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Arkham City Framework: Filmic - WIP

Created by PC_Constantine
Added Feb. 13, 2015
Updated 24 Nov 14:37 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
First Video with Robin here: https://youtu.be/VDWk2JLu9Xo Video is now in 1080p! I had to do this ridiculous work-around. Second Video with some comparisons: https://youtu.be/mNb9Ab8Rvno what's been done:
Color correction; not altered from the original version SSGI ambient occlusion Matso Static Depth Of Field Deband Adaptive Sharpen Spherical Tonemapping HPD tonemapping SMAA with prediction White Gaussian Anamflares; not altered from original version Filmgrain; values more in-line with modern film
If you are going to use the DOF and AO version make sure to turn off in game AO. I also have In game AA off because I included SMAA in the presets. Shaders are disabled by default. This is because of no depth buffer access on main menu (DOF breaks) F12 toggles effects on and off. Just simply hit F12 once in game and effects will toggle on. You will get a reshade + framework greeting message upon game launch to let you know shaders installed properly. Please read the readmes included. Not only do they tell you how to install it. They also tell you about issues and other information you should probably know. Download link will be in the Settings.txt. The files are in a .ZIP - let me know if you need a regular folder. I can upload one to Dropbox if .ZIP files are an issue for you. Also please let me know if anything is wrong with the download link or files. I will fix any problems ASAP. Going to upload a different package with a Only AO version and a DXGI.DLL for those playing in DX11 (d3d9.dll might not work for DX11) I still haven't done this. I recommend using DX9 mode anyways since it's Much more stable and Dx11 gives virtually no benefit in this game.
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Credits: Reshade by Crosire Master Effect Reborn by Marty Mcfly SweetFX by Ceejay.dk GEMFX and Framework by Lucifer Hawk Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8aeiyjtsp7bmvd0/Batman%20Arkham%20City%20Filmic%20Presets.zip?dl=0


17 Oct 09:19 CEST

This is for your deus ex DC mod
Hello i tried to install this but it just won't work i copy and past all the files in the same file where the .exe is located but it wont work. I try to run the game an it's just a black screen. I tried to do the manual way but it is too hard for me install can you please give specific instructions, on how to install it please. I really wanna try your mod

7 Jul 03:54 CEST

So I've just updated this. I packaged a .ZIP together. It includes two versions. One with AO and DOF and one without either. It also includes a readme so you know how to install it and some other useful information about reshade + Arkham City. I moved the preset to Framework but kept a lot of the core values.

This version probably performs about equal even though it has SSGI. The light version will perform very well compared to the last version.

I removed the moviebars too. I didn't like them anymore and others didn't like them as well.

4 Jul 03:25 CEST

The letterbox is called "Moviebars" In Master Effect. I will update this eventually and fix these things.

4 Jul 02:17 CEST

Turned out that i mixed the update with the old steps.Stupid i know :D
Anyways,The game looks way better than before with these sharper details and vibrant colors.However,The letterbox is so annoying and i tried searching for an option to turn it off the file but couldn't find any.Anyways,Thx again and keep up that brilliant work.

4 Jul 01:16 CEST

Turn off the Depth of Field.

4 Jul 00:44 CEST

I've done everything but the game is blurred out that i can't see anything....What should i do?

2 Jun 05:50 CEST

Thank you for the constructive post.
Good thing you didn't pay a cent to use this.
Fuck me right for sharing it.

If you actually knew a thing about shaders or actually read the preset you would know a few things:

I haven't touched this in months. Look at the Master effect version it's using.

It's not done. Nor is it even worked on.
I will eventually fix this when I have time.
Apparently other people like it and probably just turn off the DOF. I don't even remember what it looks like.

31 May 22:56 CEST

Followed instructions, doesnt work.
Game loads fine but graphics are blurred out "Warning x4008 floating point division by 0"
Gotta figure out how to remove this crap now, thankd but no thanks.

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