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Realistic Grim Dawn 2018 Preset Questions.
Posted 9 months, 1 week ago
This message is for Skipwoof or anyone who can help me. I like what I see and have downloaded and followed all the steps involved except step four. I apologize in advance for perhaps being too inexperienced to understand what is being said in the instructions. If anyone can elaborate on what is meant, I'd very much appreciate it. I've gone into the "Shaders" folder and see the complete list of files. Where I'm not understanding the instructions is the show/hide settings aspect. I'm not explicitly understanding which files to delete. I understand that I'm supposed to do a comparison, but when I hit the show/hide button, I get a listing of a lot of information, but it doesn't seem to be a list of the files to keep. I guess I was expecting to copy a list of files that have been added/altered in the "shaders" folder for this present, after which I'd just delete the files in the "shaders" folder that don't aren't in the show/hide list. I'm not seeing anything like what I describe at all. Is there a list of files I'm to keep? If so, where are they? If instead I'm completely way off and not understanding what's in the instructions, please explain to me what I'm supposed to do. Again, I apologize if this step would be more obvious to someone more experienced with SweetFX, but I'm totally new to this. Any help would be very appreciated as both my wife and I really like what we see in the screenshots! Also, since I'm new at tis, are their any recommended videos I could watch that would help me understand better how to do this. I thought I was doing it correctly when I did the settings for TitanQuest AE, but those instructions seemed more straightforward to me. At any rate, I feel dumb and hate to be a bother. Regardless, thanks in advance for all your help!!!
Posted 9 months ago
Nevermind, though much trial and error, I'm aware what the author (Skipwoof) meant by his instructions. I now am able to properly use SweetFX. Thanks for everyone's hard work throughout the site.
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