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Enhanced Assault

Created by Fishke
Added Sept. 24, 2016
Updated 29 Jun 19:01 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Experience.. the battlefields.. again.. and that's it. Decided to whip up a pretty preset for one of my favorite games. Tested/played with a GTX 1070. 10-20 fps loss. Update (Oct 17 '16): Ported to ReShade 3.0.2 and tweaked a ton of settings. New screenshots below Update (Dec 6 '16): Further tweaks and reduced darkness. Included some new shaders. Update (June 29 '19): Removed unused shaders to reduce compile time (I haven't tested this but there shouldn't be any missing shaders) Included (deton24's) ReShade opengl32.ini file that was missing Anti-aliasing is off by default. I recommend using these Nvidia Inspector settings: http://i.imgur.com/kj0qAzd.png Install by running the ReShade setup, select MOHAA.exe, pick OpenGL, click YES when asking to download all shaders and press OK. Delete reshade-shaders folder from your MOHAA folder and after that extract everything from this preset's archive in your MOHAA folder, overwriting everything.
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http://www.mediafire.com/file/6yhgo0hgo9c2cnt/EnhancedAssault2019.rar Missing shaders/doesn't work? Use this instead: https://yadi.sk/d/43L570ngAoALUw


22 Sep 00:50 CEST

It's nice to see you.

GLdirect wrapper (which can be renamed to opengl32.dll and injector to d3d9.dll) renders the game completely different.

You may be interested to create completely new preset while using this wrapper, because it may handle much more aggressive shading and changes in game lighting.


You may be also interested in additional bundle of shaders:

29 Jun 18:33 CEST


Thanks for your efforts.

I remember leaving out the reshade .ini file because it had my game's filepaths set inside it which wouldn't have worked for other people. As far as I remember, Reshade Setup creates the .ini file for you after you press "YES" to download all the shaders/effects.

That's the only issue that has caused this preset to not work for people, but I'm sure some have managed to figure it out by themselves.
The wrapper that I included with this preset was ReShade 3's own when it was released at the time, which worked perfectly and didn't break the in-game fog or cause other issues, unlike the older one that this preset used before.

15 May 05:50 CEST

You were right. Nothing happens.
But only because there is no opengl32.ini/Reshade.ini inside Fishke's archive, and it didn't find preset/shaders/effects paths.

You need to additionally paste that ini to game folder:

It has universal search paths added:

I've made ready package of Reshade 4.x with shaders from v3 with this Fishke's preset. I think it looks better.
Ignore compile errors. They are about FXAA and DOF unused in this preset

If someone wants package with just Reshade 3, like Fishke meant it to be played, get it here:

When I tried to build these working packages, I had some problems with disapearing pirate_bloom and other effects, but it is fixed.

By the way it turned out that Reshade's 3/4 OpenGL32.dll injector doesn't require 3dfxgl.dll, GLDirect, nor changes in console/config. It just works when you install Reshade.
When I tested older injectors before, I thought it wouldn't work, because I couldn't make them work, but this one works - what a surprise.

19 Jun 16:57 CEST

If doesn't work, maybe try that:

1. Run the game
2. Enable console in options
3. Press "~" and type:
set r_gldriver 3dfxgl.dll
4. Overwrite 3dfxgl.dll with opengl32.dll from rar (just change the name to 3dfxgl.dll and overwrite) and put all files into game folder

BTW. Beautiful work Fishke!

19 Dec 04:46 CET

Not working for me sadly...
I installed Reshade 3.0.5 selecting MOHAA.exe, then checked OpenGL and said NO to the window opening.

Finally I've pasted your files in the game directory.

But nothing happens in game.
Help please !! :)

12 Dec 03:16 CET

Try installing Reshade and then replacing the files with this preset's ones

10 Dec 21:05 CET

Sadly it don't work.
You are right, the only wrapper that loads ReShade is the one in your archive.
But thats all it does.
You can assign a Key to toggle on/off and you see NO difference. Nothing changed. Taking a screenshot, delete the wrapper and take another one no difference.
Played even First mission and reload my savegame after deleting/adding the wrapper other things ect :)

The Pictures looking very good xD

13 Oct 18:34 CEST

I'm porting this preset to ReShade 3 which means way better fps and no more missing in-game fog. Should be done soon.

25 Sep 03:15 CEST


Thanks man


The opengl32 wrapper included with this preset disables in-game fog, sadly. This is the only wrapper that works well enough with MOHAA, I tried ReShade's own wrapper but it didn't work well so I had to use this

24 Sep 22:29 CEST

Is Dropping fog effect?

24 Sep 15:00 CEST

a bit darker but really impressive do more presets

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