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Chur's Less Yellow and Green Dying Light

Preset for Dying Light
Created by Tchoor
Added April 30, 2020
Updated 30 Apr 23:24 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
I was searching for a "yellow-green-filters-removing" presets here, but mostly all of them have problems with the deep shadows. I'm pretty satisfied with the vanilla shadows, so I was forced to make my own preset for myself. I removed a little bit of yellow and green filters and DIDN'T touch shadows. Now I have a more realistic picture (as for me) without over-using FX.
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PreprocessorDefinitions= Techniques=LiftGammaGain TechniqueSorting=LiftGammaGain [LiftGammaGain.fx] RGB_Gain=1.000000,0.975000,1.015000 RGB_Gamma=1.000000,0.975000,1.015000 RGB_Lift=1.000000,0.975000,1.015000


6 Feb 14:28 CET

Simple but realistic, and likely hasn't a performance impact, good job, thank you!

9 May 17:07 CEST

Looks great, thanks!

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