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plz help getting this to work on ffxi
Posted 7 years ago
So i know this is probably so obscure that this thread will get me nowhere, but idk where else to go in order to continue forward trying things. I play ffxi on a hc private server, oversampling, and running at 60frames it looks really nice especially considering this game came out in 02. However if i could get sweetfx to work to that would take the whole thing to a new level! ;O Meow i from what i understand ffxi works with dx8.1 and may require the dx8 to dx9 converter, i've tried some of that, could some witch plz pop in here and bless me with some of that good black magic? i really need a hand making this lovely gem shine the way it deserves.
Posted 7 years ago
You lost me at "Meow".
Posted 7 years ago
sweet, contents of the question are before that, so u possibly have any constructive input¿
Posted 7 years ago
Try using sweetfx 2.0 it's work with ffvii even psp.Or you can try old version sweetfx like 1.5/1.4.
Posted 7 years ago
I strongly disagree with that notion. ReShade has completely superseded SweetFX. First, for games that don't load ReSahde at all I'd try the ENB injector. It fixes the issue with Terraria (DirectX 9) and Warcraft 3 (DirectX 8) for me. If the game crashes or something, try a different ReShade version.
Posted 7 years ago
He want use sweetfx then i give him a choice.But if not compatible use a reshade then.But not all games support reshade such as the sims4 and disney infinity.
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