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The Fall

Entry created by Coco-Ta
Added July 10, 2016
SweetFX game notes:
______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: In v2.31 patch game runs using D3D11 instead of D3D9 and also adds debanding, so it removes the previous colour banding issues natively. It also adds a bit of oversharping (for my taste), but definetively now it looks good natively. Try these presets if you prefer. Also, GO TO BELOW "IMPORTANT NOTE" to make the presets work in case you like them or you had them running prior to 2.31 patch. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ IMPORTANT: When applying effects it seems the game (Unity Engine) loads different viewports and every new one interferes the effects leading to white bars top and bottom (glowing if bloom effect...). This happens every text box is on the field of view or toggle Afterburner OSD... To avoid that I used CeeJay BORDER. I use 1920x1200 resolution but even if the game menus are in that 16:10, the rendered game itself sets black letterboxes to 16:9 (1920x1080); that also interferes the effects, so I used a BORDER 1'7778. Maybe you have to change this if using a native 16:9 aspect ratio (just deselect the usage of BORDER shader). *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ********************************************************************************* IMPORTANT ********************************************************************************************** Before Windows patch 2.31, game worked using DX9. On patch 2.31 (and I guess afterwards) game runs on DX11. Just when creating the profile for the game, consider this, and select the PROPER DX version. Q: Why the preset does not work after ptach 2.31 when I had it created before and working? A: As game has changed to DX11, you have to change that; quickest way is to delete the PROFILE using the Resahde Assistant.exe application and then creating it again, selecting d3d11 (instead of d3d9 as before 2.31 patch) and then selecting the same preset. Long A: Just the profile.ini on TheFall profile folder needs to be edited to have ProfileModule:d3d11.dll instead of ProfileModule:d3d9.dll and also IN GAME FOLDER change the d3d9.dll name into d3d11.dll. The file is just the same as both are 32 bit applications. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** **********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Game presets

Preset Added By Screenshots Downloads Shader
AVOID BANDING+Better Lighting 2 July 10, 2016 Coco-Ta 10 608 ReShade
AVOID BANDING+Better Lighting FX July 10, 2016 Coco-Ta 10 630 ReShade
LessBanding&OverSharpingV2.31 July 15, 2016 Coco-Ta 6 570 ReShade
LessBanding&OverSharpingV2.31FX July 15, 2016 Coco-Ta 6 650 ReShade
The Fall (AVOID BANDING+Better Lighting) July 10, 2016 Coco-Ta 5 591 ReShade
The_Fall_v2_31_DEFINITIVE July 17, 2016 Coco-Ta 6 625 ReShade
The_Fall_v2_31_DEFINITIVE_FX July 17, 2016 Coco-Ta 6 616 ReShade


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