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<> Crisp & Lush (TintFix+LUT+DoF) <>

Created by AziD
Added Dec. 28, 2017
Updated 3 Apr 23:09 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
<> AziD Presenting A Crisp & Lush TCGRW Experience <> Based on Wavebends LUT https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/7084/ *** PRESET FINISHED. NO MORE UPDATES *** [[[-- PLEASE READ NOTES FURTHER DOWN --]]] ______________________________________________________________________________ UPDATED 03.01.2018 Update Info further down on this page. ______________________________________________________________________________ OBS. You need the lutfile provided in the download link from Settings txt file. <> Please download the settingsfile to support the counting for the preset downloads. <> Keywords: -Crispy And Delicate -Green & Lush Flora -No YELLOW tint -No Bleeding Lights as many other presets Techniques: *Clarity *MagicDOF *LumaSharpen *Vignette *Border *LUT *MultiLut *Technicolor2 NOTES: *Adjust game brightness correct. *Set Game Sharpening to around 20 (depends on your lcd/led screen settings). Adjust until it looks ok for you. *Looks better with MatsoDoF, but more taxing. Use it if your rig can handle the fpsloss. *If you don't fancy DoF/Border/Vignette, just turn it on/off like you please. Enjoy :-) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update 2 (New Screenshots) -Changed Technicolor a bit -Boosted Sharpening a little -Reduced DoF (More reallife'ish now) -Removed Vibrance -Added MultiLut, (B&W midrange) as desaturation instead of Vibrance (saves fps) -Changed Border. If you want thinner just lower the value for it. (Or disable it) Colors should now be even lesser red. Little less blue and more natural. If you want more color please adjust MultiLut value down as I used that to desaturate. Alternatively disable MultiLut and tune Vibrance or Colorful shaders yourself. But for the sake of realism leave it as it is. I even use a little less colors personally than presented here. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update 1 -Reduced red with vibrance and changed it's main value. Dirt roads should look more vanilla like now and not overdone red. -Reduced DoF to not be overdone. -Added 4 new Screenshots and will update rest later in 1-2 days. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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11 Aug 05:14 CEST

Download link corrected. Sorry downtime. :)

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