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Preset for Fallout 4
Created by bringus
Added Nov. 17, 2015
Updated 21 Nov 03:04 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
UPDATE: I just disabled ambient lighting within the GemFX portion of ReShade, I realized this was left over from K-putt's preset, since that what was I built this off of. The difference between the AL being on and off was nearly unnoticeable, however if anyone wants to have the EXACT same look as the last version, all they need to do is enable ambient lighting inside GemFX.cfg. You can view the difference between this setting being enabled and disabled in the newest screenshot comparison. I want to make it clear that I'm not passing off any part of K-putt's work as my own and also that I have manually adjusted the rest of the settings. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qky3wmcxjj8zq11/Nuka_V1.1.zip INSTALLATION: Drop all the files inside the zip folder directly into your Fallout 4 folder, that's it. You can adjust basic settings within SweetFX.cfg ABOUT: Hey vault dwellers! This is my third preset and my first time working with the Reshade Framework. I would like to thank K-putt for showing how one should package framework downloads, this should "just work". Basically this preset is going to bring some much needed gamma and contrast changes to the game (Bethesda released without brightness options) as well as a sharper look to the image. - Lumasharpen, brings out fine detail in the wasteland, was careful to avoid aliasing. - Tonemap, provides basic gamma control, by default I have it set to 1.3 for my monitor. - Curves, gives additional contrast to the game and emphasizes differences between light and dark. - Dither, for additional color depth. Thank for you trying my preset, if you have any suggestions sound off in the comments below, stay safe out there wanderers!
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18 Nov 20:18 CET

Ok that's nice to know thanks!

18 Nov 00:26 CET

Glad you like it, if the darkness ever becomes a nuisance you can tweak it via the gamma setting inside tonemap.

17 Nov 18:57 CET

I tried alot of Reshade presets, but this one is the best for me. Makes it all a bit darker and sharper. Thanks alot! :D

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