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Modern Warfare 2 Redux

Created by Syndra
Added May 2, 2017
Updated 13 Jun 12:36 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
13.6.2020 LINK UPDATED Thank you all for downloading. My first preset made with reshade 3.0.7. I wanted to make mw2 great again with better grading and some simulated gi. Mxao gives a BIG fps hit so disable it if you want. (Also if your gun is pitch black, swap mxao and mxao2 to each others places. It's a bug I think.) Feedback is always nice to hear. I'm still a noob :)
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Download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z-v28YYuqQUGQsn-uI9Swl6VsNJUiuWb/view?usp=sharing You need to change the shader location in the reshade settings page.


13 Jun 12:35 CEST

LINK UPDATED 13.6.2020

15 Feb 06:00 CET

i'm not pro at choose settings

15 Feb 05:59 CET

hey,give me some setting,please

28 May 00:50 CEST

Download link doesn't work anymore

30 Jan 02:51 CET

Y'all are lucky AF that I still have this archive:


4 Jun 01:36 CEST

The requested share does not exist anymore

help ?

5 May 00:15 CEST

I actually used two layers of mxao in this preset. One for large scale occlusion and another for small scale.

4 May 19:00 CEST

Thanks for the response**** is what I meant to say...

4 May 18:58 CEST

Idk how much you tweaked MXAO, but from these screenshots it looks very intense but still very sensible, especially the recent one with the house!

4 May 18:51 CEST


Will do as soon as I get back from my mini-vacation! Setting a reminder on my phone rn, thx for the feedback! :)

3 May 15:27 CEST


Ok try this then. Download and install reshade 3.0.7 to mw2 from here (https://reshade.me/), run the game and create a preset with the same name as my preset and fiddle with some of the shaders.

Then close the game and replace the preset file with mine and then you should copy and paste mxao and mxao2 to your reshade-shaders folder from mine.

I hope this works. :)

3 May 08:03 CEST

Ok, It took a few mins but I see what you did here, your d3d9.ini is tailored to you bc this is installed on your D: Drive, you should probably setup a guide on how to change this, I would assume that not everyone knows how to edit this, it took me a minute

For anyone that has this game installed on their Windows (C:) Drive here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zsu8o92dvdppuug/d3d9.ini?dl=1

There is no MXAO, I get an error saying that the shaders failed to initialize, you might wanna check ur mw2 .ini, I cant even get MXAO to work in config mode, there are a few things wrong with this, I'm loving the preset but am let down by the lack of AO, plez help

3 May 06:43 CEST

Thank you my friend, preset looks amazing and if you ever update it, imma definetly download, FPS shouldn't be a problem on my GTX 1070 though, lol

3 May 06:41 CEST

MMMMMMM Gotta love that sweet MXAO

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