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DarkKnight HollyWood - The Return Of Dof

Created by knightvision
Added Sept. 12, 2015
Updated 12 Sep 17:52 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Hi,This is my preset i use for this great game! It has a slight of darker color, Sharper look, Brighter Lights and more usage of DOF (Depth of field). Press F12 to disable it. Copy paste all the files in your exe directory (win64 folder). Download link: http://www.solidfiles.com/d/43ecaf2a1a/
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DOF Lumasharpen Bloom and more settings....


15 Sep 12:44 CEST

@knightvision so the problem is win10 :/

12 Sep 22:41 CEST


i use win 8.1 64 bit, it works for me with latest update even without RADEON pro usage.
@ Npolaris! great ! i can change the F12 key if you want, but hey GREAT it works! i love this preset! i hope you like it also!

12 Sep 22:22 CEST

Thank you for the new direct link :-)

the whole solidfiles web site was impossible to open for me,
because of my internet security.

I like depth of field in games,
especially if you have a bad antialiasing.

I had crashes to my desktop everytime,
after the nvidia logo.
To make it work, i disabled the preset at the loading screen, before the nvidia logo and enabled it ingame, after loading.

I disabled the steam overlay too.
Don't want to make screenshots everytime, when i disable and enable the preset ;-)

But that's no problem :-)

12 Sep 22:15 CEST

not working with last version of the game

12 Sep 20:21 CEST

dude! thats because they link you if you press the wrong button to an EXE file! but nevermind you can ignore this also by norton. but here you can try this one.


12 Sep 17:52 CEST


12 Sep 17:50 CEST

Nope, can't enter solidfiles.com

Solidfiles is registered
as dangerous website by norton.


12 Sep 17:45 CEST

@ Npolaris

If you follow the link you must click the DIRECT link not the other one.
This is a free upload link website so if you choose the wrong one, you download a wrong exe file. so follow my link and click NOT THE GREEN BUTTON but the link with small text direct download.

12 Sep 17:10 CEST

I can't enter your link!
Norton Safe Web won't let me,
because of virus and phishing.
Dangerous website blocked.
Sorry :-(

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