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Best texture MOD filter? radeonPRO/FlightFX?
Posted 9 years ago
Really curious as too what is the best texture MOD filter program that works with all SweetFX presets? I really like FlightFX, the interface is brilliant, but the program does not appear to work with all preset MODS for many assortments of games that I've tested. RadeonPRO has a lack lucter user interface, but it does manage to pick up a wider variety of presets an applies them too the games. But for some reason radeonPRO renders the contrast on many presets too high, so I feel like I am being short changed the full experience of the preset the developer is offering. FXFlight does offer the full experience, but like I said, it does not appear to inject into all games. What is the best texture filter program too use, which will allow you to create/use/edit presets, which could be use for all games? I really need one universal program, rather than switching up between different ones. Thnx in advance.
Posted 8 years, 12 months ago
can anyone help me out here? I thought this forum would be where I could sort out all my SweetFX problems? :( Seems like no one even visits here, accept only when downloading presets.
Posted 8 years, 11 months ago
I like Reshade or GemFX because of the xtra features included They work the Same with Win 7 and 8.1 I haven't came across a game that didn't work with either of them yet. GemFX is the more user friendly because of the build in Configurator Hope that helped mate and you can find out a lot more in link below http://reshade.me/forum/index
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