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Created by rishabh47
Added May 26, 2016
Updated 2 May 14:42 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
DOWNLOAD LINKS : . MAIN VERSION + UPDATE 001 :- . https://app.box.com/s/wgsinlg319ggd8hq28opclc2uf12y0tk
. [RSGW] SYNDICATE MASTER FX™ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- __________ _________ __________ __ \______ \/ _____// _____/ \ / \ | _/\_____ \/ \ __\ \/\/ / | | \/ \ \_\ \ / |____|_ /_______ /\______ /\__/\ / \/ \/ \/ \/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **RSGW - Rishabh Suman Game Works** ========================================================================================================================== Name : [RSGW] ASSASSIN'S CREED SYNDICATE MASTERFX Made By : Rishabh Suman Injector : ReShade Framework 1.0 Latest Version : V2( UPDATE 001 ) ========================================================================================================================== ------------- | Features :- | ------------- - Improved Tonemap - Realistic Colors - Better Anti-Aliasing - Dynamic Lighting - Removed Reddish Tint - Better Grass - Cinematic Style London - Tried To Imitate Assassin's Creed Unity's Realistic Atmosphere - Applied further color correction and tonemapping. (really necessary) // Update 001 ========================================================================================================================== Installation :- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1) Extract RAR to any location. 2) Run ACSMFX.exe 3) Enter The Drive\Partition\Disk Letter In which Assassin's Creed Sydicate is located. (eg - C:\, D:\) // Dont forget to add this :\ after drive letter 4) Press Enter 5) EnJOY !!!! ========================================================================================================================== Troubleshooting :- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If the game does not recognise the mod, try copying the .dll files present in Library folder (One at a time) to Assassin's Creed Syndicate's Executable. Look for ACS.exe and paste it there. ========================================================================================================================== #################### # Contact Me AT :- # #################### Email : rishabh.suman.soft.game@gmail.com sfx.thelazy.net : rishabh47 ==========================================================================================================================
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DOWNLOAD LINKS :~ ================ MAIN VERSION + UPDATE 001 :- https://app.box.com/s/wgsinlg319ggd8hq28opclc2uf12y0tk


3 Jun 08:43 CEST

*Still Working*


2 Jun 21:58 CEST

so are you gonna upload the AA into the GtaV preset plz, been waiting :)

1 Jun 22:52 CEST

so I am mainly waiting on the new AA preset we talked about :)

1 Jun 06:23 CEST

The Installer Will "ONLY" work if the Game is Installed because it is designed for this specific game Assassins Creed Syndicate. It is more like a lightweight standalone mod.

1 Jun 06:15 CEST

I have applied many effects...This game gave me quite a headache.

31 May 19:19 CEST

thats really nice, I wish you could post the preset, installer wont do any good to me. AS I don't own this game in particular, but that comparison image sooo good, it cleaned it nicely from the ugly pixels :D Can you post now a regular preset... or somehow to use this not for just this game, I would like to try apply this to some others too, see what you changed, learning is my goal.

and as I said below, installer wont unpack

31 May 19:15 CEST

otherwise, this preset looking swell :)

31 May 19:14 CEST

or more like, how d oI get around this to get to the files

31 May 19:14 CEST

cool, you uploaded also a comparison shot :)
Looking great

As a sidenote, how do I retrieve the AA preset from this, the installer you made don't even work for me [dont have this game] so it just says cant find game...

31 May 15:06 CEST

Ooops, wrong link sorry >.< im only 15, i such a noob xD Here >> https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/5664/

31 May 14:59 CEST

https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/5655/ Like it ?

31 May 14:58 CEST

rishabh47, I just posted my first reshade preset, can you go see? and thx for reply:D

31 May 14:17 CEST

I will se what to do

29 May 15:39 CEST

will you post the new AA this upcoming week ? ^.^ can't wait man!

29 May 15:31 CEST

of course, you could put it in the same one preset page both of them in ? or something

29 May 15:30 CEST

maybe you could do two seperate presets, just AA for when you only want AA in a game and then the one with the color tweak, just a thought

29 May 15:28 CEST

can't wait ! :3

29 May 15:28 CEST

I would like that addition of color collaboration, thanks :) When will you post it ? :D

29 May 14:01 CEST

I have found a way to get better AA + Crisp image. but i want to collaborate it with some color corrections or is it only AA you want?

29 May 13:48 CEST

also, you said on the gta v AA preset you would make a new one in may 10th, what happened? Can you get on to that Asap for best AA ? I love your work !! :)

29 May 13:28 CEST

@niflexible Thanks for the Tip, when i get time i will upload 2 - 3 Comparison images.

29 May 08:41 CEST

but looking good I think, thanks for sharing, don't forget to upload a comparison shot when u get time :)

29 May 08:40 CEST

I'm sure you would too if you were looking at this the viewers side of things, think outside the box :)

29 May 08:39 CEST

Thats good an all you posted enabled screenshots, but most ppl want to see comparison screens me included...

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