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Kuniyo's Preset

Preset for SkyForge
Created by Kuniyo
Added Oct. 7, 2015
Updated 9 Oct 21:53 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Just extract the files into the bin32 folder. example: D:\SkyForge\skyforge_mycom\Bin32 Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/?d4977i3pj4jsd54 ENJOY! if you don't like the sharpness please check the settings text below. NOTE: The screenshots don't have proper AA, I did not force this yet through nvidia inspector (ingame doesn't seem to work for me). Please bear that in mind if you are looking at the screenshots, thanks.
Download preset Show / Hide settings
Not sure what to post in this field. To many settings to post :D Please check the files for all the settings if u want to know anything. If you think it's to sharp you can change the setting here: SkyForge\skyforge_mycom\Bin32\ReShade And look for the following setting: #define sharp_strength change to number to whatever you think is nice :) my setting uses 1.50


26 Jul 09:56 CEST

What settings in the game?

20 May 11:59 CEST

Glad you like it, enjoy! :)

19 May 22:13 CEST


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