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AVOID BANDING+Better Lighting FX

Preset for The Fall
Created by Coco-Ta
Added July 10, 2016
Updated 14 Jul 13:57 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Used Reshade Framework v2.0 Note (***) the usage of CeeJay BORDER shader to avoid issues when no 16:9 aspect ratios. If you use 16:9 (eg.: 1920x1080) just unmark the BORDER shader (or it ""may"" create a black border on top and bottom of the screen). I set aspect ratio instead of pixel size in this version FX, so it may not even be necessary to change anything if you are using a native 16:9 screen. Uses: -Bloom (Ganossa) -Vibrance (CeeJay) -Dither (CeeJay) -Border*** (CeeJay) -DEBAND (JPulowski) -SMAA (CeeJay) -HDR (CeeJay) -FXAA (CeeJay) -Lensdirt (Ganossa) -Filmgrain (CeeJay) -AdvancedCRT (CeeJay) -YACA (MartyMcFly) INSTRUCTIONS: 1-Download Reshade Framework v2.0: www.reshade.me 2-Extract it to a permanent location (where program will be placed, as no installation is needed). 3-Download my profile from https://mega.nz/#!2MRxET4K!VpJRS1X2NYdHv1SsEyShnsANfhPhMfyRNSwllfDIaVM 4-Extract it and copy the folder The_Fall with the .cfg files inside in the Reshade\Presets, so after that it should be Reshade\Presets\The_Fall_FX and the .cfg files inside. That is the my preset for this game, but to make it work you need to associate the game to that profile: 5-Run the ReShade Assistant.exe, the program inside root folder of Reshade. 6-Go to PROFILES, Add, select the game .exe. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ********************************************************************************** IMPORTANT ********************************************************************************************** Before Windows patch 2.31, game worked using DX9. On patch 2.31 (and I guess afterwards) game runs on DX11. Just when creating the profile for the game, consider this, and select the PROPER DX version. Q: Why the preset does not work after ptach 2.31 when I had it created before and working? A: As game has changed to DX11, you have to change that; quickest way is to delete the PROFILE using the Resahde Assistant.exe application and then creating it again, selecting d3d11 (instead of d3d9 as before 2.31 patch) and then selecting the same preset. Long A: Just the profile.ini on TheFall profile folder needs to be edited to have ProfileModule:d3d11.dll instead of ProfileModule:d3d9.dll and also IN GAME FOLDER change the d3d9.dll name into d3d11.dll. The file is just the same as both are 32 bit applications. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** 7-After selecting the new created profile, go to PRESETS and clic on my downloaded The_Fall_FX profile. 8-Press SAVE twice (right bottom). In case you need help with Reshade Assistant for Reshade Framework 2.0, just check these videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O65hjplP2mM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tOs3ilY7Nw *Default hotkeys are: -Scroll lock: Toggle off/on the effects. -Print Screen: Screenshot with (or without) the effect.
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Reshade Framwork v2.0 has no "global preset config file". -This "AVOID BANDING+Better Lighting FX" adds CRT and chromatic aberration to the "AVOID BANDING+Better Lighting 2" preset, for that "old 80s robot" style. It can cause texts in menus to be not readable (just deactivate it while in menus, using the default CAPS LOCK key). -Also, it may require a bit more of GPU resources (due to CRT effect).


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