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Soldier of Fortune Payback

Entry created by EngineGamer
Added April 16, 2016
SweetFX game notes:
Installation notes- (see below) -First, download the ReShade or Sweet-FX of your choosing. For this game I used: http://sfx.thelazy.net/static/media/downloads/ReShade_1.1.0_with_SweetFX_2.0.7z -Once you have downloaded the ReShade or Sweet-FX of your liking, open and put to one side the main game folder of Soldier of Fortune Payback with the game sof3.exe 9 (game executable) Folder destination: C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision Value\Soldier of Fortune Payback -Unpack the contents of the download into the "Soldier of Fortune Payback" folder. (ReShade users) Once the contents of your download are unpacked, drag and drop the game executable on top of the ReShade Setup.exe. It will automatically choose d3d9.dll. Once this is done, you will be able to play the game with ReShade enabled, choose a preset of your liking, or better yet make one! (Sweet-FX 1.5 or below users) Just drag and drop the contents in the folder and you should be good too go straight away. Additional information on 1920x1080 resolution. If you want 1920x1080 resolution or higher, you will need to use a Hex Editor and tweak the profile.dat file, that creates itself when you make your first changes to the in-game options. Mini guide (if you want a simple video guide, then ask me for it and will do one for you as soon as I can!) -Install the game: “Soldier of fortune: Payback” (Mine is a hard copy from CEX) Steam... no longer sells the game, blame the developers… - _- -Once installed boot up the game and go to the in-game options menu. -Before you choose your preferred resolution, make sure that the sound and the brightness are to your liking, I have discovered, even if you put the save file into read only, it will still change and alter any information you have made, so please choose your desired options before you tweak any resolutions! -Once you have chosen your desired settings, go and proceed to alter the resolution. I run a 1920x1080x60 iiyama monitor and I chose 1600x1050x60, 4 digits on each side; more simplicity for me in the Hex Editor. -Exit the options menu and apply the changes. -Quit your game and head to the folder that “Soldier of Fortune: Payback” resides in (see below) Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision Value\Soldier of Fortune Payback -Found it? Good! Now open the folder “Save” and you will see a file saying profile.dat ; with your Hex editor, open this file. -Once the file is open, you will see a flurry of numbers on the left and the text on the right, on the right hand side, look for a line of text that goes like: 1600x1050x60, highlight 1600 and type 1920, then highlight 1050 and type 1080 and save. That's it! You did it, you want a cookie… NO, my cookies. I have not altered the 60 at the end, as my monitor is limited to a 60Hz refresh rate. Problems that also occur, if I leave my FPS unlocked (variable framerate) my game just completely goes wrong, hit boxes are crazy, men are invincible, they spaghettify all over the place, its like that armstrong doll had a hand in making the game… So I put my game in adaptive V-Sync with the Nvidia control panel and some pre rendered frames thrown in. --- There is a patch for this game, but it does not do a whole lot. A second patch was in the making but… the developers kind of skimped out and chose just to mothball the whole thing. Thank you for reading and I hoped this helped you!

Game presets

Preset Added By Screenshots Downloads Shader
Payback April 16, 2016 EngineGamer 16 729 SweetFX 2.0


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