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How to do it works

Preset for WASTELAND 2
Created by Davil76
Added Sept. 21, 2014
Updated 30 Sep 18:38 CEST
Shader used: SweetFX 1.3
Preset description:
Before,YOU MUST DOWNLOAD SWEET FX 1.3 or better
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How install "Davil Enhance visual W2" 1)Download(on the top of this page in"Downloads" section) SweetFX 1.4 and unzip it in a new folder 2)open your wasteland 2 build folder( where you have WL2.exe): Put in 3 files : d3d9.dll dxgi.dll injector.ini 3)Put the rest of the files in the wasteland 2 directory ( where you have build, _CommonRedist,etc..) 4)NOW,copy my "SweetFX_Settings_WASTELAND 2_Davil Enhance Visual W2" in this place but before YOU MUST rename it at: "SweetFX_settings". 5)Windows will tell you:"Do you want copy and replace ?" --> CLIC YES 6)For finish,if you use a steam version ,open steam,look your installed games , and do a right clic on Wasteland2 Clic on property,clic on general and after clic on" Launch Options" AND put: -force-d3d9. clic on ok 7)If you don't use a Steam's game: Create a shortcut of "WL2.exe"(you find it in "build", in wasteland 2 folder) and rename it like this: "WL2.exe -force-d3d9" Now you can play to your game normaly Use the SCROLL_LOCK key for activated or desactivated this sweet. VERY IMPORTANT : In game , clic on option and descrease at all the saturation (in graphic option). and decrease the luminosity (keep just a little bit of luminosity) BETTER DETAILS, BETTER BACKGROUND,BETTER IMMERSION,BETTER EXPERIENCE!!...BETTER GAME Have Fun ;)



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