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Reshade + teknoparrot
Posted 3 months ago
Hello, I'm having trouble getting the Rambo game from Teknoparrot to work with Reshade. I have a Sinden lightgun, so I need to use Reshade's border filter to make my Sinden work. However, to use Reshade, you need an .exe file, but Rambo from Teknoparrot has an .elf file. I'm stuck and can't find a solution. Can you please help me? Thank you.
Posted 1 month ago
Reshade and Teknoparrot are popular tools for enhancing the visual quality and gameplay experience of arcade games. Reshade offers advanced graphical effects, while Teknoparrot enables the play of arcade games on a PC. By combining these tools, gamers can enjoy a more immersive experience. For more details on gaming enhancements, visit https://mega888tm.asia/
Posted 4 days, 15 hours ago
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