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K-Modification V1R

Created by KnocheyHQ
Added Dec. 1, 2016
Updated 1 Dec 19:44 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
The Division V1R K-Modification This is my The Division Version 1 Release Reshade Profile. You can play with the Reshade Profile without any problems. I hope you will enjoy my Reshade Preset. Please give me Feedback for the next Version :) Preview: https://youtu.be/03qcmsznWyM Download: https://mega.nz/#!wcokXArI!qq8H9RBenec0raQIK9SHDkk138XCzz7-khMd8tPrn0I
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//The Division V1R by Knochey Download: https://mega.nz/#!wcokXArI!qq8H9RBenec0raQIK9SHDkk138XCzz7-khMd8tPrn0I


8 Feb 16:09 CET

You sure you guys who're having problems weren't using the DX12 option?

Btw, really nice looking preset :)

3 Jan 18:45 CET

Nevermind I got it to work. I had to first run the game with a fresh install of reshade before pasting the files that are downloaded from the mega.nz link. now it's working :)

3 Jan 18:40 CET

Hi I"m not sure what I'm doing wrong but I cna't bring up the shadefx menu. I installed the newest version from the website and did the exact same thing as you in the video for witcher 3, but it doesn't seem to work. any ideas?

31 Dec 20:43 CET

Not working anymore, please update.

14 Dec 04:05 CET

I did, the game does not start. :( oh well.

13 Dec 21:42 CET

The installation is the same as here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTsKHxx5FBE

13 Dec 13:57 CET

Yes, I get the newest one from ReShade :(

12 Dec 19:55 CET

Have you Reshade 3.0.5?

11 Dec 22:05 CET

For some reason The Division will not start up when I install ReShade. . . Is there something I am missing?

5 Dec 21:03 CET

Press F8 ingame that should work :)

5 Dec 15:53 CET

hi! I like it! but could you pls explain how to disable Cinematic Borders in your preset?

3 Dec 00:13 CET


I try to keep the details but it is not easy because of the very bright sky. Also the Snow is a big problem. I think i will adjust some values for the next Version so it look even better :)

2 Dec 21:01 CET

This looks pretty amazing, do you get to keep details in the sky?

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