12 Linux Synopsys Sentaurus TCAD vO-2018.06 SP2 Linux64 Synopsys TCAD Sentaurus Lithography PWA vD-2009.12 Linux64 & Windows Synopsys.Sentaurus.vG-2012.06.SP2.Linux Synopsys.Sentaurus.vH-2013.03.Linux64 Synopsys Simif vC-2009.09.SP1. Linux Synopsys Simif vB-2008.09 Sparc64 Synopsys Simif vB-2008.09 SparcOS5 Synopsys Spyglass vT-202206 Linux64 Synopsys Spyglass vP-2019.06 SP1-1 Linux Synopsys SpyGlass vP-2019.06 SP1 Linux Synopsys SmartModel Library v2009.06a Linux Synopsys SmartModel Library v2009.06a Linux64 Synopsys.Sold.v2009.03.Linux Synopsys SPW vE-2010.12 Win32 Synopsys ssd vA-2007.09 Linux Synopsys Starrc vT-2022.03 Linux64 Synopsys STARRC vO-2018.06 Linux Synopsys STARRC vK-2015.06 Linux64 Synopsys.Starrc.vH-2012.12.SP2.Linux32_64 Synopsys StarRCXT vD-2009.12 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys Spice Explorer 2012.06.SP1.WinALL Synopsys.SpiceExplorer.vG-2012.06.SP1.Linux32_64 Synopsys Syn(DC) vR-2020.09 SP4 Linux64 Synopsys Syn vO2018.06 SP1 Linux64 Synopsys Synplify vP-2019.03 SP1 Windows Synopsys Synplify vL-2018.03 Windows & Linux Synopsys Synplify vL-2016.03-SP1 Windows & Linux Synopsys Synplify vK-2015.09 Windows Synopsys Synplify vJ-2015.03 SP1 Windows Synopsys Synthesis Tools tool vD-2010.03 Linux Synopsys Synthesis Tools vO-2018.06 SP1 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys Sentaurus TCAD 2016-2017 VM Linux Synopsys TCAD Sentaurus vD-2010.03.Linux Synopsys TCAD Sentaurus vI-2013.13 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys Tcad Taurus Medici vD-2010.03 Linux Synopsys Tcad Taurus MD vC-2009.06 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys Tcad Taurus TS4 vC-2009.06 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys Testmax vR-2020.09 SP3 Linux64 Synopsys TetraMAX Overlay with Synthesis(tx) vK-2015.06 Linux64 Synopsys TetraMax vJ-2014.09 SP3 Linux64 Synopsys TX vC-2010.03 SP2 Linux Synopsys TX vC-2009.06 SP3 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys TX vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS32 Synopsys TX vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS64 Synopsys TX vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL32 Synopsys TX vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL64 Synopsys TetraMAX StandAlone(txs) vK-2015.06 Linux64 Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP3 Linux Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP3 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS32 Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP1 SUS64 Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL32 Synopsys TXS vC-2009.06 SP1 x86SOL64 Synthesis Tools tool vZ-2007.03 SP1 Linux Synopsys VIP(Verification IP) Linux Synopsys Waveform Viewer wv vQ-2020.03 Linux64 Sentaurus vX-2005.10 SP1 Linux Hspice 2005.09 Synopsys Star-HSpice v2006 03 SP1 Synopsys.Star-Rcxt vB-2008.12 SP2 Linux Synopsys.Star-Rcxt vB-2008.12 SP2 LinuxAMD64 synopsys.Vera.vI-2014.03.Linux32_64 Synopsys Vera vD-2009.12 Linux32_64 Synopsys Vera v6.3.10 solaris Synopsys Verdi vT-2022.06 Linux32_64 Synopsys Verdi vR-2020.12 SP1 Linux64 Synopsys Verdi3.vJ-201412.SP2.Linux32_64 Synopsys Verdi3 vI-2014.03 Linux Synopsys VC-Static vS-2021.09 Linux64 Synopsys VC-Static vQ-2020.03 Linux Synopsys.VCS.v6.0.1.WinNT_2k Synopsys VCS vT-2022.06 Linux64 Synopsys VCS vQ-2020.03 SP2 Linu32_64 Synopsys VCS vM-2017.03-SP2 Linux32_64 Synopsys.VCS.vI-2014.03-2.Linux64 Synopsys VCS vG-2012.09 Linux32_64 Synopsys VCS Verification IP 2012.12 Linux Synopsys VCS-MX vO-2018.09 SP2 Linux64 Synopsys VCS MX vN-2017.12 SP2 Linux64 Synopsys VCS-MX.vH-2014.03.Linux32_64 Synopsys Zoix vT-2022.06 SP2.2 Linux64 DVE 2019.06.1 For VCS 2019 Linux64 Synopsys.2001.08.Core.Synthesis.for.linux Synplicity Amplify v3.7 SynpliCity Identify RTL Debugger v2.0.1 Synopsys Synplify Pro vH-2013.03 Window Synopsys Synplify vF-2012.03 Linux32_64 Synplify Fpga vF-2010.09 Linux Synplify DSP v3.6 Synplify.Premier.v9.61 Linux Synplify.Premier.v9.6.2.with.Identify.v3.02 Synplify Pro v9.2.2 Linux Synplify v8.5 with Identify v2.3.2 Linux Synplify ASIC v5.02 for win & linux & sun & unix Taurus Medici vV-2003.12 linux Virtio VPAI 2.0 Platform Microsemi Libero SoC v12.4 Win64 Bosch.Rexroth.Indraworks.v7.04-ISO Bosch.Rexroth.WinStudio.v6.5.WinNT_2K Intercept Pantheon 6.0.04B Win32 Intercept Pantheon 6.0.04B Linux Intercept Pantheon 6.0.04B Solars Design Spice Explorer v2007.1 Design Spice Explorer v2003.1 Linux Tanner.L-EDIT.pro.with.LVS.v10.0-ISO Tanner.S-EDIT.v7.03 Tanner.T-SPICE.Pro.v8.1 Tanner EDA Tools v16.01 Win64 TannerTools v2019.2 Win64 & Linux64 TannerTools v16.3 Win64 Tanner Tools v15.01 Amtech.v2006-ISO Amtech.ProDesign.NEC.v9.2.5-ISO CIM-Team DDS-C R12 Valor Genesis v10.2 Valor Enterprise 3000 v7.2.4 Cadence.ADW.v16.60.015.Linux Cadence Altos v12.12.000 Linux Cadence.AMS.Methodology.Kit.6.12.Linux Cadence ANLS v07.10.003 Linux Cadence ASI v16.64.002 Win32_64 Cadence ASI 16.63.000 Update Only Win32_64 Cadence.ASI.v16.62.000.Update.Only.Linux Cadence ASI 16.62 Update Only Win64 Cadence ASI v16.61 Update Only Win32_64 Cadence ASSURA Linux Cadence.Assura v4.16.001.618 Update Linux Cadence ASSURA v6. Linux Cadence.Assura v4.10.002 Linux Cadence Assura v4.10.006 Update Linux Cadence Assura v4.12.004.615 Update Linux Cadence Assura v3.13 for IC4.46 Linux-ISO Cadence AWR Design Environment v17.0.17415.1 Win64 Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2022 v22.10.000 Win64 Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2022 v22.10.003 Hotfix Only Win64 Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v17.40.000-2019 Win64 Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2022 v17.40.031 Hotfix Only Win64 Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2021.1 v17.40.027-2019 Hotfix Only Win64 Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2021.1 v17.40.020-2019 Hotfix Only Win64 Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2021.1 v17.40.019-2019 QIR3 Hotfix Only Win64 Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2021 v17.40.017-2019 Hotfix Only Win64 Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD v17.40.006-2019 Hotfix Only Win64 Cadence Allegro and OrCAD (Including EDM) v17.20-2016 Win64 Cadence.Allegro.and.OrCAD.v17.20.056.Hotfix.Only Cadence Allegro and OrCAD 17.20.052 Hotfix Only Cadence Allegro and OrCAD (Including EDM) v17.20.000-2016 HF042 Update Only Win64 Cadence Allegro and OrCAD 17.20.000-2016 HF045 Update Cadence SPB 17.20.000 Linux Cadence SPB 17.20.007 Hotfix Only Linux Cadence.OrCAD.Allegro.v17.20.030.Hotfix.Only Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v17.00-ISO Cadence Allegro and OrCAD (Including ADW) 17.00.001 Hotfix Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v17.00.001.Hotfix.1 Windows Cadence Allegro and OrCAD (Including ADW) v17.00.005 Hotfix Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60-ISO Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.018 Update Only Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.014 Update Only Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.013 Update Only Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.012 Update Only Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.011 Update Only Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.010 Update Only Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.008 Update Only Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.007 Update Only Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.006 Update Only Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.003 Update Only Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.60.001 Update Only Cadence OrCAD Library Builder & Documentation Editor v16.6 Win32 Cadence Allegro and OrCAD (Including EDM) 17.20.007 Linux Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v17.00.0 Linux Cadence SPB/OrCAD (Allegro SPB) v16.30.019 Linux Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS 9 Cadence.Allegro.PCB.Design.v16.2-ISO Cadence.Allegro.PCB.v16.20.014 Update Only Cadence.BSIMProPlus.v5.1 Cadence C-to-Silicon Compiler (CtoS) Product v11.10 Linux Cadence CAP v22.10.000 Linux Cadence Ccopt 2012 Linux Cadence CEREBRUS v22.10.000 Linux Cadence.CICE.v05.01.000.Linux Cadence Clarity 2019 v19.00.000 Cadence Conformal v15.20.100 Linux Cadence Conformal v8.1 Linux64 Cadense Conformal LEC v10.1 Linux Cadence CTOS v13.20.200 Linux Cadence.CTS v9.1 Linux Cadence Digital Design Implementation (DDI) System (TM) Release v22.10.000 Linux Cadence.EDI-ISR3.v13.23.000.Linux Cadence EDI v13.12.000 Linux Cadence EDI v12.0 Linux Cadence EMGR v08.02.001 Linux Cadence Encounter RTL Compiler v9.10.100 Linux Cadence Encounter timing system Cadence Encounter Test 15.12.000 Linux Cadence Encounter Test Cadence EXT v19.10.000 Linux Cadence EXT 18.21.000 ISR1 Linux Cadence.EXT.v13.20.157.Linux Cadense.FIDELITY.2023.1 Cadence Fidelity 2022.2 v22.20.000 Windows Cadence Fidelity 22.20.000 Linux Cadence Design Systems Fidelity Pointwise 22.20.002 Win64 Cadence Fidelity Pointwise 22.10.002 Linux Cadence FineMarine v11.01.000 Windows Cadence FineMarine 2022 v11.01.000 Linux Cadence Finemarine 10.02.001 Linux Cadence Fineturbo 17.10.001 Win64 Cadence FINETURBO v17.10.001 Linux Cadence FineOpen 11.10.001 Win64 Cadence Forte CynThesizer 05.03.400 Linux Cadence GENUS v20.10.000 Linux Cadence GENUS 15.2 Linux Cadence Virtuoso, Release Version ICADVM 20.1 ISR19 v20.10.190 Hotfix Only Linux Cadence ICADVM v20.10.170 Hotfix Linux Cadence ICADVM 20.0 Linux Cadence JASPER v22.09.001 Linux Cadence Jaspergold v20.03 Linux Cadence JasperGold v2015.12 Linux Cadence JLS v21.16.000 ISR6 Linux Cadence Joules Power v19.13.000 ISR3 Hotfix Linux Cadence Joules v19.13 Linux Cadence Kitsocv v08.20.003 Linux Cadence KMC v04.14.000 Linux Cadence KQV v05.13.002 Linux Cadence Midas Safety Platform v23.03.002 Cadence Midas Safety 2023.3 build 23.03 Cadence MIDAS 22.09.001 Windows Cadence (Numeca) OMNIS v5.2 Win64 Cadence PDK Automation System (PAS) Release v03.05.003 Linux Cadence PDK Automation System (PAS) Release v03.05.003 Windows Cadence PAS v3.1 Linux Cadence.Pcell.PAS.v3.1.Linux Cadence PEGASUS v22.11.000 Linux Cadence PEGASUSDFM v22.12.000 Linux Cadence PSD 15.1-ISO Cadence PVE v12.10.488 Linux Cadence PVS v22.20.000 Linux DVD Cadence PVS 20.11.000 ISR1 Linux Cadence PVS 16.13.000 ISR3 Linux Cadence Physical Verification System(PVS) v10.1 Linux Cadence Physical Verification System(PVS) v10.12.155 Update Only Linux Cadence SOCKIT v08.02.001 Linux Cadence.RC.v12.22.000.Linux Cadence RFKIT v8.1 Linux Cadence RFSIPKT v07.02.001 Linux Cadence Pointwise v18.60.003 Win64 Cadence.SPB.v16.3.Linux Cadence SPMN v08.02.001 Linux Cadence TSI v6.1 Linux Cadence.TTI.v01.30.001.Linux Cadence.SPECTRE.23.10.063.Linux Cadence Spectre X Simulator v19.1 Linux Cadence SPECTRE 19.10.064 Linux Cadence Spectre v17.10.124 Linux Cadence MMSIM 15.10.385 Linux Cadence MMSIM v14.10.255 Linux Cadence MMSIM v13.1 Linux Cadence MMSIM v12.10.317 Linux Cadence MMSIM v11.10.445 Linux Cadence MMSIM v10.11.017 Update Linux Cadence MMSim v10.10.204 Linux Cadence MMsim v7.11.071 Linux Cadence MMsim v6.2 linux Cadence MODUS v22.10.000 Linux Cadence MVS 15.20.000 Linux Cadence MVS v12.11.465 Linux Cadence NEOCKT-03.04.011 Linux Cadence IC Design Virtuoso v23.10.000 Linux Cadence IC Craftsman v11.241 Cadence IC v6.18.260 Linux Cadence IC Linux64 Cadence IC Design Virtuoso 06.18.030 Linux Cadence IC Design Virtuoso v6.17.722 Linux Cadence IC Design Virtuoso v6.1.6 ISR8 Linux Cadence.IC.Design.Virtuoso.06.17.721.Hotfix.Only UofU.Digital.v1.2 for Cadence IC v5 (CDB) UofU.Digital.v1.2 for Cadence IC v6 (OA) Cadence IC5141 ISR200906100325 Linux Synopsys ICValidator vQ-2019.12-SP2 And IPDK PrimeSim 2021.09 Linux64 Cadence Icvalidator vQ-2019.12 SP2 Linux64 Cadence.ICADV.v12.30.700.Linux Cadence IFV v8.20.012 Linux CADENCE INCISIVE v15.20.001 Linux 13DVD Cadence INCISIVE v15.20.002 Hotfix Linux Cadence INCISIV 14.10.014 Linux Cadence INCISIV v13.20.002 Linux Cadence.Incisive.Enterprise.Simulator(IES) v8.2 Linux Cadence InCyte Chip Estimator v03.04.008 WinALL Cadence IndagoAgile 20.12.001 Update Linux Cadence IndagoMain v20.09.002 Update Linux Cadence Indago 15.10.001 Linux Cadence INNOVUS v21.15.000 ISR5 Linux Cadence Innovus-ISR1 v21.11.000 Hotfix Linux Cadence INNOVUS 19.10.000 Linux Cadence Liberate 20.10.674 Linux Cadence LITMUS v23.10.100 Linux Cadence.Logic.Design.and.VerifiCation Cadence Low Power Methodology Kit v08.02.001 Linux Cadence iScape v4.21 Linux Cadence IUS v5.4 Win32-ISO Cadence Incisive Unified Simulator(IUS) v10.2 Linux Cadence Xcelium Logic Simulator 23.03.002 Hotfix Linux Cadence Xcelium Logic Simulator v20.09.01 Linux Cadence Xcelium v18.03.001 Linux Cadence.Allegro.v13.6-ISO Cadence SEV v4.1 Linux Cadence Systems Analysis Sigrity 2022.10.200 Hotfix Only Win64 Cadence Design Systems Analysis Sigrity 2023.1 Win64 Cadence Design Systems Analysis Sigrity 2021.1 Win64 Cadence Design Systems Analysis Sigrity 2021.1.10.200 Hotfix Only Win64 Cadence Design Systems Analysis Sigrity 2021.1.10.100 Hotfix Only Win64 Cadence Design Systems Sigrity v19.00.003-2019 Hotfix Win64 Cadence Design Systems OpenPOWER Compliance Kits for Sigrity 2017 Cadence OMNIS v05.02.001 Linux Cadence POINTWISE v18.60.003 Linux Cadence Quantus (EXT) 16.10.000 ISR1 Linux Cadence Quantus QRC EXT v15.23.000 Linux Cadence Sigrity v22.10.400 Hotfix Only Cadence Sigrity 2016 v16.00.002 Win64 Cadence Sigrity 2016 Windows Cadence Sigrity 2015 Win64 Cadence SPW v4.9 Linux Cadence SSV v20.20.000 Linux Cadence SSV v15.20.000 Linux Cadence STRATUS v22.02.003 Update Linux Cadence Stratus 15.20.100 Linux Cadence Stratus v17.10.100 Base Linux Cadence Stratus v17.15.100 Update linux Cadence.SWI.v13.10.001.Linux Cadence VAPPS Agile 22.10.001 Linux Cadence Verisium Debug Agile v22.10.071 Linux Cadence VERISIUM MANAGER Cadence VManagerMain v20.09.002 Update Linux Cadence VMANAGERMAIN v19.09.003 Linux Cadence VSDE v4.1 ISR17 Linux Cadence VXE v22.04.001 ISR1 Linux Cadence Generic PDK090 v3.7 Linux Cadence Generic PDK Cadence CONFRML v19.20.000 Linux Most cracked softwares is here to website download, pls Ctrl + F to search them. 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