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Cinematic revolution

Created by WhiteWolf
Added Jan. 30, 2016
Updated 2 Feb 11:52 CET
Shader used: ReShade
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Link in the description :).


19 Jul 09:29 CEST

Really nice preset.

Personally, it looks too modern like film of some grade of the avante garde movement of the early 1900's for my own personal taste. I'm really sad I don't like this kind of thing anymore otherwise I'd enjoy it so much!

While it doesn't currently suit me at the moment, I can easily see why many people would appreciate this, and I'm very glad someone made a preset in this style. You usually don't see anything both this refined and this speciated in terms of a creative and unexpected artistic direction.

It's very noticeable how fine tuned the settings are, I'm never competent or patient enough myself to go anywheres near this far in terms of perfecting settings. I'm really lazy and crappy preset maker.

I really admire that some people are really patient and care enough to go this far for these games! =D

18 Feb 13:25 CET

very interesting profile. Different. It gives the game an interesting mood. Not sure if it's for me but props for putting out something refreshingly different from the usual drizzle of copy-cat over-sharpened, over contrasted and over saturated SweetFX profiles one see here.

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