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Modern Hollywood/Summer Blockbuster

Created by XIIICaesar
Added Sept. 27, 2016
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
This preset made for ReShade 2.0.3f1. Setup ReShade, copy my preset over, & then copy the LUT to ReShade 2.0.3f1\ReShade\Shaders\Ganossa\Textures. I took a neutral 4K LUT & applied teal/orange color grading with white balance to add a wider range of color back. Preset was made using 2560x1440 downsampled. The text file included in the preset folder has instructions on some optional settings I've tweaked but that are disabled by default. I've included in the screenshots my graphics settings in the menu with my GPU info & the benchmark results BOTH with the preset & vanilla. Disabling the HPD tonemap can reduce the blue tint and make the image clearer/crisper. Enabled Settings DEBAND - JPulowski FILMICPASS - CeeJay BORDER - CeeJay AMBIENTLIGHT - Ganossa TUNINGPALETTE - Ganossa BLOOM - CeeJay HPD - MartyMcFly Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxYIf8fincQgckhPd0F4cEJqc1E/view?usp=sharing
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////----------// ///**DEBAND**/// //----------//// #define USE_DEBAND 1 //[Deband] //-Applies debanding to minimize banding artifacts. //>Deband Settings<\\ #define Threshold 192.0 //[0.0:4096.0] //-The debanding filter's cut-off threshold. Higher numbers increase the debanding strength dramatically but progressively diminish image details. (Default 64) #define Range 56.0 //[1.0:64.0] //-The debanding filter's initial radius. The radius increases linearly for each iteration. A higher radius will find more gradients, but a lower radius will smooth more aggressively. (Default 16) #define Iterations 3 //[1:16] //-The number of debanding steps to perform per sample. Each step reduces a bit more banding, but takes time to compute. Note that the strength of each step falls off very quickly, so high numbers (>4) are practically useless. (Default 1) #define Grain 432.0 //[0.0:4096.0] //-Add some extra noise to the image. This significantly helps cover up remaining quantization artifacts. Higher numbers add more noise. (Default 48) #define Deband_ToggleKey RESHADE_TOGGLE_KEY //[undef] //- ////--------------// ///**FILMICPASS**/// //--------------//// #define USE_FILMICPASS 0 //[Shared] //-Filmic Pass: Applies some common color adjustments to mimic a more cinema-like look. //>FilmicPass settings<\\ #define Strenght 0.85 //[0.05:1.50] //-Strength of the color curve altering #define BaseGamma 1.0 //[0.7:2.0] //-Gamma Curve #define Fade 0.4 //[0.0:0.6] //-Decreases contrast to imitate faded image #define Contrast 1.0 //[0.5:2.0] //-Contrast. #define FBleach 0.00 //[-0.50:1.00] //-More bleach means more contrasted and less colorful image #define FSaturation -0.15 //[undef] //- #define FRedCurve 1.0 //[undef] //- #define FGreenCurve 1.0 //[undef] //- #define FBlueCurve 1.0 //[undef] //- #define BaseCurve 1.5 //[undef] //- #define Linearization 0.50 //[0.50:2.00] //-No description given #define EffectGammaR 1.0 //[undef] //- #define EffectGammaG 1.0 //[undef] //- #define EffectGammaB 1.0 //[undef] //- #define EffectGamma 0.65 //[undef] //- #define LumCoeff float3(0.212656,0.715158,0.072186) //[undef] //- ////----------// ///**BORDER**/// //----------//// #define USE_BORDER 0 //[Shared] //-Border : Can be used to create letterbox borders around the image. //>Border settings<\\ #define border_width float2(0,1) //[0:2048] //-(X,Y)-width of the border. Measured in pixels. If this is set to 0,0 then the border_ratio will be used instead #define border_color float3(0,0,0) //[0:255] //-What color the border should be. In integer RGB colors, meaning 0,0,0 is black and 255,255,255 is full white. #define border_ratio float(2.35/1.0) //[undef] //-[0.1000 to 10.0000] Set the desired ratio for the visible area. You MUST use floating point - Integers do not work right. Examples that work: (1680.0 / 1050.0), (16.0 / 10.0), (1.6) Examples that does NOT work right: (1680 / 1050), (16 / 10) ////-----------------// ///**AMBIENT_LIGHT**/// //-----------------//// #define USE_AMBIENT_LIGHT 1 //[AmbientLight] //-Ambient Light: Adds scene dependent ambient light with specific dirt and lens effects //>Ambient Light Settings<\\ #define alDebug 0 //[0:1] //-Activates debug mode of AL, upper bar shows detected light, lower bar shows adaptation #define alInt 16.90 //[0.00:20.00] //-Base intensity of AL #define alThreshold 24.10 //[0.00:100.00] //-Reduces intensity for not bright light //>AL Adaptation Parameters<\\ #define AL_Adaptation 1 //[0:1] //-Activates adaptation algorithm for the following features #define alAdapt 0.95 //[0.00:4.00] //-Intensity of AL correction for bright light #define alAdaptBaseMult 1.85 //[0.00:4.00] //-Multiplier for adaption applied to the original image #define alAdaptBaseBlackLvL 3 //[0|1|2|3|4] //-Distinction level of black and white (lower => less distinct) #define alAdaptBloomMult 1.0 //[0.0:4.0] //-Multiplier for adaption applied to the bloom shader #define alAdaptFlareMult 3.0 //[0.0:4.0] //-Multiplier for adaption applied to the anam flare shader #define AL_HeatHazeControle 1 //[0:1] //-Controles the HeatHaze effect with the AL shader #define Depth_HeatHazeControle 1 //[0:1] //-Controles the HeatHaze effect with the depth buffer #define alAdaptHeatMult 1.0 //[0.0:1.0] //-Multiplier for adaption applied to the HeatHaze shader //>Additional AL Settings<\\ #define AL_Dirt 1 //[0:1] //-No description given #define AL_DirtTex 1 //[0:1] //-Defines if dirt texture is used as overlay #define AL_Vibrance 1 //[0:1] //-Vibrance of dirt effect #define AL_Adaptive 2 //[0|1|2] //-0 = Warm, 1 = Cold, 2 = Light Dependent #define alDirtInt 0.7 //[0.0:2.0] //-Intensity of dirt effect #define alDirtOVInt 0.7 //[0.0:2.0] //-Intensity of colored dirt effect #define AL_Lens 0 //[0:1] //-Lens effect based on AL #define alLensThresh 0.5 //[0.0:1.0] //-Reduces intensity of lens effect for not bright light #define alLensInt 2.0 //[0.0:10.0] //-Intensity of lens effect #define AmbientLight_TimeOut 0 //[0:100000] //-Defined Toggle Key will activate the shader until time (in ms) runs out. "0" deactivates the timeout feature. #define AmbientLight_ToggleKey RESHADE_TOGGLE_KEY //[undef] //- ////-----------------// ///**TUNINGPALETTE**/// //-----------------//// #define USE_TUNINGPALETTE 1 //[TuningPalette] //-Allows to use color maps (like in ENB) or color palettes //>Tuning Palette Settings General<\\ #define TuningColorPalette 0 //[0:1] //-ColorPalette #define TuningColorMap 0 //[0:1] //-ColorMap #define TuningColorLUT 1 //[0:1] //-ColorLUT #define TuningPaletteDependency 0 //[0:1] //-0: PixelColor; 1: PixelBrightness (0 is recommended for the ColorPalette effect) #define TuningPalettePower 0.075 //[0.000:1.000] //-Strength of the Tuning Palette effect #define TuningPalette_ToggleKey RESHADE_TOGGLE_KEY //[undef] //-No description given //>Color Palette Parameters<\\ #define TuningColorPaletteSmoothMix 0.3 //[0.0:1.0] //-Amount of smooth integration into original image #define TuningTileAmountX 5 //[1:16] //-Amount of tiles the selected palette has on the X-axis #define TuningTileAmountY 1 //[1:16] //-Amount of tiles the selected palette has on the Y-axis #define TuningColorPaletteTexture "Ganossa_vintage.png" //[undef] //-Define the color palette for palette effect (e.g. Ganossa_quake.png, Ganossa_vintage.png) #define TuningColorPalettePower 1/float3(1.0,1.0,1.0) //[undef] //-Defines the impact of red, green and blue when applying palette colors //>Color Map Parameters<\\ #define TuningColorMapTexture "Ganossa_TuningPalette.bmp" //[undef] //-needs to have 256x256 pixels //>Color LUT Settings<\\ #define TuningColorLUTIntensityChroma 1.00 //[0.00:1.00] //-Intensity of the effect overlay on chroma #define TuningColorLUTIntensityLuma 0.50 //[0.00:1.00] //-Intensity of the effect overlay on luma #define TuningColorLUTDstTexture "XIIICzar_Modern_Hollywood.png" //[undef] //-Needs to have 256x16 pixels #define TuningColorLUTTileAmountX 4096 //[undef] //-LUT Width #define TuningColorLUTTileAmountY 64 //[undef] //-LUT Height #define TuningColorLUTTileAmountZ 1 //[undef] //-LUT Levels (to select various 3d LUTs dependent on scene brightness) ////---------// ///**BLOOM**/// //---------//// #define USE_BLOOM 0 //[Bloom] //-Bloom, based on MasterEffects & asmodean bloom //>Bloom Settings<\\ #define Ganossa_HDR_MODE 0 //[0|1|2] //-HDR Level Rendering bitrate. 0 = RGBA8, 1 = RGBA16F, 2 = RGBA32F #define BLOOM_MIXMODE 2 //[1|2|3|4] //-1 = Linear add | 2 = Screen add | 3 = Screen/Lighten/Opacity | 4 = Lighten #define fBloomThreshold 0.8 //[0.1:1.0] //-Every pixel brighter than this value triggers bloom. #define fBloomAmount 0.8 //[0.0:20.0] //-Intensity of bloom. #define fBloomSaturation 0.8 //[0.0:2.0] //-Bloom saturation. 0.0 means white bloom, 2.0 means very very colorful bloom. #define fBloomTint float3(0.7,0.8,1.0) //[0.0:1.0] //-R, G and B components of bloom tintcolor the bloom color gets shifted to. X = Red, Y = Green, Z = Blue. #define Bloom_TimeOut 0 //[0:100000] //-Defined Toggle Key will activate the shader until time (in ms) runs out. "0" deactivates the timeout feature. #define Bloom_ToggleKey RESHADE_TOGGLE_KEY //[undef] //-Toggle key for Bloom and Bloom dependent shaders. ////-------// ///**HPD**/// //-------//// #define USE_HPD 1 //[ColorCorrection] //-Haarm Peter Duiker Filmic Tonemapping: Tonemapping used in Watch Dogs, ripped from the Watch Dogs shaders themselves.


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