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MTechpark Preset V1 - SIMS 4

Preset for The Sims 4
Created by multitechnopark
Added May 24, 2015
Shader used: SweetFX 1.5
Preset description:
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/*-----------------------------------------------------------. / Choose effects / '-----------------------------------------------------------*/ // Set to 1 for ON or 0 for OFF #define USE_SMAA_ANTIALIASING 1 //[0 or 1] SMAA Anti-aliasing : Smoothens jagged lines. #define USE_LUMASHARPEN 1 //[0 or 1] LumaSharpen : Also sharpens the antialiased edges which makes them less smooth - I'm working on fixing that. #define USE_BLOOM 1 //[0 or 1] Bloom : Makes bright lights bleed their light into their surroundings (relatively high performance cost) #define USE_HDR 1 //[0 or 1] HDR : Not actual HDR - It just tries to mimic an HDR look (relatively high performance cost) #define USE_TECHNICOLOR 0 //[0 or 1] TECHNICOLOR : Attempts to mimic the look of an old movie using the Technicolor three-strip color process (Techicolor Process 4) #define USE_DPX 0 //[0 or 1] Cineon DPX : Should make the image look like it's been converted to DXP Cineon - basically it's another movie-like look similar to technicolor. #define USE_LIFTGAMMAGAIN 0 //[0 or 1] Lift Gamma Gain : Adjust brightness and color of shadows, midtones and highlights (avoids clipping) #define USE_TONEMAP 0 //[0 or 1] Tonemap : Adjust gamma, exposure, saturation, bleach and defog. (may cause clipping) #define USE_VIBRANCE 1 //[0 or 1] Vibrance : Intelligently saturates (or desaturates if you use negative values) the pixels depending on their original saturation. #define USE_CURVES 1 //[0 or 1] Curves : Contrast adjustments using S-curves. #define USE_SEPIA 0 //[0 or 1] Sepia : Sepia tones the image. #define USE_VIGNETTE 0 //[0 or 1] Vignette : Darkens the edges of the image to make it look more like it was shot with a camera lens. May cause banding artifacts. #define USE_DITHER 0 //[0 or 1] Dither : Applies dithering to simulate more colors than your monitor can display. This lessens banding artifacts (mostly caused by Vignette) #define USE_SPLITSCREEN 0 //[0 or 1] Splitscreen : Enables the before-and-after splitscreen comparison mode. /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / SMAA Anti-aliasing settings / '-----------------------------------------------------------*/ #define SMAA_THRESHOLD 0.05 // [0.05 to 0.20] Edge detection threshold #define SMAA_MAX_SEARCH_STEPS 10 // [0 to 98] Determines the radius SMAA will search for aliased edges #define SMAA_MAX_SEARCH_STEPS_DIAG 6 // [0 to 16] Determines the radius SMAA will search for diagonal aliased edges #define SMAA_CORNER_ROUNDING 100 // [0 to 100] Determines the percent of antialiasing to apply to corners. // -- Advanced SMAA settings -- #define COLOR_EDGE_DETECTION 1 // [0 or 1] 1 Enables color edge detection (slower but slightly more acurate) - 0 uses luma edge detection (faster) #define SMAA_DIRECTX9_LINEAR_BLEND 0 // [0 or 1] Using DX9 HARDWARE? (software version doesn't matter) if so this needs to be 1 - If not, leave it at 0. /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / LumaSharpen settings / '-----------------------------------------------------------*/ // -- Sharpening -- #define sharp_strength 1.55 // [0.10 to 3.00] Strength of the sharpening #define sharp_clamp 0.250 // [0.000 to 1.000] Limits maximum amount of sharpening a pixel recieves - Default is 0.035 // -- Advanced sharpening settings -- #define pattern 2 // [1|2|3|4] Choose a sample pattern. 1 = Fast, 2 = Normal, 3 = Wider, 4 = Pyramid shaped. #define offset_bias 1.0 // [0.0 to 6.0] Offset bias adjusts the radius of the sampling pattern. // I designed the pattern for offset_bias 1.0, but feel free to experiment. // -- Debug sharpening settings -- #define show_sharpen 0 // [0 or 1] Visualize the strength of the sharpen (multiplied by 4 to see it better) /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / Bloom settings / '-----------------------------------------------------------*/ #define BloomThreshold 30.00 //[0.00 to 50.00] Threshold for what is a bright light (that causes bloom) and what isn't. #define BloomPower 1.150 //[0.0000 to 8.0000] Strength of the bloom #define BloomWidth 0.0150 //[0.0000 to 1.0000] Width of the bloom /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / HDR settings / '-----------------------------------------------------------*/ #define HDRPower 1.15 //[0.0 to 8.0] Strangely lowering this makes the image brighter #define radius2 0.95 //[0.0 to 8.0] Raising this seems to make the effect stronger and also brighter /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / TECHNICOLOR settings / '-----------------------------------------------------------*/ #define TechniAmount 0.11 //[0.0 to 1.0] #define TechniPower 2.8 //[0.0 to 8.0] #define redNegativeAmount 0.88 //[0.0 to 1.0] #define greenNegativeAmount 0.88 //[0.0 to 1.0] #define blueNegativeAmount 0.88 //[0.0 to 1.0] /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / Cineon DPX settings / '-----------------------------------------------------------*/ #define Red 8.0 //[1.0 to 15.0] #define Green 8.0 //[1.0 to 15.0] #define Blue 8.0 //[1.0 to 15.0] #define ColorGamma 2.5 //[0.1 to 2.5] Adjusts the colorfulness of the effect in a manner similar to Vibrance. 1.0 is neutral. #define DPXSaturation 3.0 //[0.0 to 8.0] Adjust saturation of the effect. 1.0 is neutral. #define RedC 0.36 //[0.6 to 0.2] #define GreenC 0.36 //[0.6 to 0.2] #define BlueC 0.34 //[0.6 to 0.2] #define Blend 0.2 //[0.0 to 0.1] How strong the effect should be. /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / Lift Gamma Gain settings / '-----------------------------------------------------------*/ #define RGB_Lift float3(1.000, 1.000, 1.000) //[0.000 to 2.000] Adjust shadows for Red, Green and Blue #define RGB_Gamma float3(1.000, 1.000, 1.000) //[0.000 to 2.000] Adjust midtones for Red, Green and Blue #define RGB_Gain float3(1.000, 1.000, 1.000) //[0.000 to 2.000] Adjust highlights for Red, Green and Blue /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / Tonemap settings / '-----------------------------------------------------------*/ #define Gamma 1.0 //[0.00 to 2.00] Adjust midtones #define Exposure 0.00 //[-1.00 to 1.00] Adjust exposure #define Saturation 0.00 //[-1.00 to 1.00] Adjust saturation #define Bleach 0.00 //[0.00 to 1.00] Brightens the shadows and fades the colors #define Defog 0.000 //[0.00 to 1.00] How much of the color tint to remove #define FogColor float3(0.00, 0.00, 2.55) //[0.00 to 1.00, 0.00 to 1.00, 0.00 to 1.00] What color to remove - default is blue /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / Vibrance settings / '-----------------------------------------------------------*/ #define Vibrance 0.40 //[-1.0 to 1.0] Intelligently saturates (or desaturates if you use negative values) the pixels depending on their original saturation. /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / Curves settings / '-----------------------------------------------------------*/ #define Curves_contrast 0.25 //[-1.0 to 1.0] The amount of contrast you want // -- Advanced curve settings -- #define Curves_formula 7 //[1|2|3|4|5|6|7] The constrast s-curve you want to use. /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / Sepia settings / '-----------------------------------------------------------*/ #define ColorTone float3(1.40, 1.10, 0.90) //[0.00 to 1.00, 0.00 to 1.00, 0.00 to 1.00] What color to tint the image #define GreyPower 0.11 //[0.0 to 1.0] How much desaturate the image before tinting it #define SepiaPower 0.58 //[0.0 to 1.0] How much to tint the image /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / Vignette settings / '-----------------------------------------------------------*/ #define VignetteRadius 1.00 //[-1.00 to 3.00] lower values = stronger radial effect from center #define VignetteAmount -1.00 //[-2.00 to 1.00] Strength of black. -2.00 = Max Black, 1.00 = Max White. #define VignetteSlope 8 //[1 to 16] How far away from the center the change should start to really grow strong (odd numbers cause a larger fps drop than even numbers) #define VignetteCenter float2(0.500, 0.500) //[0.00 to 1.00] Center of effect. /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / Dither settings / '-----------------------------------------------------------*/ //No settings yet, beyond switching it on or off in the top section. //Note that the checkerboard pattern used by Dither, makes an image harder to compress. //This can make your screenshots and video recordings take up more space. /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / Splitscreen settings / '-----------------------------------------------------------*/ #define splitscreen_mode 1 //[1|2|3|4|5] 1 = Vertical 50/50 split, 2 = Vertical 25/50/25 split, 3 = Vertical 50/50 angled split, 4 = Horizontal 50/50 split, 5 = Horizontal 25/50/25 split



4 Mar 00:20 CET

I made an account to say that was adorable you guys. Psychology in a pitre dish right here. I went on a roller coaster ride through these comments and even the comedic ending was perfect. Or maybe I'm too high. Regardless, I too use the same preset on many of my games because I only use curves and lumasharpen just a little bit. I agree that specific customization for each game might be more creative, but using the same preset has worked for me and has made this shader injector absolutely necessary for every game I play. You make the fog go away. MTP, you could work to produce some great universal presets. Try considering different moods and themes when you're making them and you might even find you will learn more by venturing out of your safe zone. OWN that UNIVERSAL PRESET category. Be the UNIVERSAL PRESET KING. Just try to make sure they're different enough from each other that you're not reposting the same preset. If a preset works great for multiple games with little to no changes you can include that in the description. If you find the universal preset looks good on different games but require just a little tweaking, maybe include the changes in the description as optional customizations.

24 May 16:22 CEST

MAN HUGS FOR ALL!!! *except K-putt, he's a bit toooo touchy feely if you catch my drift :D

24 May 16:16 CEST

I will do.Thanks again.

24 May 16:16 CEST

Now kiss.

24 May 16:12 CEST

I just assume sometimes everyone in this community is aware of how things work, which is my bad, I shouldn't come down hard on new folks, my apologies, if you use Steam, add me mate, OmnipotusX

24 May 16:11 CEST

Thanks man. I will follow TheLazy.net preset etiquette in the future. I am always happy to be in touch with some more experienced than myself.

24 May 16:08 CEST

I apologize if I'm coming off like a savage, it's not my intent, perhaps you were unaware of TheLazy.net preset etiquette, for the most part, people just post a couple a day (I used to post 15 a day myself, all unique tho but still, kinda silly thing to do) also, from experience, youtube isn't an ideal method to show examples of your presets vs vanilla, screenshots arn't perfect but they are much better then bad compressed YouTube videos, people appreciate some screenies with comparisons, this site has a slider tool for just that purpose.

Once again, I'm not trying to attack you on here, I just woke up, I click ont he site to see it being "flooded", I check into it and it's all the same stuff, just rubbed me the wrong way, my soul intentions is for this community to grow and continue to be awesome, I'm not trying to run people off, just my awkward social skills and trying to steer folks in the right direction :D

24 May 16:05 CEST

Man I really admire your effort creating and spreading presets. I checked many of yours and they are really good. Yes some of my presets used similar settings but thats the way a like the certain games graphics. I dont want to offend anyone, so if you think that my presets are against some rules, delete them, or even delete the entire account if it is necessary. Thanks for your attention.

24 May 15:52 CEST

Some? ... how about 21 of the 30 you uploaded, they are 100% identical,

1.15 HDR, 1.55 Luma, 30 Bloom, vibrance 40....

Being someone with 4+ years experience with Sfx and over 800 unique presets, I can tell you one thing, 1 preset DOES not "rule them all" every game is different mate. I'm not trying to offend you or be a dick but I cannot help but feel like this is some sort of slap in the face to all the folks who take the time/effort to bring unique style/look to a game for others to enjoy, anyone can do what you just did, plaster the same 1 preset over 100 games.. if that's how you like to game, great, no harm in that but flooding this site with 99.5% identical presets.. couldn't you have just posted 1 preset in a new "game" like (UNIVERSAL PRESET) and drop it there for anyone to see/download instead of over 30 games? wouldn't that make more sense?

24 May 15:45 CEST

Indeed some settings are repeating but some presets are good for more than one game.

24 May 15:21 CEST

Listen mate... this is getting ridiculous ... please ACTUALLY MAKE an effort with your presets.. I'm contemplating deleting everything, you only need 1 or 2 presets since that's effectly all you did, 2 presets over 26 games so far...

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