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SweetFX doesn't work in Far Cry 4
Posted 8 years, 11 months ago
Hi, I have this problem, I use the SweetFX Version. 1.5.1 or the one, the preset needs, cpy the preset, doesn't work, tried everything, copying replacing the x64dll's, run as admin, run compatibility modes, use radeonpro, disabling th "disable x64 support" box, using other versions, windowed, fullscreen, tried averything I found on the internet, any help?
Posted 8 years, 11 months ago
i will upload the files tomorrow that i used on my far cry 4 sweetfx. All you have to do is unrar it and copy all inside the sweetfx folder to your Far Cry 4 bin folder. But make sure to delete the previous sweetfx files you installed.
Posted 8 years, 11 months ago
https://www.mediafire.com/?sr32irhd0aqogbb here's the file hope it works.
Posted 8 years, 11 months ago
Thank you, but the game still crashes at launch
Posted 8 years, 11 months ago
Thank you bedscenez, worked for me
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