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Far Cry Cartoonify

Preset for Far Cry New Dawn
Created by lordbean
Added June 1, 2019
Updated 4 Jun 03:05 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Need to take that hot pink theme a bit less seriously? Why not make it look like something out of Borderlands? Uses the Comic.fx shader by Daodan (find it in the Presentation forum). For the shader to work properly you must change the render target in the DX11 tab (see first comment for more details) after you have clicked "Continue" and the game world has loaded. The game uses multiple render targets, and the one ReShade defaults to is not correct. This must be done each time the game is started. Updated to v2 - now uses the color and chroma detection methods for close range shading to help give complex nearby scenes (such as being indoors in a small building) a comic-y effect. Distant shading changed to rely solely on the backbuffer outline method. These changes have the upshot of no longer messing with the skybox at all (although the new preset may interfere slightly with UI elements).
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Techniques=Comic TechniqueSorting=Comic Effects=Comic.fx [Comic.fx] iUIColorEdgesType=1 fUIColorEdgesDetails=0.000000 fUIStrength=1.000000 iUIOutlinesEnable=1 fUIColorEdgesDistanceFading=0.000000,0.100000,0.900000 iUIChromaEdgesType=2 fUIColorEdgesStrength=5.000000,12.000000 fUIChromaEdgesDetails=0.000000 fUIChromaEdgesStrength=5.000000,5.000000 bUIColorEdgesDebugLayer=0 fUIChromaEdgesDistanceFading=0.000000,0.100000,0.900000 bUIChromaEdgesDebugLayer=0 fUIOutlinesThreshold=0.000000 fUIEdgesSaturationWeight=0.000000,1.000000,1.000000 fUIOutlinesStrength=4.000000,15.000000 fUIOutlinesDistanceFading=0.100000,1.000000,0.050000 bUIOutlinesDebugLayer=0 bUIEnableDebugLayer=0 iUIMeshEdgesEnable=1 fUIMeshEdgesStrength=200.000000,500.000000 iUIMeshEdgesIterations=3 fUIMeshEdgesDistanceFading=-1.000000,0.009000,0.850000 bUIMeshEdgesDebugLayer=0 fUIEdgesLumaWeight=0.000000,1.000000,1.000000 iUIShowFadingOverlay=0 fUIOverlayColor=1.000000,0.000000,0.000000 fUIColor=0.000000,0.000000,0.000000


2 Jun 13:06 CEST

When selecting a render target to use, there will be a list of around 10 or so. 4 or 5 will be rapidly updating - these are not the ones you want. Out of the remaining ones, you are looking for the one which, when selected, causes cel-shading to be visible at all ranges (character's weapon, close range geometry, long-range mesh) [b]and does not darken the screen[/b]. This is the one that produces the highest overall visual quality with the least amount of interference with other elements of the game.

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