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Rising ReShaded (DOF + Other stuff)

Created by ZioPaoBello
Added Aug. 17, 2016
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
-DOF -VIBRANCE -REINHARDLINEAR -FXAA YOU HAVE TO DISABLE MSAA TO MAKE DOF WORK!!! I tried DOF only at my native resolution (1920X1080), I don't know how it performs at lower\higher resolutions. Let me know in the comments SMAA didn't work, so I had to use FXAA to fix some jaggies
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https://mega.nz/#!2U0TgLRC!1cT6oDRxpVxSf4iQBiSsT_9lMjBOxKLqNu2igRFl7q8 Download this, and extract every file in it inside MGR folder


17 Dec 23:31 CET

impossible to play, on gameplay and screen title still with a big light shining, AMD radeon R9 290, first Crimson Relive edition.

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