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Photorealistic HD (best graphics yet)

Preset for Watch_Dogs 2
Created by rajanofficial
Added March 1, 2017
Updated 2 Mar 07:04 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Hey guys this is my first try to make the game look a bit of real while adding a bit more colours to it. You will get better colours and a photorealistic look to the game if you use my settings ! I'll be adding more screenshots soon, so stay tuned ;) So first of all you have to download reshade 2.0 And then you have to add your watchdogs.exe to the profile and use the same settings of shaders as I've stated below: 1)AMBIENT OCCLUSION -MartyMcfly 2)LEVELS -Ceejay 3)TECHNICOLOR -Ceejay 4)TECHNICOLOR 2 -Ceejay 5)DPX -Ceejay 6)TONEMAP -Ceejay 7)VIBRANCE -Ceejay 8)LUMASHARPEN -Ceejay 9)SMAA -Ceejay 10)HDR -Ceejay 11)ADVANCEDCRT -Ceejay 12)WATCHDOGTONEMAP -MartyMcfly 13)GAUSS -loxa Just check every settings I've stated and all other settings should be turned off. You have to Turn off DOF and Bloom in game graphics settings.And the best part, there will be no fps drops if you use my settings. Contact me on my instagram @rajanofficial and follow me there to show some love ! Have fun gaming .
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