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Posted 9 years ago
long time user of sweetfx 1.4 and 1.5. changing the keys for screenshopt, toggle and reload was always easy to do but since trying out sweetfx 2.0 i canot for the life of me figure out how to change the keybinds. i keep seeing people referencing a file called ReShade_settings.txt but i dont have that file. why is it not included with any of the sweetfx2.0 downloads? and last of all where can i download the file and how do i set it up to do those basic functions? thanks
Posted 9 years ago
It's called Global_Settings and it's located in the SweetFX folder along with the sweetfx shader settings.
Posted 9 years ago
i looked there, looks way different than it used to, don't get what im supposed to change for what i want. how would i change the toggle on\\off to numberpad divide? ok, i got it thank you
Posted 4 months ago
What keybinds do you want?
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