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Dragon Age Inquisition

Entry created by cookie
Added Nov. 20, 2014
SweetFX game notes:
You'll need Boulotaur2024's Injector which has x64 support to get this to work.

Game presets

Preset Added By Screenshots Downloads Shader
**Advent-FX** Jan. 26, 2018 CleanSlate 15 1020 ReShade
Better Colours Preset Dec. 22, 2014 Noxide 4 1931 SweetFX 1.5
Betterplay - Way out with the milk look Jan. 8, 2017 JumperXxS 12 1036 SweetFX 2.0
Cinematic (ReShade and SweetFX 2.0) Feb. 8, 2015 NeoLithicJay 4 3436 ReShade
Cinemaworx v1.0 May 17, 2015 NeoLithicJay 14 1094 ReShade
Clean and Clear March 12, 2020 Mister_No 4 480 ReShade
Clean and Clear - Andraste Touched March 12, 2020 Mister_No 6 557 ReShade
Cookie's Preset Nov. 20, 2014 cookie 8 4851 SweetFX 1.5
Cookie's Preset for SweetFX 2.0 Aug. 15, 2015 vulcan78 0 1726 SweetFX 2.0
Cozy Fantasy Dec. 17, 2018 JadedDarkness 7 651 ReShade
Dragon Age Inquisition Jan. 17, 2015 XyberDragon 12 995 SweetFX 1.5
Dro's Summer in Ferelden Nov. 30, 2014 Drogean 2 1041 SweetFX 1.5
E3FX for Dragon Age Inquisition Dec. 8, 2014 Drogean 7 1339 SweetFX 1.5
Enhanced DA:I Aug. 11, 2017 Szaby59 10 821 ReShade
Esilvaro-Multigaming April 8, 2015 Esilvaro 5 739 SweetFX 1.5
Fleshpound's DA:I preset Oct. 7, 2016 Fleshpound 4 728 ReShade
K-putt'e Config Nov. 21, 2014 K-putt 8 7707 SweetFX 1.5
Lostis "DA:I Preset L&C-3D-Vision" - V2 Dec. 22, 2014 Losti 0 874 SweetFX 1.5
Lostis - DA:I Preset L&C *Final-UPDATE!* Dec. 1, 2014 Losti 17 7387 SweetFX 1.5
Lostis REALISTIC Ligths & Colors Nov. 27, 2014 Losti 13 3551 SweetFX 1.5
Magical Age Jan. 28, 2015 Vlidus 7 850 SweetFX 1.5
More saturated and without soap Jan. 3, 2015 -HaVoK- 8 1250 SweetFX 1.5
MTechpark Preset V3-Dragon Age Inquisiti May 24, 2015 multitechnopark 0 699 SweetFX 1.6
Neutral Envi and Lightning March 1, 2015 Ariouw 4 919 SweetFX 1.5
Realistic Preset Dec. 19, 2014 LalaSama 8 1666 SweetFX 1.5
SEED37373 Config Nov. 23, 2014 SEED3733 4 1535 SweetFX 1.0
sharp and little contrast boost April 16, 2015 ninjafada 4 1079 SweetFX 2.0
!supercolor March 1, 2020 petademon 5 428 ReShade
Tek's preset Nov. 28, 2014 tekniko 2 888 SweetFX 1.5
Texhnlyze's present Ver. 3 Jan. 12, 2015 Texhnlyze 20 2162 SweetFX 1.5
True Natural April 2, 2015 Vlidus 8 1413 MasterEffect
_× Ultra Realistic ×_ July 25, 2017 Owais.ubm 0 878 ReShade
Vibrant Dragon Age Dec. 3, 2014 plasros 9 1763 SweetFX 1.5
Vli's - Fantastic Inquisition Feb. 8, 2015 Vlidus 8 912 SweetFX 1.5
Win10 Colorful fantasy tone July 21, 2016 grhythmo 5 825 SweetFX 2.0
xI Dragon Age: Inquisition Ix Feb. 14, 2015 Jak 4 1658 GemFX


6 Apr 06:34 CEST

Updated my preset, probably final.

26 Jan 16:51 CET

Added a Reshade preset mainly for windows 8.1 and windows 10 users who can't use sweetfx.

5 Jan 13:25 CET


Download his file, its a fucking VIRUS!!!!

16 Feb 18:33 CET

For all the people having any issues with SweetFX on Win8.1 or Win10 I'd recommend first trying out Powerplay's SweetFX Configuration. Somehow this one worked for me -- all the others produced at least some kind of error.

So, thanks shadow85 for the hint (so that I didn't have to do that all by myself ;D) and Powerplay for the really neat config.


15 Aug 00:19 CEST

Vicky78 I uploaded a version of Cookie's Preset that works with 2.0! Look above! :)

24 May 19:32 CEST

Hoping for someone to make more presets with 2.0, since for some reason my game cant handle 1.5 etc. I get weird shadows, lines and ...basically strange graphic-issues. 2.0 however works like a charm, and hoping for some skilled people to make more presets of those :)

23 Apr 09:55 CEST

Preset Realighting updated to True Natural.

12 Mar 19:41 CET

Anyways, I got sweetFX working by just using the Powerplay x64 eFx sweetFX files/folders.

12 Mar 08:48 CET

Still can't cant get it to work.

I did this.
> Deleted files in SweetFX Configurator/sweetFX folder
> Copied all files from Boulotaur2024 folder into the SweetFX Configurator/sweetFX
>launched Configurator
>added DAI game executable via add new game
>clicked save/load configuration
>clicked import preset
>selected K-Putts preset from database
>clicked load selected preset
>clicked launch selected game.

no change at all ingame, what am I doing wrong :(

25 Jan 20:45 CET

@shadow85 I am currently using Windows 8.1 and I can run sweetfx configurator just fine. You have to download Boulotoaur2024's injector files and 1.5 sweetfx configurator. Go to the folder where the sweetfx_config.exe is placed and look for the sweetfx folder. Delete everything in there and replace it with the files from the boulotaur2024's injector files. Download one of our sweetfx files here and inject it in your game. By doing all of this, you should be able to run sweetfx in Dragon Age just fine. Enjoy!

25 Jan 18:04 CET

I cannot get most of them to work in windows 8.1, I have tried Radeonpro and sweetfx configurater methods neither work :(

2 Jan 14:51 CET

Thanks ESCUDO !

You saved my life -or at least my sight ;) - cause your link enabled me to use sweetfx with DA:I!

And thanks again for telling me how to de-activate the FPS counter, that was driving me mad. I have looked in all the .ini whithout find a way (changed the key in EFX.ini, etc.). It was only when I came back here to post about it that I saw your last post. I just chande it in user.cfg and it isn't here anymore!

Cheers !

17 Dec 05:28 CET

Can't see any smaa effect. I am using Escudo's link, Efx sweetfx. Could anybody tell me how to get smaa anti aliasing effect?

7 Dec 17:43 CET

Cool Drogean!

6 Dec 18:52 CET

IMGUR Album picture comparison of all the presets side by side :


30 Nov 09:15 CET

That did the trick! Thanks a lot!

30 Nov 08:47 CET

Look @ this folder for Screenshots via DRUCK-key, may be its better?

C:\Users\XXX\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age Inquisition\Screenshots

@Drogean: thx a lot !!

30 Nov 08:11 CET

Can anyone help? I'm using Boulotaur's version, but when I take screenshots, the resulting image has some sort of purple overlay on it. I know the configurator is working as I have the FPS counter and options on the top left of the screen in-game.

30 Nov 04:14 CET

@LOSTI updated the album

29 Nov 22:59 CET

Also if you don't like motion blur on characters you can add these lines:

WorldRender.MotionBlurEnable 0
WorldRender.MotionBlurForceOn 0

29 Nov 22:58 CET

To get rid of green FPS counter edit user.cfg that's on game dir and change or remove the whole thing:

PerfOverlay.DrawFps 1
PerfOverlay.DrawFps 0
and save.

29 Nov 21:41 CET

Ahh and please with my lastest preset "Lostis REALISTIC Ligths & Colors - FINAL"

29 Nov 21:40 CET

Nice Drogean!! Can you make this for an indoor location or better for the first city "Haven" ?? Would be very interesting for me !!

29 Nov 21:00 CET

Made a comparison of the SweetFX's here:

26 Nov 21:13 CET

I finally got this working (not using RadeonPro) by installing eveything (Escudo's link) directly into the game directory.

Can someone tell me how to get rid of the green FPS counter?


24 Nov 22:04 CET

now i dont know what to choose all 3 presets look nice:P

24 Nov 21:54 CET

i install the contents raw in the game directory not as a folder but it works so thnx again for your patience and constant advice you made my gaming more enjoyable thanks again friend!

24 Nov 21:50 CET

also did you use the standalone version? of configurator or the installer one

24 Nov 21:48 CET

1.3.3 :( i used the latest one more question plz just to be sure when you say install all files i nhte games directory do you copy the folder as is or the contents of it

24 Nov 21:35 CET

After installing ALL the files in Escudo's link.

Use sweetfx configurator 1.3.3..


Then just download preset and load it with configurator 1.3.3. Save changes and play. Should work.

24 Nov 19:15 CET

tell me what you did step by step without the downloads mate we still are unable to get it to the win 8.1 pc:(

24 Nov 17:34 CET

K-putts config is awesome. you will see difference if you have loaded the preset correctly and saved the settings.

24 Nov 03:09 CET

when you press the on/off button do you see any difference cause i cant see any diff only the green fps counter up top right corner

24 Nov 03:04 CET

I just made my own via the sweetfx configurator. I didn't import any of the settings on this page, just used what existed in the files in Escudo's link...tweaked it to my liking.

24 Nov 01:55 CET

which preset you used?

24 Nov 01:53 CET

y thanks for getting back despite your game working now i app it :)

24 Nov 01:29 CET

I used ALL the files in Escudo's link. I put them in the game's exe directory, fired up the swf configurator, added Dragon Age, and tweaked settings. No radeonpro required.

24 Nov 00:07 CET

did you use bulotaurs files or only sweetfx 1.5.1?

23 Nov 22:58 CET

hipanderos...I love you man.

23 Nov 22:08 CET

I have also windows 8.1 and only ESCUDOS link worked for me. I just coppied this to game.exe directory and used sweetfx configuration tool to add the preset.


22 Nov 23:55 CET

I'm on 8.1 as well, and what Escudo described didn't work for me. Someone please let us know which files to use and what goes where.

22 Nov 23:08 CET

if anyone has succeeded tho let me know the details please (only for windows 8.1)

Thanks in advance

22 Nov 22:46 CET

Arvaci cant get it to work either,im on windows 8.1 tho its hell for me for almost every game i want better visuals...its a waste..

22 Nov 22:00 CET

This worked for me, tried everything..Thanks ESCUDO.

Got it to work, http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SweetFX/discussions/0/558746995073217476/
At the bottom there's a link with a custom SweetFX preset for BF4, that archive has a 3MB dxgi.dll and it works now!

22 Nov 21:17 CET

I'm having trouble getting sweetfx to work myself, even with radeonpro, swfx 1.4, and boulataurs files.

Can someone provide a step by step process in what they did to make it work? And what in-game settings I should take care of?

22 Nov 21:11 CET

I see, thank you.

22 Nov 20:10 CET

@wickedsick - No. Only soon. I don't like asking for ETA's. The current closed beta already has some stuff for the public beta though. Can't be that long anymore.

@SnowMN - Yep. That could do the trick.

22 Nov 16:34 CET

so if i have 1.4 sweetfx and boulotaurs plus radeon pro can i make it work?

22 Nov 12:22 CET

Do you have any news about how soon, K-putt?

22 Nov 11:09 CET

The current injector doesn't work on Windows 8.1. You have to wait for SweetFX 2.0. It's in closed beta right now and should be available to everyone soon.

Your only option right now is RadeonPro. Officially, RP only supports sFX 1.4. There are modded 1.5 shaders however.

22 Nov 07:15 CET

i cant get it to work with radeon pro and win 8.1 doesnt crash or anything just wont start with sweet from the latest sweetfx what do we replace with boulotaurs everything from boulo's folder or just the x64?

21 Nov 21:35 CET

Got it to work, http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SweetFX/discussions/0/558746995073217476/

At the bottom there's a link with a custom SweetFX preset for BF4, that archive has a 3MB dxgi.dll and it works now!

21 Nov 16:28 CET

Check what the log.log file is saying. Maybe nvidias shadowplay software is messing with sweetfx again. Try to disable that one. Or just delete it. (That was the only way to fix a crash some weeks ago.)

21 Nov 12:09 CET

I can't get it to work, no matter which files i use, standard Bolotaurs or the ones in x64 folder it doesn't work, no overlays including disabled Origin in game.

It gets to the menu and no SweetFX effects are visible then crashes a few seconds later.

Using this file: Boulotaur2024.Injector_CeeJay.dk's.1.5.1.Shader ChromaticAberrationShader

Radeo Pro doesn't work either, blackscreen then crash.

nVIDIA drivers 344.75

21 Nov 03:06 CET

It's probably origins overlay that's causing the crashes. It always is. Boulotaurs injector works flawlessly on my end.

21 Nov 00:42 CET

RadeonPro. Using only dxgi.dll from X64_dll's folder. Delete d3d9.dll (not sure if it matters, works for me)

20 Nov 22:39 CET

Also make sure your drivers are up to date. I use only the files from Boulotaur2024's injectors file and overwrite with the x64 files in the separate folder. Hope this helps!

20 Nov 19:37 CET

make sure to not have anything that work in background specially origin , untick origin in game in the launcher setting

20 Nov 16:41 CET

I use Sweetfx 1.5.1 , and replace files , but in game after 5-10 min my game crach to desktop.

If dont use sweet fx ... no crash ...

20 Nov 14:36 CET

you need to use Sweetfx 1.5.1 same version of boulotaur then add th files from boulotaur those in the x64 folder and the rest

20 Nov 11:27 CET

The game crash with Sweet fx ....

20 Nov 10:11 CET

No working with Boulotaur , no effect in game ...

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