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(Color / Filter Correction, Sharpness)

Preset for Battlefield 4
Created by Twiggbigg
Added July 13, 2020
Updated 13 Jul 14:11 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
This is a Remade verision of KEBYKepoW SweetFX (Color / Filter Correction, Sharpness) Preset but in Reshade for those who like Reshade more Save it as .ini to use with reshade Also my ingame settings are very low so ignore like the graphic quality in the screenshot and focus on the color and sharpness differance
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PreprocessorDefinitions= Techniques=Curves,LiftGammaGain,LumaSharpen,TriDither TechniqueSorting=DisplayDepth,LUT,Tonemap,ASCII,DPX,AdvancedCRT,UIMask_Top,UIMask_Bottom,Border,Monochrome,Curves,HDR,Vibrance,Cartoon,Daltonize,FXAA,CA,Vignette,Layer,ColorMatrix,Levels,Deband,FilmGrain,Nostalgia,LiftGammaGain,SMAA,Tint,Before,After,LumaSharpen,Technicolor,Technicolor2,TriDither [Curves.fx] Contrast=0.530000 Formula=1 Mode=1 [LiftGammaGain.fx] RGB_Gain=1.005000,1.000000,1.060000 RGB_Gamma=0.971000,1.000000,1.010000 RGB_Lift=0.971000,1.000000,1.010000 [LumaSharpen.fx] offset_bias=1.000000 pattern=1 sharp_clamp=0.035000 sharp_strength=0.850000 show_sharpen=0 [SMAA.fx] CornerRounding=25 DebugOutput=0 DepthEdgeDetectionThreshold=0.010000 EdgeDetectionThreshold=0.100000 EdgeDetectionType=1 MaxSearchSteps=32 MaxSearchStepsDiagonal=16 PredicationEnabled=0 PredicationScale=2.000000 PredicationStrength=0.400000 PredicationThreshold=0.010000


16 Dec 02:21 CET

If I add this preset (renamed to .ini) in BF4's folder, the game crashes on start up. Otherwise, it boots up normally with Reshade.
Why is this happening?

15 Sep 03:58 CEST


15 Sep 03:58 CEST

Thank you good sir

23 Jul 02:26 CEST


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