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1.5.1 won't work with Assassin's creed unity
Posted 9 years ago
Here's the info u need to know: - I'm runnin windows 7 64 bit - using sweetfx 1.5.1 (with the boulotaur 2024 files) which I downloaded off of K-Putt's unity preset - using kputt's preset for unity - at first I dragged the files into the game dir. I noticed it contains a folder named "x64 dlls" (or something like that). So I kept the folder structure intact (when I do this, the game starts but there is absolutly no sweetfx running (not even a log.log file after closing game) - I get more interesting results when I drag the 2x .dlls files from the "x64 dlls" folder to the game dir (these 2x dlls are dxgi and d3d9.dll or something like that) when I do that last, I get log.log file with no errors shown but still no effect in the game. Kputt says in the preset page comments that he configured his preset to use the ins/home/pgup buttons to be the toggle buttons for the sweetfx effects... even when using them, still nothing working... I suspect it could be my other programs. but then again I took all the necessary steps. I'm using MSI AB alongside RivaTuner stat server with the d3d compatibility feature to avoid conflict between sweetfx and my osd... What am I missing?
Posted 9 years ago
Just use this and follow my guide ;) http://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/2968/ This shouldn't hurt your Fps because it is the updated Optimized Version
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