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Improved eternity

Created by Farga
Added April 2, 2015
Updated 5 Apr 00:46 CEST
Shader used: Other
Preset description:
====Fourth pass==== More tint removal, some color changes as a result, the greys are a little darker now. Heavily reduced power of technicolor and dpx. http://www.mediafire.com/download/5xl9ba126bba32h/reshadeV1.4.zip ====Third pass==== Removed most of the color tint. Added a little more sharpening. Tweaked smaa a little. http://www.mediafire.com/download/6ne3itpmi2e5ui8/reshade.zip ====Second pass==== Modest sharpening, smaa, ambient light, lenz flare, ambient occlusion, bloom, hdr, color tones, contrast; all at mildish levels. A little darker, but plenty of visibility on my monitor. To install, download the preset from the one of the links above and unzip into the exe folder.
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Download at v1.4 http://www.mediafire.com/download/5xl9ba126bba32h/reshadeV1.4.zip v1.3 http://www.mediafire.com/download/6ne3itpmi2e5ui8/reshade.zip


5 Apr 00:49 CEST

Thanks for the encouragement @DIXI. I've used enb's and sweetfx for a long time, but this is my first attempt at making one a preset and it's been a pretty big learning experience.

I have another iteration up, less tint punching you in the face, but the colors still need some adjustment as the grays are a tad darker than I'd like. Still a pinch of tint going on that I'll be trying to remove as well.

Think I'm gonna play the game for a bit though, but will likely tinker with things as I go.

4 Apr 11:10 CEST

Alright so yeah, good improvement on the "blue" tint. Still there though.

Keep up the good work! I'm sur you can pull this off!

3 Apr 19:58 CEST

I'm hoping to spend some time on it tonight / tomorrow to see if I can get rid of it.

3 Apr 19:57 CEST

@DIXI, I'm trying to get rid of the blue tint, but haven't had the time to figure out exactly what to change.

3 Apr 06:05 CEST

Interesting. I like the idea of making the game much darker. It's very nice!

However, I have one issue with the preset. There's a weird "blue-ish" tint. Is it intended?

Other than that, it's pretty cool.

2 Apr 16:02 CEST

I'll post a link to download all the files later today. That should hopefully just be a drop in and will work without errors.

2 Apr 08:39 CEST

Tried it. Seems to have lot of errors. Something about reshade/settings.cfg and something about HDR mode.

How should I fix this?

2 Apr 05:10 CEST

@DIXI, thanks for pointing that out. Apparently when I screen capture via Steam it doesn't see the reshade effects. I had to capture with fraps but it's only a low quality jpg vs the uncompressed png from steam. I'll try and up some more comparisons tomorrow. I think I want to adjust the hdr a little anyways because peak sun is a little bright for my taste.

2 Apr 04:46 CEST

Let me see what I can do. With the reshade framework there isn't a toggle on / off but I think I can hack through it.

2 Apr 04:21 CEST

Can we get a before/after picture please?

It's hard to notice the differences otherwise.

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