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Arma 3: Realistic Original - Final

Preset for ArmA III
Created by PC_Constantine
Added June 21, 2015
Updated 24 Nov 14:36 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Going to update with the new Deband Shader in the next couple of days. - Started fixing another preset instead of doing this :P What's been done?:
Filmic curve + Spherical Tonemapping. I like the way Filmic curve looks better and I fixed some of it's issues. Spherical to correct white point a bit again. Levels to correct black level when using Filmic curve. Tonemap for a bit of exposure correction. Vibrance. Same values as original preset. Dither for sky-banding (will be replaced with De-band in the future)
Performance is really good. I'm measuring no frames lost. This is because I'm using no depth buffer calc. (boosts performance when not using depth effects)
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Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e9238e9g4rtojun/Arma%203%20Realistic%20Original.zip?dl=0


17 Oct 09:19 CEST

This is for your deus ex DC mod
Hello i tried to install this but it just won't work i copy and past all the files in the same file where the .exe is located but it wont work. I try to run the game an it's just a black screen. I tried to do the manual way but it is too hard for me install can you please give specific instructions, on how to install it please. I really wanna try your mod

21 Jun 17:14 CEST

Thanks :P

21 Jun 11:56 CEST

Really Smooth looking :) Nice!

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