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CRT Shader; Curvature feature.
Posted 2 years, 7 months ago
I mainly use this shader with older fighting games to simulate an arcade cabinet. The thing is in particular with the curvature feature, all is fine in configuration mode, but when one changes to performance the picture goes completely black and the only way it reappears if one disables the curvature setting. I on rare occasions have been able to get it to work in performance mode, but most of the time I have to leave it in configuration mode. First I thought because most of the games I use curvature on are older, a chance they may for multiple reasons may not be compatible. yet since its a recurring issue, and with some extended testing, I am beginning to wonder if it is a bug in reshade? I'm not one to jump to conclusions, I figure someone with more knowledge with reshade than I might have a solution. Thanks in advance.
Posted 1 month ago
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