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[V1.1] PHOTOREALISM - A Study on Bolivia

Created by wavebend
Added April 8, 2017
Updated 27 Oct 02:11 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Description ---------------- This preset draws its power from a very robust color look-up table (LUT), which has been crafted using 15+ samples from different regions of Bolivia + time of day. Features ---------------- 1. Eliminates the default sepia filter 2. Neutral whites + blacks 3. Improves color balance without utilizing saturation 4. Aims for realism Performance ---------------- This preset only uses one shader (Color LUT), therefore the FPS impact is absolutely negligible (= 0 fps drop). Installation ---------------- 1. Download [Reshade 3.0.6 + my lut.png] at https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4MdrSJNWj4BME1XQnRITEF0SFE 2. Drop the zipped content into your main GR:W installation directory. 3. Make sure to edit opengl32.ini to match your own folder settings. 4. Launch the game. Press "Insert" key to toggle effect.
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To install this preset, you will need to download Reshade 3.0.6 including the custom lut.png. I've uploaded the full package at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4MdrSJNWj4BME1XQnRITEF0SFE/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-FWlOjq0W-KeAXhRsmjUc5Q Simply drop the zipped content into your main installation directory. Make sure to edit opengl32.ini to match your own settings.


14 May 04:32 CEST

I am aware there is already a reshade for e3, but looking at the screenshots it kind of washes out the colors and changes too much for my liking, meanwhile this LUT is just a single effect and seems to already achieve the blueish color in the trailer, now all thats left are post processing and fx i think

14 May 04:26 CEST

Looks amazing! Could you possibly make an e3 2015 inspired reshade? Try to replicate the weather, location and time in the trailer and I see in this LUT you already have the blueish tint to it, I personally think making shadows darker and everything else a bit brighter and some slight bloom and dof effects would make this very similar to the visuals in the e3 2015 trailer

29 May 19:38 CEST

this is real good. ++

25 Oct 23:22 CEST

Looks great this one. You have done a real good job with the colors. I feel the sky gets a little to bright, but it's a tradeoff to get the rest good. ;). I did borrow your LUT as base in my presets. I guess it can be used for any similar looking game to balance it out, and do the rest if nessecary with Tonemap and/or Technicolor.

23 Oct 08:05 CEST

derrame: EDIT folder path so the inifile have same path as your installed game. Look for it in the ini...

4 Aug 23:49 CEST

i dont understand this

edit opengl32.ini to match your own folder settings

29 Jul 16:10 CEST

hey man, Love your work, its fucking perfect, keep up the great work and make FX like this one for other games as well.


22 Jul 09:04 CEST

Works fine, it give's game a new great experience, good job!

12 Apr 13:36 CEST

Thanks alot. It works now. Had a fresh install of 3.0.6 (had .7 before) and selected openGL. Looks really nice ;-)

11 Apr 22:38 CEST


If you have issues, just download Reshade 3.0.6 from the internet (not 3.0.7 as it's not whitelisted yet), then copy the lut.png from my google drive to your \reshade-shaders\Textures folder. As for openGL, i think you can either select DX11+ or OpenGL as injection method, I don't think it matters actually. Zero impact on performance as it only uses the LUT.fx filter.

11 Apr 20:16 CEST


Cannot get it to work. Game starts and instantly CTD. I see an openGL file in the archive. Does it mean I have to install reshade for the game and select openGL as renderer? Doesnt it have an impact on performance/visuals?

8 Apr 02:05 CEST

Updated to version 1.1.

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