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Euro Truck Sim 2 HELP!?
Posted 9 years ago
Hi Guys, Here's my question...re: 1.5.1 SweetFX It works but only if I do the following... 1) Extract SweetFX Files into both the 64x and 86x folder of the ETS2 folder. I don't understand this? If I extract the SweetFX files only into the 64x folder, nothing happens in game and I can't scroll lock on/off to see if it's working...because it isn't. As soon as I extract the SweetFX files into the 86x folder, it works! Before you ask the question...no I am not launching the game from the 86x folder and I'm not launching it from Steam client either. I always launch it using the executable from the 64x folder. This has be baffled and I would really like someone to make sense of this for me. Thanks in advance
Posted 8 years, 5 months ago
in ETS2, Which (bit) version does it read at the top left?
Posted 8 years, 5 months ago
1.5.1 doesn't do 64bit unless you are using Boulotaur's injector and if you are using Boulotaur's injector you need to be using the 64bit dll to make it work with the 64bit version of the game. Edit: Wow, this is an old ass post that got necro'd. xD
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