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Ghost Recon Wildlands Real Life Mode

Created by maxxwho
Added Feb. 25, 2017
Updated 28 Nov 04:39 CET
Shader used: ReShade
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15 Apr 03:41 CEST

@shadow85 The issue is on Ubisoft's end.

13 Apr 17:10 CEST

cmon guys, somebody find a fix for SLi user.

ATM level won't load with SLi+Reshade. :(

31 May 19:40 CEST

@BigBallin85 Thanks!

31 May 14:08 CEST

this mod is pretty sweet!! :)

26 May 18:46 CEST

@shadow85 You're welcome!
Have you tried to disable SLI (just for testing) to check if ReShade works? And could you try to run the game in windowed (borderless) mode as well?

26 May 13:34 CEST

Wow quick reply, thanks.

Yes I have disabled Overlays, and yes I do have SLi. But I do not want to disable it, I am running 4K max details, and need SLi for performance.

Game runs well without using Reshade, but when I try to use it, always crash on loading screen.


26 May 11:03 CEST

@shadow85 Did you made sure no overlay programs (such as Fraps) are running?
Are you using SLI or Crossfire? If so, try to disable it for Wildlands (crash reports from the past indicating that Wildlands isn't optimized for multi-GPU usage).

26 May 08:58 CEST

Wish I could use this preset, looks incredible. But unfortunately my game will always crash on loading screen if I try to use this.


6 May 20:22 CEST

Playing Battlegrounds?
Check out my new PUBG Enhancer preset here => maxxwho.de/featured

12 Mar 21:54 CET

@everyone A comparison video for v1.1 has been added! (Link in the description)

10 Mar 18:53 CET

Can you make a preset like 2015 E3 trailer?Please~~~

9 Mar 00:24 CET

@everyone Preset version 1.1 has been released!
Visit the download page for a full changelog.
I also added 7 new screenshots above.

7 Mar 20:01 CET

@everyone New update coming soon! Will announce it here and on Twitter when it releases.

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