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Passionate about videogames since the early 80s with an Atari 2600 and Spectrum ZX cassette tape, including 8-bit consoles such as Master System, Game Gear, 16-bits such as Megadrive and Super Nintendo and different computers from MS-Dos (286,486, Pentium ...). Anyway, I've been playing video games all my life. The genres that have marked me most have been, without any doubt, those of platforms thanks to my stage with the 8 and 16-bits, the graphic adventures for their good health in the 90s and classic role-playing games. Currently, the ones that attract me most are, first of all, those that give greater freedom and offer a good narrative.

Game presets

Preset Game Added By Screenshots Downloads Shader
Bloody Night Vampyr Dec. 9, 2018 Vincent_Kazuwa 0 105 ReShade
Perfect Hob Hob Aug. 15, 2018 Vincent_Kazuwa 3 129 ReShade
Perfect PixelArt Death's Gambit Aug. 15, 2018 Vincent_Kazuwa 2 146 ReShade
Perfect Tale Valkyria Chronicles 4 Dec. 9, 2018 Vincent_Kazuwa 2 164 ReShade