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Enrai Reshade

Preset for Dark Souls 3
Created by Enrai
Added April 18, 2016
Updated 24 Apr 00:17 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
My personal preset to improve the aesthetics. Improves sharpening with the addition of color correction, contrast adjustments, and SMAA. DoF is on by default, so disable in game DoF if you intend to keep it. Press END key to disable/enable. Auto HUD is also recommended. If DOF isn't working change dxgi to d3d11. This is not a performance friendly preset. Video in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley: https://youtu.be/_LmGxTXc-lo
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24 Apr 00:16 CEST

Thats good to know Jaochoa, I will update the notes for future people with problems.

23 Apr 01:27 CEST

Enrai - I changed dxgi to d3d11 as you suggested and it works great - THANKS!

22 Apr 03:21 CEST

@Enrai thank you! I will have to try this when I get off work, although I love those ambient light settings I might just need to sacrifice the frames ;) Once again excellent preset

22 Apr 00:48 CEST

@lqd_consecrated2718 I am glad you enjoy it, disabling DOF is one of the main things hogging fps along with Ambient Light in the GemFX settings. After that I would disable SMAA. If fps still isn't up to speed then I would guess Reshade itself is the problem.

22 Apr 00:17 CEST

Hey Enrai,

Love the preset! I'm running on a GTX 970 with 8gigs of DDR3 ram, i5 2500k @ 4.7ghz, and installed on a 5600rpm speed 1tb hdd. I ended up going into some of the configs to disable the DOF and AO settings. I was getting anywhere between 60fps- 47 so I limited my framerate using Rivatuner to 50fps. Not ideal but it will do. However, I want to ask your opinion on which other settings can be tweaked in the GEM, Sweet, Custom, and other configs for minor boosts in FPS so I can reach that fabled 60? I know that Dark Souls 3 itself is a problem and needs to be patched but with other Sweetfx presets I could stay at 60 besides microstutter on save.

19 Apr 14:50 CEST

@Ferdimage I am glad it is working for you, and no problem at all.

19 Apr 05:20 CEST

DOF is working for me, this is the best preset for people who want a better DOF than the ingame one.

Thank you :)

19 Apr 02:22 CEST

@Jaochoa does changing dxgi to d3d11 affect it? Also do you see the depth information when you press F12. I am not sure why it wouldn't work I will double check when I get back home.

19 Apr 01:41 CEST

The preset seems to work color changes - looks darker - but I cannot get DOF to work.

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