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by Esha
Performance, preset
Posted 6 years ago
anyone feels like gemfx has better performance or should I stay with LUt.png ?? heres my latest preset https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/9350/ Any input plz comment there, or here
Posted 6 years ago
Let me know guys what you think of this also, and shoudl I stick to luts?
Posted 6 years ago
Im currently working on a lut based preshade version 1.3 of this to make it smaller in size and well, optimized
Posted 6 years ago
For me it looks very good. Do not hesitate to upload preset settings into proper settings box. Not only via google drive.
Posted 6 years ago
well, most of my presets are using the look up tables, which uses the LUT.png file, it pretty much combines the effects into a compact single file, which has no performance fps loss in comparison to other peoples presets, that don't use luts. My preset has no fps drops, if I mention its a lut , then it means its pretty much free effect, no fps drop. I also use gemfx which on some of my presets you need the full thing, for it to work, but I dropped it in favor of the luts system from reshade. All my luts are using the older reshade 1.1 cause It's pretty much extract and go. For those that want only the luts, its in the reshade folder in textures, jsut look for the .png files
Posted 6 years ago
Also, My newest presets, stopped using the big gemfx, so should check my new preset 1.3 I believe and 4k lut mnb
Posted 6 years ago
ah, and thank you for the feedback!
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