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Will I get banned ?
Posted 5 years ago
I was wondering if I will get banned on GTA Online for using SweetFX. I thought it would be considered a mod.
Posted 5 years ago
I'm using it since day 1 and i'm not banned yet.
Posted 5 years ago
Ok, thanks
Posted 5 years ago
Edited 5 years ago
EDIT: I've actually reviewed the bans more in-depth. And I have to say, they would of banned ReShade users as well in that ban wave. To be safe I would recommend holding off until the big rage-storm blows over on reddit and Steam forums/reviews. Which at that point Rockstar will most likely say exactly what is allowed and what isn't. Then again those mods were accessing game memory and that's a huge no-no. CSGO hacks do that so it's very easy to see how it's not allowed. ReShade on the other hand is a entirely different thing and they probably don't care but of course it's up in the air if they do or not until they say so.
Posted 5 years ago
Posted 1 month ago
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