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May the Father of Understanding guide us

Created by SmushrCZ
Added April 12, 2017
Updated 30 Apr 23:46 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Brightness: 5/10 ☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩ Changelog: V1 ✠ Added shaders ☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩ V2 ✠ Removed all unused shaders ✠ Increased FPS+ ✠ Removed DoF (far) ✠ Preview screens https://youtu.be/oJVlnNZzvDU ☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩☩ Shaders: ☩Ambient light ☩Bloom ☩Filmic Pass ☩FXAA ☩SMAA ☩Vibrance
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Download link: ☩V2☩ http://www.mediafire.com/file/0p7w087116df2v2/May+the+Father+of+Understanding+guide+us+V2.rar


19 Apr 12:45 CEST

It's playable for gamers who have better PC components than developers of AC: Rogue recommend you.

13 Apr 19:15 CEST

Very nice, looks very cinematic, but I'm pretty sure it's not suited to gameplay.

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