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Battlefield 1 Real Life Mode

Preset for Battlefield 1
Created by maxxwho
Added Oct. 25, 2016
Updated 19 Dec 01:33 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
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8 Sep 02:40 CEST

@everyone A new showcase video, featuring all six In The Name Of The Tsar maps has been added. I hope you'll like it!

22 Aug 23:02 CEST

@everyone Version 2.4 is here with a complete remaster of the preset.

Take a look at the newly added Lupkow Pass screenshots to see the preset in action.

Thank you guys for your support!

8 Aug 15:34 CEST


8 Aug 07:53 CEST

@maxxwho can it suppott 2K or 4K ?

7 Aug 19:52 CEST

Playing BF4?
Check out my new preset for Battlefield 4 here: maxxwho.de/featured

6 May 20:22 CEST

Playing Battlegrounds?
Check out my new PUBG Enhancer preset here => maxxwho.de/featured

30 Mar 16:45 CEST

@maxxwho yep, it's strange...When I create my own preset (Colors of Field) Even colorful line eat 1-2 fps :) I think problem in Reshade+BF1 optimization

25 Mar 01:29 CET

@romix Hey! I did some testing today and checked both v2.3 and v2.2 for Clarity, Curves and Levels and there is no noticeable performance drop for me. (Maybe because I have a very decent PC)
I suggest you to experiment a bit with the relevant parameters in config mode, in order to find the one that causes the FPS drop. I'm sorry that I'm not able to help you with that, since I can't reproduce the issue.

15 Mar 22:51 CET

@Saschalauber Please read: http://rssfx.maxxwho.de/manager/faq#presets

15 Mar 22:50 CET

@romix Ok that's weird. I'll check this asap and see if I can find an issue with Clarity and Curves in 2.3.
I know, but I wanted to endow everyone with a full "copy" of ReShade, so that people can experiment with the preset's settings themselves.

15 Mar 21:59 CET

I have a problem. please help me. by reshade 3.0.6 goes not the keyboard and mouse ingame

15 Mar 20:39 CET

@maxxwho yep 2.2 is better and some suggestion: if you delete the unusable effects (noise,filmpass and other) then your effect's time loading is decreased

15 Mar 20:28 CET

@romix With update I mean the TSNP DLC. Thank you in advance.

15 Mar 20:28 CET

@romix For me it's fine. :( Could you check if v2.2 is working correctly for you with the new update?

15 Mar 17:31 CET

@maxxwho fps drop! 0_o Clarity and curves and level take ~10fps witout them it's ok

14 Mar 18:04 CET

@everyone Spread the word, Real Life Mode 2.3 is here!
Enjoy the new They Shall Not Pass DLC with the latest update. Available for download now.

+++ 5 new screenshots have been added. +++

1 Mar 16:29 CET

@estrangeiro Thanks for the feedback! I will see what I can do!

1 Mar 14:18 CET

Done :D thanks a lot, now I can give proper feedback :P
Just some feedback relative to the manager. I would change the window form where you select the folder game, similar to the one when chrome ask you where you want to save something.

27 Feb 20:31 CET

@estrangeiro I see :D
Check the manager. You can install the preset (v1.0 to v2.2) to the CTE version of the game now!

27 Feb 18:19 CET

@maxxwho can you provide a preset to CTE like you did with the vanilla game? I'm so used to play with your preset that I can't play this game without it.

27 Feb 17:37 CET

Terrible ! this is what u call REALISTIC ?! highly sharpened over saturated crap

26 Feb 19:29 CET

@romix Will check it out! Thanks!

26 Feb 19:18 CET

@maxxwho waiting new preset ;) and little offer - in my opinion, sepia around ~380 is good. I know it's good to look on my monitor but take a look pls

21 Feb 23:52 CET

@everyone Just loaded up the CTE and took a few quick screenshots of the new map Soissons coming in the They Shall Not Pass DLC in March.
Expect a preset update on launch day!
Screenshots using v2.2 (preset not yet optimized): https://flic.kr/s/aHskPA6QjT

18 Feb 17:43 CET

@everyone ReShade + SweetFX Manager 1.2.1 and an all new content-rich website has been released!
Follow the link in the description to take a look.
Other changes: Battlefield Real Life Mode v1.1 page has been removed from SFX DB.

15 Jan 05:34 CET

Playing Rise of the Tomb Raider?
I had bought it recently and created a preset for it!
All info on my latest creation here => maxxwho.de/featured

13 Jan 17:24 CET

Playing The Forest?
Check out Dense FX and enhance your game's look!
All info here => maxxwho.de/featured

7 Jan 16:38 CET

@everyone Manager application has been updated to version 1.2.0!

Check out all changes that have been made in the changelog.

2 Jan 19:33 CET

@JOHNINATOR98 It's a known bug that DICE and EA haven't fixed in years. Just disable the Origin overlay, as @romix suggested.

2 Jan 14:43 CET

Disable Origin in game

2 Jan 06:03 CET

I was having a problem with controls in game. I installed the mod and I seem to not be able to move my mouse or press any keys relating to the game on the keyboard. I can open the config menu shift+f2 along with pressing insert in order to turn the graphics on/off. All of this however only applies in game not in the menu

25 Dec 06:36 CET

I've added the link to the description.
Here's another... :)


25 Dec 06:33 CET

I just have released a video that compares the Real Life Mode ReShade with the Battefield 1 Vanilla Graphics. Enjoy!


23 Dec 20:20 CET

I'm figure it out: Some effects "eat" your fps and DICE doesn't optimize their own game. If I'm standing and looking at near object (ex:tree) randomly I can saw dropfps without Reshade (120->95)...

23 Dec 15:10 CET

Some news: nvidia driver 376.48 and gtx1080= drawdown frame rate. maybe it's driver or Reshade? Cuz if you disable reshade in game, fps is no longer down

19 Dec 16:45 CET

No pixels :) and as older version: everything is good to look

17 Dec 16:24 CET

@everyone Version 2.2 (ReShade 3.0.5) is now available!
Check out all changes that have been made to the preset in the changelog and enjoy the Giant's Shadow DLC!
Feedback is always appreciated.

16 Dec 17:45 CET

@everyone The "graphics downgrade bug" @romix talked about is now fixed as part of the recent December patch!
Enjoy gaming and stay tuned for v2.2, which is coming soon!

5 Dec 18:27 CET

If anyone notice Graphics Downgrade "Bug" after patch : Turn off TAA
After spending quite a while comparing my own new screenshots with pre-patch screenshots, I FINALLY figured out why the graphics look pixelated. It's the new TAA that makes things look gritty. It looks like an oversharpened image with heavy compression. TAA makes the whole screen gritty, like a GIF file.

21 Nov 19:58 CET

@GameCypher Not possible. Do a virus scan on the application to convince yourself. If you are too paranoid to use it, you can install the preset manually by donwloading it from this page.
And furthermore I'm not responsible for your surfing habits. The instructions clearly say "Skip the ads". If you click on an ad and agree to download something from a third party website, it's your fault. And thanks for wishing me luck btw. Appreciate it.

21 Nov 10:16 CET

Got a virus from either your file or the ad site either way i won't be trusting your file good luck

20 Nov 19:15 CET

@everyone Manager application has been updated to version 1.1.0!

Check out all changes that have been made in the changelog.

The preset package has been updated to ReShade 3.0.5.
If you want to have the latest ReShade installment in your game directory, make sure to download v2.1 through the manager app again.

Have a nice day and enjoy the new look of your game!

15 Nov 20:10 CET

@everyone Just FYI, there will be an update this week with an upgrade to the latest ReShade. This update does not contain any tweaks for the preset itself.

Release of the preset update (v2.2) with visual enhancements is planned to take place soon after the Giant's Shadow DLC drop in December.

15 Nov 13:34 CET

So, new patch for bf1 brings DX12 without errors (as they said) :)

13 Nov 02:02 CET

@everyone Manager application has been updated to version 1.0.1!

STAR WARS Battlefront has now been added as a featured game.
Go check out "Real FX" - my preset for SWBF: http://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/5499/

Easy to install with the ReShade + SweetFX Manager!

12 Nov 13:44 CET

@wtcql Yes, indeed! Ther will be a preset update soon after the BF1 Giant's Shadow DLC release this month. You can check out the highlights in the changelog.

12 Nov 06:21 CET

Is there an update this month?

11 Nov 20:42 CET

@eldersky Hey! I'm sorry to hear that. Here is some info on your problem...

- "the installation program will be unresponsive": this can happen sometimes, but the program should respond after waiting a few seconds

- Possible fixes for "Code 100": Run app as administrator, check if your system meets the requirements (see description), check your Internet connection, the server could have been temporarily unavailable - you should try installing again if you haven't already done it

If these steps won't help you, please send me an email (Check the app's About page) with a screenshot and your dxdiag.txt (What is dxdiag? -> http://j.mp/2fIBkMd), so I can help you one-on-one.

Thank you!

11 Nov 15:44 CET

I need help. I failed the installation.
If I set the installation path and press the Install button, the installation program will be unresponsive.
Or a message ' Code 100 - Server Issue ' appears.
Installation is not possible for two reasons above.
What should I do?

This question is written using the translator
Please understand

9 Nov 20:33 CET

@romix ReShade is developed by crosire, so DX12 support is not up to me. Btw, DX12 mode in Battlefield is not optimized, so most likely you'd get less performance than going with DX11. / There will be at least one preset update this month, which will include an upgrade to the new ReShade 3.0.4.

9 Nov 14:11 CET

so, any news about DX12? or your preset?

3 Nov 18:49 CET

@SofC Thanks mate!

3 Nov 10:59 CET

dude this is perfect!
mud is not a problem now dont worry about it.
this is what I want!

2 Nov 17:38 CET

@romix No problem! :)

2 Nov 06:58 CET

now it's look wihtout issues :) thx

30 Oct 19:41 CET

@everyone Update to v2.1 is now available! - Changes: fixed sun being too bright, further HDR improvements (darker/lighter areas), reduced boost of blue tones

30 Oct 17:30 CET

U love blue :)

30 Oct 16:12 CET

@SofC Thanks mate! There will be an update published soon that'll be fixing the brightness :) What's wrong with the mud btw?

30 Oct 05:48 CET

is really good sweetfx.
especially color is really good
sorry I pressed enter by mistake

30 Oct 05:47 CET

It's very good preset
but omg my eye is get wrecked while watching mud and sunlight
except that,this

29 Oct 13:55 CEST

@romix Update: Doesn't happen for me when I'm switching from 1.1 to 2.0.

29 Oct 13:37 CEST

Had this error in the beta too (have 16GB as well)! In the Beta I didn't use any ReShade/SweetFX, so I assume the issue isn't caused by ReShade, but by the game. I'll test it on my system later tho.

29 Oct 13:24 CEST

yes, error like "windows haven't enough ram" 0_o but i have 16 gb

29 Oct 13:10 CEST

@romix Thank you for the feedback! Tweaks based on feedback will be made soon. Also I'd like to look into this issue. Did it happen when going from 1.1 to 2.0?

29 Oct 12:32 CEST

Nice update, i think is sunlight is too bright (for me)...and important! my game crashing after I'm overwrite the files, so be careful: uninstall previous version and then install a 2.0

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