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ENHANCED PACK - "Best Graphics" FINAL !!

Created by Desmios
Added May 27, 2015
Updated 2 Jun 05:23 CEST
Shader used: MasterEffect
Preset description:
To use, you have to Download(master effect+reshade) v1.0a in "DOWNLOAD PRESET" ===================== YES, YES!! FINAL VERSION RELEASE!! Download a file in "DOWNLOAD PRESET" and copy/past MasterEffect.h in game folder!! thanks!!! the game became beautiful, hope you like it (see screenshot on page 1) ============================================= "VERSION 2.0a RELEASE!! Now you have improved visuals, and amazing image adjustment! view NEW screen(30/5)(BLOOM ACTIVE) ===================================== VERSION 1.0b RELEASE!! Click in "DOWNLOAD PRESET" for to access the download link and cooperate with development! This is a preset pack still early, send Feedback for possible improvements. DOWNLOAD: in SweetFX preset! How to install: Extract the folder "MASTER + Reshade" somewhere on your computer, then copy all files to the folder "... The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt \ bin \ x64", enjoy. UPDATE1: New version is released(v1.0b)! ===================================== UPDATE2: NEW VERSION with another tonality released(30/05). ===================================== Below are the patch notes: add SEPIA correction in gamma/bloom thanks.
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[b]FINAL VERSION:[/b] https://mega.co.nz/#!tEU1mQYS!YAqFSnVvuVRwiW7NTfFl7Qo3RdVVnK-c-gZik4PJa5k ========================================== NEW VERSION 2.0a FOR Download(master effect only) v2.0a here(NO BLOOM): https://mega.co.nz/#!hQVEmSYa!waCLK9m5-4IOPKse0Oa0xK_wadJt2e0HMLoBpfDEz0U or with BLOOM: https://mega.co.nz/#!dQkjwKxQ!h3_qASUT2K_oKthpyOtIqRbmm7uuCf2FRpexAvLrK8s =========================================== VERSION with another tonality and Bloom(30/05): https://mega.co.nz/#!QF8g1SqB!oiRLM72Lip8PO3lVouFnWFChAqsYUnrjfmJiqfBe8Pw ------------------------------------------ Download(master effect+reshade) v1.0a here: https://mega.co.nz/#!ZZcFARpR!qNeDzLadUnRRuwCjYiXQkAYioqa-uOKHMfB6OHFHM3A -------------------------------------------- Download(master effect only) v1.0b here: https://mega.co.nz/#!ZF9l1B6Q!-KQw4ME4HMETcyKYwVCzZoBmVJRnlFn2Jm8WIcLEfSU


2 Jun 01:51 CEST


29 May 20:44 CEST


comparison add!!!

29 May 20:44 CEST

framerate is sweet

29 May 20:17 CEST

How to show FPS

28 May 22:26 CEST


Thanks for feedback anda download!!!

28 May 20:51 CEST

Works great! Shadows are bit too dark though

27 May 20:48 CEST

new screen add

27 May 15:18 CEST

comparison is coming soon

the game looks like another game after the pack.

27 May 08:51 CEST

Can you put Image - Comparison?

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