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DiRT 4

Entry created by AssassinsDecree
Added June 9, 2017
SweetFX game notes:
PSA: I can't get almost any game to run for me in fullscreen mode with ReShade. I must set the game to borderless-window before installing ReShade on a game. To Install Any ReShade Using the 3.0 Framework or Above, Do this: 1) Go here: https://reshade.me/ 2) Download the latest version (3.0.7 currently) and select the "dirt4.exe" in your root game folder. If downloaded through Steam's default directory it's usually this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\DiRT 4" Select the "directX 10+" version when it asks. Say yes to all when it ask if you want to download a collection of shaders and effects. 3) Run the game. Press shift+f2 to open the ReShade menu after all the effects finish loading (big message at the top of your screen) and follow the on-screen instructions till the boxes aren't red anymore. Close the game. 4) Go to the preset you want to use and download it. Rename the file you download to "anythingyouwant.ini" from ".txt". Put the file in your game folder. Run your game. Select the new preset from the ReShade drop-down menu once the reshade effects finish loading. Profit.

Game presets

Preset Added By Screenshots Downloads Shader
♥BEAUTIFY HDR+♥DIRT 4 June 21, 2017 Noirze 12 1246 SweetFX 2.0
Cinematic Racing Project V. 1.3 w/DoF June 9, 2017 AssassinsDecree 9 1516 ReShade
Cinematic Racing Project (Vibrant) w/DoF June 11, 2017 AssassinsDecree 12 1265 ReShade
Dirt 4 Contrast Preset June 12, 2017 Papuasas 1 661 ReShade
DiRT 4 estilo Realistico July 15, 2017 6884 5 728 SweetFX 2.0


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