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Reshade & Mastereffect tutorial Video
Posted 5 years, 2 months ago
Hi guys. I was wondering if someone could possibly make a tutorial video or give me a link how to install reshade and mastereffect presets because no matter what I do I just cant get mastereffect to work. I can install sweetfx presets no problem. Thank You :)
Posted 5 years, 2 months ago
That is a good idea on the video tutorials there. I can give you some text here for MER (Master Effect Reborn) Installation: For MER version 1.0.340 and earlier: You need to copy and paste the entire downloaded Preset to the ReShade.FX file. So the process would be like this: Open ReShade.FX. CTRL+A to highlight all the text, then delete it. Then CTRL+A All the text in the downloaded Settings Text file, CTRL+C to copy it all. Then paste it all in the Reshade.FX. Make sure you copy the entire thing and that it's ordered the same. You can't miss anything or leave anything. (the actual shaders are in this, so it's very important to copy it right) For versions after 1.0.340: Open up MasterEffect.H CTRL+A all text then delete it (should be completely empty) then open up the downloaded preset CTRL+A then CTRL+C all the text in the downloaded settings then paste it all in the empty MasterEffect.H Basically it's just a matter of copy and pasting it over the default values. With MER you still download SweetFX_Setting(presetname).txt so you cannot just rename it to sweetfx_settings and hope it will work. In the case of Versions including MasterEffect.H you can indeed save it as MasterEffect.H under all files and it will work when replacing the file.
Posted 5 years, 2 months ago
I made a tutorial for SweetFX 2.0 with Reshade for GTA V but only kinda started using MasterEffect recently but I could do another if people think it would help the Reshade users out there. Here is a link to my GTA Reshade Tutorial: https://youtu.be/oThGCD-LZFA
Posted 5 years, 2 months ago
Hey PC constantine Thanks soo much for your help I will give it a try just now bopper2010 has been such an awesome help by offering soo much fantastic advice but I just cant seem to get reshade and master effect working but sweetfx is no problem lol. To bopper.... I for one would be absolutely greatful if you could possibly do another reshade and mastereffect tutorial its probably just me but I find it easier to follow videos for some reason. Thanks a million to you both :)
Posted 5 years, 2 months ago
Check back on my FIFA15 profile BCAMERO, I updated some stuff and found a workaround for you that will totally work. I spend ages testing it and trying to break my own config to see where I went wrong. I can do a tutorial but I might need a few days to get it done if you can wait that long, but hopefully the info in my FIFA preset will help explain things more clearly.
Posted 5 years, 2 months ago
Your guide worked 110% PERFECT Bopper :) After countless hours im sitting laughing because it was sooooo simple in the end PMSL...... You have been an absolute Gent and im sure your guide will help others in future :) This is what forums are about, helping others that aren't the best at understanding certain things and you have proved that with your fantastic help ONCE AGAIN A MASSIVE THANK YOU AND MUCH RESPECT TO ALL THE GUYS ON thelazy.net Barry :)
Posted 5 years, 1 month ago
Glad you got it in the end man, its always the simple things that we miss with this shit. Im glad you stuck with it and kept trying things, that is the key to finally getting stuff working properly. You also now can pretty much use any post processing shader suite now because they all work off a very similar principle. I will upload my Reshade/MasterEffect tutorial to the main thread if the mods are okay with it so hopefully we can help some others out with a more visual guide, sometimes text and dll.s and api's and .h files can be a little confusing and seeing it on screen makes a lot more sense. Bopper :)
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